Friday, December 11, 2009

Lessons to all Gamblers or Kaki Judi out there

Sleepless nights and crying all the way to the bank - that's for the big losers in Gambling.

Sleepless nights but laughing all the way to the bank - that's for the big Jackpot winners!!!

Well, if you like to play slot machines, maybe this advice below can somehow or rather help you. Remember, it's better to win small than lose big.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel, we may lose some today, but we win big tommorrow - Confucius... Confused!!

Use your Karma, Yin and Yang, but sometimes instinct mislead and deceives us.

Sometimes, a rationale and well balanced mind will result in happy ending in the battle of the Game of Chance..

The formula to success - if you already won 1,000 in any currency, Leave the place and enjoy your winning.

Attempt to further double your winning often ends on a sad note. Curiosity kills the cat.

If you play the game of chance, you have a 50 % chance of winning and 50% chance of losing.

But if you don't play, you have a 100% chance of not losing your money.

In this video below, a former professional gambler explains why playing a slot machine is no way to win, unless you happened to coincidently play at the right slot machine, pre-programmed to let you win.

He explains why winning at slots is not random, and why no skill is involved.

He demonstrates how to program one of the popular slot machine models, which in itself proves that slot machines are programmed to take your money, instead of paying you a jackpot.

Another lesson from an eldery professional gambler..

Having said that, this Australian super lucky guy who called himself "Kingjoko" recorded a massive winnings of almost 240,000 coins or equivalent to 50,000 dollars playing the Indian Dream 20 cents per credit machine. He bet 30 dolars prior to taking this huge wins.

After watching that, how about listening to this 2 songs from our local singers in Malaysia. The song title - "Gila Judi" in Malay Language means "Crazy Gambler" or "Mad Gambler" or "Desperate Gambler". One is the classic original song by Datuk M Daud Kilau, Malaysia's own Elvis Presley and the other is in Rock N Roll version, performed by our local Rock Group - May.

To All those gamblers out there - enjoy.....

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