Monday, March 16, 2009

The heaviest singer in the world????

His name - Neal E. Boyd (rearrange the words and it becomes Neal E. Body)

His Body weight - approx 400 pounds... (based on my visual observation on Neal's bigtime size compared to Jerry Springer's average 170 pounds plus weight..)

His idol - Placido Domingo!!!!!

His accomplishment - winner of the 2008 edition of America's Got Talent - prize - a cool USD 1 million and a showbiz contract in Las Vegas.

His job - insurance salesman turned Opera Singer... (no wonder he sang opera during the earlier rounds, the semifinal and final)

He won by less than half of one percent over 26-year-old Eli Mattson, a pianist and singer whose bluesy-country style earned him many fans.

Compare Neal's body size with that of Mark Henry - a 400 pounds professional wrestler...

Can Neal sing?? yes he can...

Can Mark Henry sing?? I doubt it..

Can i sing ? well, i sing better than Neal, of course!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't see what Neal E. Boyd's weight has to do with anything at all. It seems this blog's only purpose, in my opinion, is to bash Neal. :(

I grew up being on the receiving end of teasing & taunting for a physical disability, which I had no control over, so as a result of that experience,(the narrow mindedness & shallowness of others), I learned some important lessons....To treat people with dignity & respect, to look beyond a person's outward appearance, & to be tolerant of, & most especially compassionate toward others.

Personally, I'm more interested in a person's character, than I am in their weight. Among many other wonderful attributes, Neal has plenty of character, & then some, so his weight shouldn't even be an issue. Although I've never actually met him, his goodness is quite apparent in the way that he carries himself.

No one could be happier than I am that Neal won the 'America's Got Talent' competition. He was the absolute best contestant, & no one deserved to win more than he did. Congratulations Neal! Best wishes for a long & prosperous music career!

Smiley Face :)

Anonymous said...

neal is beautiful inside and out, which is obviously something that you are not since you spend your time blogging about someone's weight. neal's voice, skin and soul are truly beautiful. he is using his gift to touch others. what do you bring to others?

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

well this is the first time that i came across a super heavyweight guy who can sing beautifully, and naturally i wanna blog about it, because for me and in my eyes, he is special and he is an interesting persona.... i spent only 10 minutes blogging about neal e. boyd yesterday while the remaining 23 hours and 50 minutes were spent on doing other useful things....

this is my first blog about neal or about a super heavy singer.. and for me he is no freak.... so if i wrote 1 entry about neal, does it mean that i am anti super fat or super heavy persons??

if i blog about a notorious mass murderer, does it mean that i glorify criminals or that i am blood thirsty and a murderer as well?????

if i blog about Obama, does it mean that i aspire to be the next US President???

if i blog about religious matters, does it mean that i am a saint???

Bloggers wrote on things happening around us everyday anywhere in the world that are interesting enough to attract fellow readers...

If newspapers reported something dull in their daily publications, will they sell?????

As to my contribution to the world, enough for me to say that i indeed contributed something, maybe they are not big, but they surely mean a lot to the eye of the beholders.........


Happy Blogging folks

minicharms said...

Gotta cut down before he suffers later

Anonymous said...

I believe Native Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwoʻole was the heaviest, at 757 pounds. He is best known for his medley of "Over The Rainbow" and "What A Wonderful World" which he recorded for the BBC.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Yes.. at 757 pounds i believe the native Hawaiian is the heaviest singer in the world and also the universe!!!

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