Monday, January 19, 2009

why men gets aroused when they see women's breasts??

Not a long time ago, a female friend of mine asked me this question – why do men become aroused when they see women’s nipples??

She was curious and naive…..

Well, I gave her 2 sets of answers.

The standard answer :-

Men have what is referred to as libido…or sexual drive that is due to the natural presence of male hormone or testosterone in their bodies.

Enough or stronger dose of Testosterone makes men easily aroused or stimulated opposed to women who are stimulated in more subtle and more complex ways.

So, nature designed males to become stimulated and ready for sex with any visual queue that a female was ready for fertilization.

One of the adaptations that human females made was to develop fatty tissue in their breasts so that they look like they are lactating all the time, a sign of fertility.

So it's not so much that men see a woman's nipples that turns them on, but that they see the shape of the female breast with the nipple that gives them the instinct to become aroused.

Females are the only ones that have developed this ability to mimic their capacity for fertility visually.

So, males have just been following along and changing with them in order to keep our species alive.

Then I gave my 2nd answer to that same question:

Picture this, God created Adam - the first man on earth about 6,000 years ago.

Adam was the only human being on earth… and he felt lonely…

And God created woman…

Her name was Eve.

Both are naked, of course…

So, If Adam cannot get a HARD ON when he see Eve, then how come our earth population skyrocket to 6.7 billion now???

Satisfied….she asked me again…

Why some men become gays and some women become lesbian????

I ran away…


Joanna said...

HA. that means to say we are all descendants of adam and eve right?

So that posts a question to you. =D

lets just say, if adam and eve gave birth to a boy and girl. what happens next?

Unknown said...

yeah. all guys are naughty with chicks. attention to all chicks out there. cough.

Anonymous said...

Then Adam and Eve born another set of boy and girl.
the first boy married with the second girl. The first girl married with the second boy.

if you study further, the first murder on earth related with this.

Anonymous said...

I guess men see breast as baby food. The bigger they are, the better fed his offsprings will be.

Thus if men see a women with big breasts, he will be aroused. A guarantee that his offsprings will not be starved, if the women became the mother of his kids.

So flat chested ones out there, now you know why men are not interested in you!

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

jojo and vrempire... yes that's right... i dare not comment on what happened next, i mean the 2nd generation of the first couple on earth...

irvine and pandankia... i guess flat chested women are not attractive enough for men???

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