Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to improve your English language while being aroused??

GUEST relations officers (GROs) in Johor Baru are now offering two-in-one services — they not only provide sex but also English lessons, reported Kosmo!

In a bid to remain competitive, the GROs are playing the extra role of English tutors to help clients brush up their skills in the language.

A source said the GROs realised that most of their clients were not fluent in the language and decided to add the extra service to help their clients communicate better in English.

According to the source, the extra service does not have a fixed price and payment was at the discretion of the client.

“After falling for the flirtatious ways of the GROs and the extra English lessons, the client usually comes back to the entertainment centre to seek their services,” he said.

My say - let's go there!!!!


minicharms said...

GRO? What a term.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

GRO = Guests Relations "Officer" or PRO = Public Relations "Officer"!!

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