Thursday, May 7, 2009

Death Raptor - The Demonic Owlman

This is the real life story of a mysterious demonic giant human-like owl with flapping wings creature in California in 2007.

This is not a movie or a prank. This was aired by the respected Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

The episode shows a pair of paranormal investigators called to research reports of demonic activity near a church.

Peter Grey, the leader, and his timid camerawoman, Jolene, went into the church and were frightened by a mentally unstable old woman named Hazel from Cornwall. She started a hysterical scream of a demon beast she saw, but the Archdeacon of the church appeared and berated her.

He described the monster people had seen, a large flying monster, with giant wings, red glowing eyes, and pointed ears. Assuming the creature is an owl, they investigated in the belfry because "owls live in belfrys".

They found large bird droppings, a dead and severely mutilated chicken, and (most disturbingly) an owl pellet (the size of Peter's head) containing a human mandible.

They then interviewed a girl who saw the so-called "Demon". The girl, Sue Anne Mills, began to have mental problems after her encounter. She revealed that the monster was aware of their presence and wanted to stop them.

They left for the forest where she saw the animal, and Jolene began to feel ill.

Suddenly, the bird attacked and swoops down on them. It knocked the camerawoman down, briefly causing Sue Anne to go missing, and tripped Mrs. Mills, but all escape unharmed and ran to the church... as the creature followed.

The archdeacon and Hazel entered and Hazel revealed that the monster was after Sue Anne.

The archdeacon spotted the monster and called for everyone to hide in the altar, the holiest room in the church, but the bird chased them in there as well.

Everyone crouched behind seats except for Hazel, who stood where she was, while the archdeacon shouted at her to come back.

In a shocking twist, Hazel shouted "It wants the girl because she's young and vulnerable...but so is an old woman!", and walked nonchalantly down the aisle.

Everyone screamed for her to come back, but she ignored them, and allowed the monster to attack and presumably devour her.

At the epilogue, it was revealed that the researchers were so frightened, they gave up their work indefinitely.

Sue Anne recovered, and lived a normal existence. Hazel's disappearance was never explained, but her sacrifice caused sightings of the creature to diminish.

However, since the incident, screams are still being heard in the woods near the church giving indication the creature is still out there.

In the footage, an owl-like shriek can be heard during the attacks. One can see its wings as it attacks Sue Anne and then Hazel. A large, human-like shadow with giant flapping wings is briefly seen on the walls of the church as well.

Fatalities caused: At least one. Hazel sacrifices herself to the monster in order to protect Sue Anne. An unnamed victim's mandible is found in an owl pellet as well. Also, a chicken is found dead and partially eaten.

The original footage of the Death Raptor can be found here :

Enjoy the show...

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