Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lionel Messi snores a lot

Lionel Messi - the Argentine prodigy (left) with Juan Veron

The World Cup 2010 is starting soon. Apart from top stories like Brazil and Argentina as the likely champion of the world in this World Cup edition, funny stories about the players, also surfaced.

Recently, media reported that Argentine soccer prodigy and 2009 European and world player of the year - Lionel Messi snores a lot whenever he sleeps. Well Messi shares the same habit like me!!!

And according to his teamates including Juan Sebastian Veron, any person who sleeps in the same room with Messi will be in a mess and will wake up messy in the morning.

Messi's snored like maybe the sound of a Grass cutter or even the sound of a roaring Superhornet jet fighter!!

But who cares, as long as Messi scored 10 or 20 goals in this world cup, we humanbeings as well as the extra terrestials UFOs will be entertained.

Viva Argentina.. But my heart will be for Brazil forever!!!

Brazil will be champion of world Cup 2010!!!

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