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Kinabalu Shell Press Award Night on 9th July 2010 - List of Winners

The Sabah Media are not only professional in their core business, but also professional entertainers as well - Bakat Terpendam bah!!!

This is the band of the night - RIMBA - a professional music group from Kota Kinabalu

No works... No assignments !!! Let's Rock!!!

Gravin Wong of Overseas Chinese Daily News receiving the Journalism Award as well as the Sports Journalism Award in the Chinese category

Hassan Omar of Berita Harian winner of the Journalism Award and News Reporting Award for Bahasa Melayu category

Mary Chin of Daily Express receiving the Journalism Award for the English category

The winners posing with the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, Shell Malaysia chairman, Mohd Anuar Taib and SJA President Datuk Joniston Bangkuai after the presentation ceremony.

Source and pix : Sabah Journalists Association Blog

The Kinabalu Shell Press Award is an annual event of joy to all media fraternities and practitioners in Sabah.

During that night, awards are given to outstanding newsmen and newswomen as well as photographers for all their works in the previous years.

The Kinabalu Shell Press Award is a joint collaboration between Sabah Journalists Association, Sabah state government, Shell and Malaysian Press Institute.

It was first held about 18 years ago.

So on the night of 9th July 2010, it was the 18th Kinabalu Shell Press Award.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, the guest of honour, gave away the prizes and awards to the winners.

A total of 184 entries were received.

As usual, the newspaper who came out top in Sabah is the Daily Express, bagging many prizes and awards including the main one - the coveted Journalism Award. Infact the Daily Express is the undisputed winner in the English Language print media Categories for the past 18 years.

For the top Journalism Award - English, the Daily Express teams of either Specialist Writers - Mary Chin and Kan Yaw Chong and Chief Editor - James Sarda won the award countless times since 1992..!!!

They are followed closely behind by The New Straits Times and The Borneo Post for the English Language print media Categories.

As usual also, Berita Harian came out top in the Malay Language print media categories - the national newspaper 2 heavyweight journalists - Hassan Omar and Azrone Sarabatin took turns receiving their respective top prizes. For the past 3 or 4 years, the duel in these categories were always between Hassan and Azrone - leaving very little prizes left for the other nominees from other newspapers. This time Hassan came out top winning a total of RM7,000 in cash prizes while Azrone won RM5,000. Hassan set the Sabah record of winning RM9,000 in cash prizes in previous Kinabalu Shell Press Awards.

As for the Broadcasting category, the past winners were always the Sabah TV3 crews, but for this year, TV3 did not submit entries but would instead concentrate for next year's award.

After the presentation of awards... it was party time till dawn!!!

The entertainers including RIMBA and Adira of Akademi Fantasia musim ke 8, were marvellous except for one hiccup - the two unknown guys who tried their best to entertain the crowd as comedians, but failed miserably. Stale and not funny at all jokes turned them into Bozo the clown instead of the best jokers in town.

Perhaps SJA can take steps to prevent this from happenings again. We used to have top class entertainers such as Stacy, Dayang Nurfaizah and Harith Iskandar, enlighting things up in previous press nights..

Malaysia have plenty of top class entertainers, so why picked that 2 amateurish and completely unknown so called comedians who are still learning the trick of the trade, as one of the entertainers for the night?? Sorry to say but based on their disastrous performance that night, they were obvioulsy not ready for shows of that proportion...

Enough of that and the lists of winners of the night are as follows :

JOURNALISM AWARD (Feature and News Feature)

Winner : James Sarda and Mary Chin (Daily Express)
Entry : Sabah Lost Photos - Spirit of the Borneo (11-part series)
Merit : 1. Kan Yaw Chong (Daily Express)
"Death March: Disastrous Start, Tragic Finish"
2. Roy Goh (New Straits Times)
"Hope Flows with River"

Winner : Hassan Omar (Berita Harian)
Entry : Naik Troli Ulang Alik Ke Tenom/Troli Tenom/
5 Kampung Kongsi Gembira
Merit : 1. Suzianah Jiffar (Berita Harian)
"Derita Berpanjangan"
2. Sahar Buraera (Utusan Borneo)
"Sistem Ramalan Ikan Bantu Tingkat Pendapatan"

Winner : Gravin Wong (Overseas Chinese Daily News)
Entry : "Exploring Sabah's Natural Beauty"
Merit : 1. Siong Yin Hua (See Hua Daily News)
"60 years of breakthrough for Sabah interior primary schools"
2. Wong Jwu Yiing (Asia Times)
"Century-old British Tobacco Factories in Lahad Datu, Segama"

Winner : Daily Express Team (Avila Geraldine Samuel, Durie Rainer Fong,
Hayati Dzulkifli, Mary Chin and Chris Maskilone
Entry : "Kudat Boat Tragedy"
Merit : 1. Nancy Lai (The Borneo Post)
"Three reports leading to the proposed Maang Dam project being shelved"
2. Sandra Sokial and Maria Doksil (The Borneo Post)
"We're Only 46 Today"

Winner : Hassan Omar (Berita Harian)
Entry : "Pertahan Kampung Sembulan/Sembulan Terhimpit"
Merit : 1. Wille Jude Junaidi (Utusan Borneo)
"Warga emas harungi perjalanan dua hari perjalanan ambil
bantuan kebajikan"
2.Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman (Utusan Malaysia)
"3 siri 6 artikel - transformasi Pulau Bangi"

Winner : Ngu Chung Ping (See Hua Daily News)
Entry : "Chinese first man run around the world using his leg"
Merit : 1. Chong Kiew Vui/Jimmy Goh (Overseas Chinese Daily News)
"Awaiting Resurrection"
2. Wong Li Phin (Sin Chew Daily News)
"YB Anak Negeri Status Dispute"

Winner : Kan Yaw Chong (Daily Express)
Entry : "High Profile Boost for Clean Energy and Organic Farming in Sabah"
Merit : 1. Jaswinder Kaur Kler (New Straits Times)
"Lifeline for Orang Utans"
2. Jenne John Lajiun (New Sabah Times)
"Four articles on call for dam project to be relocated elsewhere"

Winner : Mohd Azrone Sarabatin (Berita Harian)
Entry : "Sodium Hidrosida Ancam Kehidupan Nelayan"
Merit : 1. Yusop Teppo (Utusan Borneo)
"EFB Alternatif Jana Tenaga Elektrik"
2. Nik Jasni Che Jaafar (Utusan Borneo)
"Ekspedisi Saintifik Muaya IBTP-SI Membongkar Kekayaan
Khazanah Bumi Sabah"

Winner : Bong Tze Pin (Overseas Chinese Daily News)
Entry : "Green Energy An Option For Alternative Energy in Sabah"
Merit : 1. Voo Phin Sang (Asia Times)
"A Lesson From Mamut for Coal Fired Power Plant"
2. Tsen Tzee Leong (Sin Chew Daily News)
"The Environmentally-Friendly Power Supply Energy Option"

Winner : Lester J Bingkasan (The Borneo Post)
Entry : 23rd Mount Kinabalu Climbathon
Merit : 1.Fred Leong (New Sabah Times)
"Welfare Funds for Athletes"
2. Paul Mu (New Sabah Times)
"Elena in Town/Elena agrees to conduct clinic/Moment to Cherish"

Winner : Willie Jude Junaidi, Hashim Hj Othman
and Vitalis Gulabok (Utusan Borneo)
Entry : A two part stories on former Sabah no. 1 goalkeeper
Khairul Azman Mohamed
Merit : 1. Desmond Quek (Utusan Borneo)
"Siri Perlawanan Mendaki Gunung Kinabalu Antarabangsa ke-23"
2. Hassan Omar (Berita Harian)
"5 Tempa Sejarah"

Winner : Gravin Wong (Overseas Chinese Daily News)
Entry : "Polo is not the game of Kings in Sabah but King of all games"
Merit : 1. Wong Bak Kion (See Hua Daily News)
"52nd National hope table tennis championship 2009 daily report
Malaysia aim India Commonwealth Games 1st medal"
2. Siong Yin Hua (See Hua Daily News)
"The modern sport 'Chi Ling' development in Sabah"

Winner : Cheang Poh Hwa (New Sabah Times)
Entry : Three news items on Kopeks positive Development
Merit : 1. Mariah Doksil (The Borneo Post)
"Metrojaya boost efforts to make KK shopping haven"
2. Roy Goh (New Straits Times)
"Tapping into steady livelihood"

Winner : Mohd Azrone Sarabatin (Berita Harian)
Entry : "Kraftangan Irranun dari ceruk kampung ke Kota London"
Merit : 1. Suzzianah Jiffar (Berita Harian)
"Petani disyor sertai ladang kontrak FAMA"
2. Nik Jasni bte Che Jaafar (Utusan Borneo)
"Grand Borneo Hotel bukan sekadar tempat menginap"

Winner : Bong Tze Pin (Overseas Chinese Daily News)
Entry : "Partial relaxation of Cabotage Policy couldn't do much to improve
chicken or egg situation"
Merit : 1. Sim Kain Yun (See Hua Daily News)
"Sabah's Famous Southern Pearl"
2. Voo Phin Sang (Asia Times)
"Manufacturing Sabah Industry of Tomorrow"

Winner : Jaswinder Kaur Kler (New Straits Times)
Entry : "Sabah man makes a bamboo sax"
Merit : 1. Suraidah Roslan (The Borneo Post)
"Fauziah first women gambus artiste"
2. Chok Sim Yee (The Borneo Post)
"Sabah culinary pride"

Winner : Zuraidah Ahmad (Jabatan Penerangan)
Entry : "Disebalik Nama - Asmin Mudin"
Merit : 1. Petrus Valentinus (Harian Ekspress)
"Kemuncak debaran tiga peserta dari Sabah melabuh saingan
di final Bintang RTM2009 malam ini"
2. Siti Kazalinah Kamaludin (Harian Ekspress)
"Toyol Nakal Tampil Kelainan"

Merit : 1. Samuel Tsen Tzee Leong (Sin Chew Daily News)
"First locally-produced Hakka dialect album in Sabah"
2. Wong Jwu Ying (Asia Times)
"Sabah super model - Evonne Teah"

Winner : Marryan Razan (New Sabah Times)
Entry : "Kakal ogumu tulun amu kasang gaji amah pinoinkawas"
Merit : Maziah Abdullah @ J Sipanil (Daily Express)
"Homestay kopogiot pionitan id piahatan tinaau"

No Winner
Merit : 1. Azlinah binti Nineng, Asmat Oyah, Francis Fahir and
Victor Jeprine (RTM)
"Laporan Khas - Tragedi Aidil Adha"
2. Julaina Bangot, Mohamad Haji Ali, Zainuddin Jamlu and
Mat Muidin (RTM)
"Laporan khas- Cabaran pesakit talasemia di Sabah"

Note : TV3 did not take part, but next year will take part.

Winner : James Tseu (The Borneo Post)
Entry : "All Gone"
Merit : 1. Lo Teck Loong (Daily Express)
"Contractor Almost Buried Alive"
2. Normimie Diun (The Star)
"Furniture Stores Were Damaged In Fire"

Winner : Edmund Samunting (New Straits Times)
Entry : "Ranau farmer third in Mt Kinabalu race"
Merit : 1. Eddie Angat
"Action during final"
2. Ho Chih Wei (See Hua Daily News)
"Basketball: lay up"

Winner : Datu Ruslan Sulai (New Straits Times)
Entry : "Joy and Grief"
Merit : 1. Lo Teck Loong (Daily Express)
"RIver of Filth"
2. Zamain Singkui (Bernama)
"Hidup Aman Damai di lautan"


Avila Geraldine Samuel Chong (Daily Express)

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