Friday, January 25, 2013

Misaki Matsutomo, pemain badminton wanita Jepun yang amat seksi dan jelita

Ketika menyaksikan final Badminton Terbuka Malaysia 2013 pada 19 Januari 2013 lalu bersamaan Ahad, saya terpaku melihat kejelitaan dan keseksian pemain bergu wanita Jepun, Misaki Matsutomo.

Meskipun Matsutomo dan pasangannya Ayaka Takahasi tewas kepada bergu China dalam aksi final, namun keayuan Matsutomo amat memukau.

Meskipun lebih sesuai beraksi sebagai model pin-up, Matsutomo memukau apabila terjahannya di jaring dan smash, berjaya menjulangnya sebagai naib Juara Terbuka Malaysia 2013.

All the best girl..

Monday, January 21, 2013

A RM20,000 reward has been offered to anyone who has valid information on missing 6 year old child William Yau Zhen Zhong's whereabouts, missing since Wednesday 16th January 2013 in Kuala Lumpur

Any information, please call 03 5631 9800 or 012 2197133

KUALA LUMPUR: A RM20,000 reward has been offered to anyone who has valid information on missing child William Yau Zhen Zhong's whereabouts.

MCA Public Services and Complaints Department Datuk Seri Michael Chong said that the reward would only be given if it led to Yau being found.

"This is for anyone who can give information leading to the finding of this child," he told reporters at Wisma MCA on Sunday, 20th January 2013.

Chong added, however, that the reward would not be given to anyone who might be holding Yau for ransom.

Yau's parents, Yau Kok Kang and Goh Ying Ying, were at the press conference.

Yau's parents contributed RM5,000 while the KK Group of Companies and the Honorary RELA Club (Federal Territories) donated RM5,000 and RM10,000 respectively.

“Please forgive me. I was wrong to leave my children alone.”

This was the tearful plea of Goh Ying Ying, the mother of six-year-old William Yau Zhen Zhong, who has been missing since last Wednesday night, 16th January 2013.

“I am not angry at what the public is saying and I accept that I made a mistake. I hope good people will take care of my child and send him back to me as soon as possible,” she said in between sobs at a press conference at the MCA Public Complaints and Services Department.

William's father Yau Kok Kang, who sat next to her, looked dazed and kept silent, and was seen occasionally hugging his wife.

Goh and Yau have been flooded with phone calls and SMSes that mainly offered sympathy while others scolded them for leaving their three children, Eric, William and Cindy inside their car while they went to a Putra Heights electrical appliances store.

“One man called me on Sunday at 5am, and said he would give me back my son if I sent him naked photos of myself,” she said.

William had got out of the car to look for his parents. When the couple returned, he was already gone.

Since then, the Yau family has been tirelessly looking for him, with neighbours and friends printing thousands of flyers about the little boy.

Malaysians from all quarters are rallying around the family to help them find William.

“He's a good, little boy,” said family friend and babysitter Alec Lee, 53, outside the Yaus' home in Shah Alam.

“If you ask him to do anything, he will listen to you.”

“It's really sad. They made a single mistake, and they're paying for it.” said Yau's neighbour, businessman K. Auaduer.

“It could have happened to anyone.”

Anyone who has information, kindly contact the nearest police stations.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tun Dr Mahathir MOhamad says Identitiy Cards in Sabah handed out legally to foreigners

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad adalah PM Malaysia sejak 1981 hingga 2003

Prosiding suruhanjaya siasatan diraja RCI mengenai kebanjiran pendatang asing di Sabah yang bermula sejak 14 Januari 2013 lalu digemparkan dengan keterangan beberapa bekas kakitangan dan pegawai kanan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara, JPN bahawa mereka diarah memproses permohonan kad pengenalan kepada rakyat asing. Kesemua bekas kakitangan dan pegawai JPN itu telah disumbat ke dalam tahanan di Kamunting di bawah akta keselamatan dalam negeri, I-S-A sebelum ini.

Dan hari ini akhbar melaporkan bekas Perdana Menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad berkata kad pengenlan itu diberikan kepada mereka yang memenuhi kriteria ditetapkan.

Ini laporan The Star online hari ini 17 Januari 2013 :

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad did not deny that Government officials gave foreigners in Sabah identity cards before the 1994 state elections.

However, he said that these cards were handed out legally, adding that he did not know if former Deputy Home Affairs Minister Tan Sri Megat Junid Megat Ayub had ordered them to be issued on purpose ahead of state elections.

"If he did it before the state elections, that is either coincidental or deliberate, I wouldn't know, but it is within the law," he said at a press conference.

"That it happened before the state elections is not against the law," said Dr Mahathir who was also the country's Home Affairs Minister from 1986 to 1999.

He added that foreigners were legally given citizenships as long as they fulfilled certain criteria.

He was responding to news reports that a former Sabah National Registration Department (NRD) official told a Royal Commission of Inquiry that Megat Junid ordered temporary identification receipts of lost or damaged ICs to be given to foreigners.

This was supposedly done two weeks before the 1994 state elections which Parti Bersatu Sabah barely won with 25 out of 48 state assembly seats.

These foreigners were alleged to have been added to parliamentary constituencies that would have been difficult for Barisan Nasional to contest in.

It was also reported that a special NRD unit formed in the 90s had issued over 100,000 blue ICs and 200,000 birth certificates to immigrants.

It was claimed that both the NRD and the Election Commission (EC) worked together to increase the number of Muslim voters in Sabah in 1992 and 1993.

Friday, January 11, 2013




Neowell Vann Houtton

Nilakrisna James

11 January 2013

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah—The 4th floor of Hospital Likas in Kingfisher was today swarmed with donors from all walks of life rushing to donate blood to save the life of Neowell Vann Houtton, whose rare blood type O Positive R1R1 JKA must have an EXACT match to qualify for a successful blood transfusion. Neowell

Nilakrisna James, lawyer and activist appealing on 12 year old’s Neowell’s behalf, said that hospital staff had informed her that the blood of donors will go into the blood bank for the hospital and distributed to any patient, not just Neowell. However, Neowell must have an exact blood match so all regular donors to the hospital who have donor cards or are aware that they are O Positive R1R1 JKA are encouraged to donate their blood at Hospital Likas 4th floor in Kingfisher and inform Neowell’s mother, Selly Onong, 0107826955 immediately.

“I appealed to the hospital staff that donors are responding to a public press appeal specifically to help Neowell and that the donors are well aware that their blood will go into a general blood bank if not exactly matched to Neowell. I was also informed by the hospital that the blood will have to be screened first before it can be used for transfusion, which is obvious. Selly Onong and her son has had no updates from Hospital Likas all day and both mother and child are just getting ready for hospital admission at any time as Neowell is now lying down at home and no longer has the energy to get up,” said Nilakrisna.

Nilakrisna added that there is an overwhelming sense of frustration from the public that the hospital only opens their blood donation unit on weekdays till 5pm. “This is not acceptable to a lot of people as many consider the necessity for blood donation and transfusion to be a constant humanitarian need and by closing on weekdays by 5pm you are cutting off potential donors from people who are working adults. Not opening on weekends is also a source of complaints from those who called me all day and many have expressed the necessity for 24 hour emergency blood donation units to be operational in the hospitals. This is something that the Ministry of Health needs to address immediately as there is a real necessity to have a healthy supply of various types of blood in our blood banks nationwide.”

“I am most concerned about the fact that the hospital is not in a position to have a database of rare blood types donors that they can call in situations like this. People with rare blood types should be informed and be the first point of call to assist with blood donations for patients like Neowell. We shouldn’t have to wait till critical blood levels which are life threatening and then expect patients and their families to just hope and pray that somebody from the public will turn up. Selly was told to go and find her own donors! This is the fourth time we have had to appeal via the press and a system is still not in place after 7 years to form a database of donors that can be matched with patients of rare blood types. This is not acceptable to anyone in the public. No one needs to die first before we have a system in place.”

Datuk Raime Unggi, Member of Parliament for Tenom P181, has also contacted Nilakrisna to join the efforts to find donors in the interior of Sabah and will be heading the campaign to bring awareness of the need for blood donation and the improvement in the screening of blood types in the main hospital in Keningau. “I am grateful to Datuk Raime as he is the only MP today who has bothered to call me and respond positively by donating his own blood. Kudos to him and to all the donors who came forward to donate today: These are our real heroes of Sabah.”

ALL O-Positive blood type are encouraged to continue donating next week in case a match can be found for Neowell and be aware that if they are not O-Positive R1R1 JKA, they are still donating blood to save countless lives of women and children in Hospital Likas.

“Test your blood and find out if you are Neowell’s exact match. You can never waste your blood if you donate to the hospital. Every drop you give will save a life,” said Nilakrisna

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pelakon drama yang seksi, Zarina Anjoulie dituduh miliki pil Eremin

Pelakon drama Anak Pontianak hadapi tuduhan miliki dadah

Ini bukan drama, ini betul betul. Nampaknya Zarina Anjoulie yang seksi itu memulakan 2013 dengan langkah kurang baik. Sumber Sinar Harian 2 Januari 2013.

PETALING JAYA - Seorang pelakon wanita tempatan bersama rakan lelakinya mengaku tidak bersalah di Mahkamah Majistret di sini, hari ini terhadap tuduhan memiliki dua biji pil disyaki pil erimin 5 seberat 0.6 gram, tiga hari lalu.

Zarina Anjoulie Mohamad Fahizul, 26, yang pernah berlakon dalam drama bersiri Anak Pontianak, dan Mohamad Fakhruzaim Mohamad Fawzi, 27, didakwa didakwa secara bersama-sama memiliki pil tersebut.

Perbuatan itu didakwa dilakukan oleh mereka di sebuah kediaman di Jalan PJU 10/1C Damansara Damai di sini, pada 5.30 petang, 30 Disember 2012 lalu.

Mereka yang juga pelajar kolej swasta didakwa mengikut Seksyen 12(2) Akta Dadah Berbahaya 1952 dan boleh dihukum mengikut Seksyen 12(3) akta sama, dibaca bersama Seksyen 34 Kanun Keseksaan, yang membawa hukuman maksimum penjara lima tahun atau denda RM100,000 atau kedua-duanya sekali, jika sabit kesalahan.

Majistret Nazri Omran membebaskan Zarina dan Mohamad Fakhruzaim dengan ikat jamin masing-masing RM2,000 beserta seorang penjamin yang terdiri daripada ahli keluarga.

Mahkamah menetapkan 8 Februari 2013 ini untuk sebutan kes.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Penyerang Malaysia, Rozaimi Abdul Rahman lebih hebat dari bekas bintang Manchester United Park Ji Sung

Siapa sangka Rozaimi Abdul Rahman, pemain Sabah yang berasal dari Bongawan ini terpilih sebagai seorang daripada 10 pemain terbaik ASIA pada 2012, oleh ESPN Soccernet, sebaris dengan bintang Manchester United dari Jepun Shinji Kagawa dan penjaga gol sensasi Wigan dari Oman, Al Hasbi.

Rozaimi dipilih 10 pemain terbaik ASIA 2012 hasil prestasi cemerlangnya menjaringkan 10 gol dalam 5 perlawanan pada kejohanan bawah 22 tahun kelayakan Piala Asia 2012.

Sayang sekali Rozaimi tidak mewakili Malaysia dalam Piala AFF Suzuki 2012, jika tidak sudah pasti Malaysia muncul juara sekali lagi.

Pemilihan Rozaimi menandakan dia sebaris dengan 9 bintang ternama Asia lain termasuk penyerang Manchester United dari Jepun, Shinji Kagawa dan penjaga gol sensasi Wigan dari Oman, Al Habsi.

Raja Playboy, Hugh Hefner kahwin lagi pada 31 Disember 2012

Siapa tidak kenal Hugh Hefner, pengasas majalah dewasa Amerika Syarikat yang terkenal di seluruh dunia iaitu majalah PLAYBOY.

Setiap waktu dan masa, Hefner, 86 tahun pasti didampingi model Playboy dan Playmate yang seksi dan menggiurkan. Pilihannya Hefner gadis seksi, berambut blonde dan mempunyai buah dada besar.

Di ambang tahun baru 2013, Hefner mengahwini model Playboy berusia 26 tahun, Crystal Harris di Playboy Mansion di Amerika Syarikat pada 31 Disember 2012.

Moga Hefner berbahagia. Entah ini perkahwinan ke berapa untuknya? Mampukah Hefner beraksi di atas katil dengan pertolongan Viagra? Hmmmm..

Yang pasti, Crystal Harris tidak akan mengahwini Hefner jika dia tiada duit.. Itulah lumrah hidup

Ucapan Tahun Baru 2013 Maria Ozawa, bintang porno Jepun

Maria Ozawa (gambar gadis di atasI adalah bintang filem panas Jepun yang amat terkenal. Tubuh gebu dan seksinya sudah disaksikan jutaan lelaki menerusi filem panas khas untuk orang dewasa. Namanya begitu gah sebagai bintang porno paling popular di Jepun sebaris dengan Sora Aoi dan sebagainya.

Nah ini tulisan ucapan selamat Hari Tahun Baru 2013 yang dipetik dari laman Facebook rasmi Maria Ozawa, khas untuk peminatnya di seluruh dunia.

I Wish You That This New Year Bring To You, The Warmth Of Love And The Light Of Wisdom In Your Life, Unlimited Happiness Of Life... Happy New Year Guys!.. Love You All!..
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