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PAS - semua mantan Perdana Menteri kecuali Pak Lah, minum arak.

Artikel ini dipetik daripada bertarikh 20 April 2010 - yg cakap ini adalah Mustafa Ali - Setiausaha Agung PAS dan disiarkan oleh Tidak ada satu patah pun perkataan dibawah yang saya tokok tambah, semuanya dipetik 100% daripada Bukan maksud nak menghentam sesiapa tapi artikel oleh malaysiakini ini saja untuk bahan bacaan semua. Terima kasih.

BN digesa menghentikan serangan peribadi terhadap calon Pakatan Rakyat Datuk Zaid Ibrahim - dengan terus mengaitkannya dengan isu minum arak - kerana perkara tersebut "melampau batas" dan menjadi budaya dalam Umno, parti terasnya sendiri.

Menyifatkan kempen sebegitu sebagai "tiada kelas", Setiausaha Agung PAS Mustafa Ali mendakwa, semua perdana menteri Malaysia - kecuali Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - terlibat dengan pengambilan minuman beralkohol.

"Tak ada seorang pun daripada mereka itu yang tak pernah minum arak, kecuali (Abdullah) Badawi. Pak Lah saya akui, yang saya tahu, tak minum arak.

"Tetapi empat yang lain ini semua terlibat. Ada yang saya tengok dengan mata saya sendiri terlibat," katanya yang juga bekas pengarah pilihan raya pusat PAS.

Bercakap dalam sidang media di pejabat agung parti itu di ibu negara tengah hari ini, Mustafa turut mendakwa, selain meminum arak, tiada pemimpin utama Umno yang bebas daripada tiga lagi "dosa", iaitu "rasuah, judi dan perempuan."

"Kadangkala empat (dosa) sekali gus ada pada seorang," katanya yang mengaku mengetahuinya kerana pernah berada dalam kerajaan ketika parti itu bergabung dalam BN sekitar tahun 70-an.

Bagaimanapun, Mustafa memberi jaminan, PAS tidak akan mengikut rentak parti lawan dengan mengambil pendekatan yang sama kerana strategi tersebut "orang PAS tidak pernah buat".

"Tidak, tidak, tidak. Maknanya nak beri tahu, kalau PAS nak main isu ini, dah lama dulu PAS boleh main. Tetapi PAS tak buat, kita jaga etika.

"Tetapi saya nak bagi tahu, kamu (Umno) main isu Zaid ini, kalau kita (PAS) hendak main, kita boleh sebut.

"Ini apa yang kamu buat dulu, sekarang pun kamu masih terus (terlibat)," katanya ketika disoal sama ada PAS akan mengikut rentak yang sama dengan Umno selepas ini.

Ditanya sama ada PAS mahu menjadikan isu tersebut sebagai "peluru terakhir" dalam pilihan raya kecil Hulu Selangor kali ini, Mustafa sambil ketawa berkata:

"Tengoklah kalau (mereka) agak (sombong) sangat."

Katanya, isu melibatkan peribadi silam Zaid sengaja dimainkan Umno kerana parti itu tidak mempunyai sebarang lagi itu untuk "memukul" Zaid.

Mustafa juga berkata, selain Zaid, dua lagi pemimpin Pakatan yang sering menjadi mangsa serangan peribadi kali ini, Ketua Pembangkang Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Menteri Besar Selangor Khalid Ibrahim sendiri.

"The Ibrahim brothers (adik-beradik Ibrahim)," guraunya lagi.

The Watt family in England could be the worst ever family in the universe!!!

Poor Michael Gilbert, he suffered for 10 years before being murdered and his body decapitated. Where was the police, the neighbour, the caring society??

This story chilled me. If i ever encounter this Watt family in England, i will not hesistate to spray them with 500 M16 submachine gun bullets!!!!!!! Or use a 600 kilotan TNT and Dynamite to blast their useless brains!!!

James Watt, Robert Watt and Richard Watt inhumane and insanely crimes are :

1. Torturing one poor and unfortunate guy - Michael Gilbert for 10 years straight..!! They used all kinds of tortures like shooting him with air pistol, punching, kicking, head butting and treating him worse than a pig, for 10 straight years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Finally they killed Gilbert, 26, by jumping up and down his belly.

3. After Gilbert was killed, his body was decapitated into various parts and thrown like rag tag dolls.

Read the story below by the daily mail UK.

A gang of sadists who tortured a 'naive and vulnerable' man for ten years before dumping his decapitated body into a lake were convicted of his murder yesterday.

Michael Gilbert, 26, was used as a 'dogsbody and slave', shackled to a bed and attacked by the group's pet pit bulls.

In one bizarre incident, he was even made to goad a large exotic lizard until it attacked him.

The appalling beatings - often recorded on mobile phones - included being stabbed, hit with a baseball bat, forced to stand in boiling water and shot at with an air pistol.

His main tormentor's girlfriend even invented a 'game show' where individuals were paid to assault him.

Although Mr Gilbert did escape occasionally, the gang would contact the Department for Work and Pensions and quote his national insurance number to discover where he was signing on before snatching him back.

Astonishingly, police were aware he was in trouble but he didn't want to pursue a complaint because the victim had said 'it would make it worse for me in the long run'. (fuck the UK Police!!!)

Mr Gilbert finally died after a new form of torture was devised, involving members of the family jumping on his stomach.

They then hacked his corpse into pieces at their home in Luton, Bedfordshire, before throwing it into a lake known as the Blue Lagoon in nearby Arlesey.

Some parts of his body, including the torso, hands and feet, were found by two dog walkers last year 2009, while others, including his head, were only recovered in February 2010.

Yesterday 23 April 2010, ringleader James Watt, 27, his girlfriend Natasha Oldfield, 29, and his brother Richard's girlfriend Nichola Roberts, 21, were convicted of murder.

The house of horror where Michael Gilbert finally died after 10 years of continous torture.

Two anglers found Mr Gilbert's decapitated body in the Blue Lagoon in Arlesey, Bedfordshire

This couple looked very Guilty indeed: Richard Watt and Jennifer Smith-Dennis - They should be put inside a 2 metre hole and pissed at by every passing human beings until the hole overflowed by urine and they drowned!!!

Couple from the pit bottom of Hell : James Watt and his girlfriend Natasha Oldfield - James Watt should be electrocuted by 10,000 Megawatt of electricity for 10 straight years and burned alive before being cut into pieces and fed upon by Pit Bulls. This arsehole devil deserves that after what he did to Michael Gilbert.

Robert Watt should be barbecued alive and eaten by alligators for what he did.

Another of James Watt's brothers, Robert, 20, and his mother Jennifer Smith-Dennis, were found guilty of familial homicide. Richard admitted the same charge.
All were also convicted of perverting the course of justice. They will be sentenced on Monday 26 April 2010.

The men's father, former builder Antonio Watt, 70, was acquitted of familial homicide and perverting the course of justice.

Judge John Bevan told the jurors that they had sat through 'ghastly' evidence and excused any from being called for jury service again.

After the hearing, Mr Gilbert's mother, Rosalie, 49, focused her anger on Smith-Dennis.

'What sort of woman would allow the things we heard about to go on in her home and for all those years?' she said.
'You raise your kids to be the best they can be, not cold-blooded murderers. That mother could have done something to help Michael and never did.'

Grim discovery: Officers pull a bag containing Michael Gilbert's body from the lagoon.

Michael Gilbert's body parts were found in a prison bag which had been thrown into this lake.

Mr Gilbert's torso was found by two anglers. His head, knee joints and elbow were discovered in a separate bag

Mr Gilbert's brother Chrissy, 31, said that although his brother had had a happy childhood, his 'naive' personality made him easy prey for the Watt family.

His habit of 'taking off to do his own thing' for long periods of time meant he eventually became estranged from his own family and ended up in a children's home aged 15 where he met James Watt.

The court heard evidence from witnesses including Philip Budd, a regular visitor to the Watts' home, who said Mr Gilbert had locking pliers attached to his genitals which were used to lead him around 'like a dog on a lead'.

Zoe Smith, 23, described how Mr Gilbert was shackled with silver handcuffs to the bottom of a bunk bed she slept in with her boyfriend Colin Watt, who was not charged with any offence.

During the three-year relationship, she admitted to visiting the home on around 150 occasions and seeing Mr Gilbert assaulted 'nearly every time'.

The abuse continued as the Watts moved into a succession of different houses in the town.

Mr Budd said that by 2008 Mr Gilbert was only allowed to wear boxer shorts to prevent him escaping.

Another visitor described watching him being shot in the lower back with an air rifle. A postmortem examination would later reveal pellets still embedded in his body.

Oldfield was found to have written an entry in her diary entitled 'Game Show Ideas'. Underneath, she suggested 'various sums of money linked to different assaults on Michael'.

One line said: '£5 slap, £10 punch, £15 kick, £25 head butt.' Another read: 'Gilbert ends up dead.'

As well as 'entertainment', the family also saw Mr Gilbert as a 'cash cow' and would often take his benefits.

By the end of 2008, they were doing sit ups while leaning on a piece of wood across his mouth and jumping on his stomach. One of those was Robert Watt, who weighed 21 stone at the time.

Mr Gilbert is believed to have died from his injuries on January 21 last year.

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Humphries yesterday insisted nothing more could have been done to save Mr Gilbert. 'Hindsight is a wonderful thing,' he added.

The Luton Safeguarding Of Vulnerable Adults Board is to set up a serious case review into his death.

Family that revelled in crimeLong before the Watt family were arrested for the murder of Michael Gilbert they had developed a reputation as Luton's most notorious antisocial neighbours.

Residents revealed how they would typically arrive in an area late at night, shattering its peace within a matter of days. Calm only returned when the family moved on or were forced out.

The Watts also kept a large number of animals including pit bull-type dogs to enhance their stature in their neighbourhood, and exotic giant lizards, one of which was used to attack Mr Gilbert.

At one property, RSPCA vans and police in riot gear were drafted in when the family was evicted.

None of Watts worked except the father, Antonio, now 70, who was employed at a local building firm.

In court, it emerged that the brothers' 'ringleader', James Watt, 27, had 14 previous convictions for 22 different offences, including affray and shooting someone with an airgun. His brother Robert, 20, had two convictions, including battery and theft.

Even the women in their lives had criminal records. James's girlfriend, mother-oftwo Natasha Oldfield, 29, had been cautioned for affray.

Richard Watt's girlfriend Nichola Roberts, 21, had four convictions and a caution, all for leaving a petrol station without paying for fuel.

Only the matriarch of the family, diminutive Jennifer Smith-Dennis, 58, had an unblemished record - in the eyes of the law, at least - until her conviction for familial homicide.

Social services were involved with the family at one stage after Robert was put on the At Risk Register and education services had been called in when the brothers were of school age because they regularly skipped lessons.

Former neighbours said the brothers carried baseball bats and knives claiming it was 'for their own protection'. One, who asked not to be named, said: 'They were rude, noisy and a nightmare.

'They would ride these noisy motorbikes up and down the street and I remember hearing that bars of soap had been pushed through their letter box because they were such a dirty bunch.'

Another former neighbour, again too terrified to be identified, added: 'I had to have CCTV installed because the boys were coming on to my property, and tormenting my wife and daughter by peering through the window at them when I wasn't there.
'The neighbourhood was a nightmare and people were running scared of them.'

Another man, describing how his family had been intimidated by the Watts brothers, said: 'It was a life of hell, not just for my family but the surrounding neighbours.
'It was a constant nightmare, constant phoning up the police. Officers doing nothing, the family living in fear. They would pick on the vulnerable more than anything else.'

Fuck the Watt family!!!!!!!!!! To Hell with them!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Courageous Singaporean woman related her terrible past on TV

As reported by the Star. She had painful memories in the past, but she continues to live on. Be Brave Lin Ai Ling.

As reported by the star below :

A RAPE victim has come out on national television in Singapore to talk about her ordeal, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The young Singaporean woman, who was raped several times by, among others, her own brother's friends, even aborted her own foetus using an iron rod after she got pregnant at 13.

Lin Ai Ling, 35, told a live show that she was first gang-raped at the age of seven by her brother's two friends, but was too afraid to tell her parents or other adults.

She claimed that she was raped again by a stranger while seeking shelter at a park after being chased out of the house by her father when she was 13.

When she got pregnant, Lin said she hit herself on her abdomen with an iron rod until the foetus discharged because she did not know what else to do or who to approach about her condition.

She alleged that she had to undergo another abortion when she got pregnant after being raped by her father’s friend at 18.

Although she later married the friend, Lin said they eventually divorced because she could no longer tolerate his physical abuse.

Lin said when she met her pre­sent husband, Liu Guo Cheng, 38, she struggled mentally before finally revealing her background to him.

However, she said she was glad to hear that despite her troubled past, Liu told her that he still wanted to marry her.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cheated Grandma still loves her Nigerian boyfriend!!!

Picture this. You are a 58 year old grandma living in Malaysia. You divorced your handicapped husband to be with your African lover from Nigeria. But your so called lover cheated you by seeing other girls. He also cheated you of your lifetime savings of RM600,000.00, so will you still love him?? Of course the answer is a Hell NO.

But not in this case, a grandma named Sofea still loves her Nigerian boyfriend so much, even though she was treated that way...!!!

And because Black Magic was involved, i recommend you to listen to this song too.

This is the report as compiled by the Star on 19 April 2010.

A grandmother asked for a divorce from her crippled husband so that she could be with her Nigerian lover despite being cheated of RM600,000 of her EPF savings, Harian Metro reported.

The 58-year-old executive, known only as Sofea, had flown to Nigeria only to find the man living in luxury from his ill-gotten gains.

In an interview, Sofea told the daily that she loved the man, identified only as Fareed, so much that she was unwilling to be separated from him while he was in detention for using forged travel documents in the country.

“I continued to contact him and even bought him an air ticket for his trip home to Nigeria last May.

“When he was in Malaysia, I knew that he saw other local women but I just couldn’t leave him despite he being accused of stealing from them.

“I wanted to live and die with him,” said Sofea, who was introduced to Fareed by a friend two years ago.

She claimed that when she first knew Fareed, the Nigerian would often cook her dishes from his country, such as grilled bananas and herbs.

“Since then, I was crazy for him even though he was not handsome. I gave him whatever he wanted, even paying the rental for his condominium,” she said.

She added that Fareed would often address her as “sweetheart”, “baby” or even “princess” during their relationship.

Sofea, who now believed that Fareed had put her under a charm, said she had to seek treatment to free herself from the “black magic”.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Senarai pemenang anugerah kewartawanan Malaysia MPI-Petronas diumumkan 16 April 2010

Sumber : Malaysian Press Institute / Bernama

Hadiah Kewartawanan & Penghakiman
HKM Petronas 2009
Kategori - kategori dan pemenang - diumumkan pada malam Hadiah kewartawanan negara MPI-Petronas pada 16 April 2010


Anugerah ini diberikan kepada wartawan yang penyertaannya dalam HKM 2009 dinilai terbaik oleh Panel Hakim (kecuali Kategori Hadiah Wartawan Muda A. Samad Ismail dan Kewartawanan Foto).
(RM 30,000.00 serta pingat emas pada saiz wang siling 50 sen seberat 100 gram)
Pemenang - Melati Mohd Ariff (Bernama)
Tajuk Artikel - Mencari Dingin Udara Cameron Highlands


Anugerah ini disampaikan kepada wartawan yang berusia 30 tahun ke bawah. Selain menghasilkan karya berita atau rencana yang dianggap menyerlah bagi tahun berkenaan, beliau juga perlu menunjukkan ciri-ciri kepemimpinan dan mempunyai potensi menjadi wartawan besar negara suatu hari nanti.
(RM 15,000.00)
Pemenang - Lim Wey Wan (The Star)


Artikel terbaik berhubung perkhidmatan awam seperti keprihatinan, kebajikan dan permasalahan yang membabitkan masyarakat atau orang ramai. Laporan hendaklah mengenai rakyat dan/atau negara Malaysia.
(RM 15,000.00)
Pemenang - Zainuddin Ayip, Salawati Harris dan Dalia Ismail (Milenia Muslim)


Anugerah ini diberikan kepada artikel berita yang terbaik.
(RM 15,000.00)
Pemenang - Abdul Razak Chik (Malaysian Business)


Anugerah ini diberikan kepada artikel yang memaparkan penyiasatan yang dianggap cemerlang.
(RM 15,000.00)
Pemenang - Masami Mustaza (Malay Mail)


Anugerah ini diberikan kepada artikel isu luar negara yang dianggap cemerlang.
(RM 15,000.00)
Pemenang - Shahanaz Habib (The Star)


Anugerah ini diberikan kepada rencana yang dianggap cemerlang.
(RM 15,000.00)
Pemenang - Rohana Mustaffa (Bernama)
Tajuk Rencana - Kampung Baru - Antara Dua Darjat


Anugerah ini diberikan kepada penulisan komentar / kolumnis atau kritikan yang dianggap cemerlang.
(RM 15,000.00)
Pemenang - Faizal Riduan (Muslim Milennia)


Foto yang mempunyai nilai berita dan ciri-ciri estetika akan dipilih sebagai pemenang. Ia hendaklah lengkap dengan caption yang bernas.
(RM 15,000.00)
Pemenang - Fathil Asri (Berita Harian)


Hadiah ini diberi kepada jurufoto yang telah menghasilkan penceritaan berdasarkan satu siri foto.
(RM 12,000.00)
Pemenang - Tan Seng Huat (Nanyang Siang Pau)


Terbuka kepada semua media yang menghasilkan video berita. Tempoh video tidak seharusnya melebihi 5 minit (termasuk laporan bersiri). Perlu disertakan dalam 6 keping CD/VCD/DVD.
(RM 15,000.00)
Pemenang - Ahmad Fazli Ahmad dan Farizan Jalal(TV3) - Harimau Menangis di Hutan Belum, Perak


Terbuka kepada semua media yang menghasilkan dokumentari video. Tempoh dokumentari hendaklah dalam lingkungan 5 minit hingga satu jam.
(RM 15,000.00)
Pemenang - Hanim Muhili, Norin Hanafiah, Nawwar Raidah Aris dan Raja Hisyamuddin (TV1,RTM)


Anugerah diberi kepada artikel yang memaparkan laporan berhubung alam sekitar yang dianggap cemerlang.
(RM 15,000.0
Pemenang - Petronas - Laupa Junus (Utusan Malaysia)


Pencalonan dibuat oleh organisasi media atau pertubuhan yang ada kaitan dengan kewartawanan serta orang perseorangan. Anugerah ini sebagai mengiktiraf pencapaian luar biasa seorang wartawan dalam bidang ini. Anugerah ini bukan sekadar berdasarkan berita dan rencana yang dihasilkan tetapi meliputi penghasilan buku – fiksyen dan bukan fiksyen secara berterusan; bertindak sebagai penceramah dalam bidang yang berkaitan dengan kewartawanan; berjuang dalam isu-isu media dan dalam pertubuhan-pertubuhan bukan kerajaaan berkaitan media; atau berjaya mengharumkan nama kewartawanan Malaysia di peringkat serantau dan antarabangsa.

Anugerah Khas Juri ini juga boleh diberikan kepada organisasi media sebagai mengiktiraf sumbangan/peranan luar biasa media dalam tahun berkenaan. Pengiktirafan itu bakal diberi atas nama Akhbar/Majalah Tahunan atau Newspaper/Magazine of the Year. (RM 15,000.00)

Tiada pencalonan - tiada pemenang.


Diberikan atas nama Malaysian Press Institute, gelaran ini dianugerahi kepada individu yang telah memberi sumbangan cemerlang dalam perkembangan kewartawanan negara. Ia bukan sahaja melalui tulisan tetapi juga tindakan mereka.

Gelaran ini adalah suatu penghormatan dan penghargaan tertinggi daripada komuniti wartawan Malaysia kepada individu yang berjasa dalam bidang kewartawanan negara.

Pencalonan boleh dikemukakan oleh mana-mana organisasi media massa atau pertubuhan yang ada kaitan dengan kewartawanan serta orang perseorangan. Pencalonan hendaklah berserta latarbelakang calon dan hujah bertulis mengenai karya/tulisan, sumbangan fikiran, jasabakti dan/atau kegiatan calon berkenaan. Pencalonan yang diterima perlu lengkap dengan justifikasi dan pencapaian tokoh berkenaan. Ia akan dinilai oleh sebuah panel khas yang dipengerusikan oleh Ketua Panel Hakim.

Calon Tokoh Wartawan Negara yang tidak terpilih boleh dicalonkan semula pada masa akan datang.
(RM 30,000.00)
Dua pencalonan diterima. Penerima Anugerah akan dinobatkan pada satu majlis berasingan.

Wartawan Bernama, Melati Mohd Ariff menang Anugerah Kajai

Di bawah ini adalah rencana "Mencari Dingin Udara Cameron Highlands" yang menobatkan penulisnya, Melati Mohd Ariff dari Bernama (Pertubuhan Berita Nasional Malaysia) sebagai pemenang Anugerah Kajai pada malam Hadiah Kewartawanan Malaysia MPI-Petronas yang diadakan di Kuala Lumpur, Jumaat, 16 April 2010.

Majlis disempurnakan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Anugerah Kajai adalah anugerah tertinggi profesyen kewartawanan di Malaysia, membawa hadiah wang tunai RM30,000 serta pingat emas bernilai RM12,900.00

Anugerah tertinggi kewartawanan dunia pula ialah Pulltizer Award.

Mencari Dingin Udara Cameron Highlands

Oleh Melati Mohd Ariff

Rencana mengenai Cameron Highlands ini ialah bahagian pertama daripada tiga siri.

CAMERON HIGHLANDS, 16 Feb (Bernama) -- Aktiviti pertanian semakin rakus merubah landskap pusat peranginan tanah tinggi tersohor Malaysia, Cameron Highlands.

Bermula dengan teh yang ditanam di lereng bukit, daerah yang paling kecil di Pahang ini semakin diasak penanaman sayuran secara intensif. Sudah habis tanah rendah digondolkan, kini lereng bukit semakin ditarah dan kawasan hutan pula diredah dan ditebang.

Hawa tanah tinggi yang sebelum ini dingin menyusuk hingga ke tulang, kian menjadi panas. Angin yang bertiup di tengah-tengah cuaca yang kering, membawa bersama cemar bau baja yang begitu kuat menusuk hidung.

Inilah realitinya! Pengunjung ke tanah tinggi ini akan semakin kempunan kepada udara segar dan nyaman yang sering dikaitkan dengan pusat peranginan pergunungan.


Ditemui pada 1885 oleh juru ukur kerajaan penjajah Inggeris, William Cameron, kawasan pergunungan ini, dengan puncak paling tinggi terletak 1,500 meter di atas paras laut, dibangunkan sebagai pusat percutian seawal 1925.

Transformasi drastik pantas merubah landskap Cameron Highlands selepas negara memperoleh kemerdekaan pada 1957 dan tahun-tahun berikutnya tatkala iklim sejuk pergunungan didapati amat sesuai untuk tanaman sayuran.

Berikutnya, bermulalah aktiviti besar-besaran menebang hutan dara untuk memberi laluan kepada pembukaan ladang teh dan sayur-sayuran. Pembinaan jalan raya, bangunan dan kawasan perumahan turut pesat dijalankan.

Dengan kawasan seluas kira-kira 71,000 hektar dan penduduk melebihi 30,000, Cameron Highlands kini mempunyai lapan pekan iaitu Blue Valley, Kampung Raja, Kuala Terla, Tringkap, Brinchang, Tanah Rata, Lembah Bertam dan Ringlet.

Sebahagian besar aktiviti pertanian bertumpu di Lembah Bertam, sementara Blue Valley gah dengan ladang teh, antaranya Ladang Teh Blue Valley dan Ladang Teh BOH.


Bagai kenangan lama mengusik jiwa. Demikian gambaran yang diberikan warga emas Cameron Highlands.

Betapa mereka mendambakan suasana silam, mendatangani waktu pagi sambil menghirup udara segar yang dingin, dikelilingi panorama kehijauan, mendamaikan.

Namun segalanya kini tinggal dalam lipatan memori. Tanah tinggi ini sudah lama bertukar wajah atas nama pembangunan dengan pembinaan 'hutan batu' dan pembukaan besar-besaran tanah untuk pertanian.

Menjelang musim perayaan atau cuti sekolah, tanah tinggi ini juga pasti sesak dengan ribuan pengunjung dan kenderaan.

"Memang aman masa itu. Orang tak ramai. Kereta pun tak banyak. Dulu anak-anak boleh main tengah jalan.

"Cuaca pula amat sejuk. Bekerja pun pakai jaket. Sejuknya sampai minyak kelapa boleh jadi beku dan keras, boleh bungkus dengan kertas surat khabar," cerita Zainal Abidin Shafie, 77, yang datang ke Cameron Highlands pada 1948, ketika berusia 18.

Keriangan Zainal Abidin yang dipilih sebagai Tokoh Maal Hijrah Cameron Highlands 2009 apabila berkongsi kenangan manis sewaktu mula-mula tinggal di tanah tinggi bertukar bimbang apabila ditanya keadaan yang dilihatnya pada hari ini.

"Rumah dibina sampai tepi jalan, tepi sungai pun ada, bayangkanlah.... Tengok di Tringkap (kira-kira lapan kilometer dari Brinchang) rumah sampai tepi jalan, nak letak kereta pun susah.

"Tengok di Tanah Rata, gerai sana-sini. Tak ada tempat letak kereta. Buat bangunan pun sampai tepi jalan. Bila pelancong datang, nak berhenti kereta pun tak boleh.

"Harap pihak berkuasa fikir dan adakan lebih banyak tempat letak kereta. Berapa ratus ribu kereta bila cuti. Kami penduduk di Cameron Highlands bila musim cuti memang tak keluar rumah, kalau keluar memang sangkut," Zainal Abidin memberitahu Bernama, sambil menjelaskan, beliau biasanya membuat perancangan membeli barang keperluan sebelum musim cuti bagi mengelakkan kesesakan.


Bagi Kolandapayan a/l Sengkali Kaundan, 74, banyak memori indah tinggal di Cameron Highlands.

Dilahirkan di India, Kolandapayan datang ke Cameron Highlands pada 1953 untuk bekerja di ladang teh di Blue Valley.

Cukup, katanya, menyara diri dengan upah RM2.30 sehari di mana RM1 untuk belanja makan sementara bakinya disimpan.

"Mula-mula mari (datang) banyak sejuk tapi lama-lama suka. Lagi pun tak boleh pergi tempat lain. Masa itu ada sikit pondok kecil, orang tak ramai, kereta kurang.

"Takut ada juga sebab keliling hutan. Komunis pun ada, memang takut pada komunis. Ada yang minta duit," kata Kolandapayan. Beliau melakukan banyak kerja selepas berhenti dari ladang teh.

Ditanya kehidupan di Cameron Highlands sekarang, dia pantas berkata: "Panas. Orang pun ramai, kereta sudah banyak. Dulu satu bulan dua hari panas, sekarang satu bulan panas. Banyak hutan, bukit kena potong."

Bagi Francis Thangam, 74, keputusan berhijrah ke Cameron Highlands ketika berusia 23 membuka lembaran baru dalam hidupnya setelah mendapat tahu tentang tempat ini daripada kawannya yang mempunyai kedai gunting rambut di sini.

"Saya bayar RM1.80 untuk tiket bas ke Cameron Highlands. Naik bas dari Klang ke Tapah. Basnya kecil, boleh muat 16 orang sahaja. Perjalanan memang meletihkan, jalannya berliku-liku.

"Mula-mula datang, banyak sejuk, semua orang pakai jaket, tak boleh tahan," katanya.

Berkat kesabaran dan ketekunan meskipun terpaksa berjauhan daripada keluarga dan terpaksa melakukan pelbagai kerja, Francis akhirnya mendapat kerja yang lebih baik. Pada 1963, beliau mula bekerja sebagai pengurus di Ladang Teh Bharat sehingga bersara pada Disember 2004.


Zulkifli Mohd Ariffin, 67, pula datang ke Cameron Highlands pada 1981 selepas dinaikkan pangkat sebagai ketua kerani dengan Pejabat Tanah dan terus menetap di tanah tinggi ini.

Bagi beliau, yang paling dirinduinya ialah kabus Cameron Highlands.

"Masa muda dulu saya banyak bersukan. Kadang-kadang tengah bermain terpaksa berhenti dulu sebab kabus tebal lalu. Tak semestinya hujan, kalau hujan, lagi tebal kabus. Kalau bercakap, keluar wap dari mulut, begitu sejuknya.

"Sekarang nak dapat kabus sebulan sekali pun susah. Itu pun lepas hujan. Tengok sahaja pelancong yang datang ke Cameron Highlands, tak macam dulu pakai tebal-tebal. Ada yang pakai kemeja-t dan seluar pendek sahaja!

"Masa dulu-dulu, mesti pakai jaket dan tidur malam pun kena pakai baju dua tiga lapis dan sarung kaki," kata Zulkifli.

Beliau turut mengeluh apabila bercakap tentang apa yang sedang berlaku di Cameron Highlands.

"Bukan sahaja cuaca tetapi juga pembangunan yang tak menentu. Tepi jalan banyak gerai, tempat letak kereta tak ada, keadaan semakin meruncing.

"Sampai bila struktur muka bumi Cameron Highlands dapat bertahan. Yang dihakis, ditebang dan digondolkan. Apa yang akan diwarisi generasi masa depan Cameron Highlands?" tegasnya.


Bagi masyarakat Orang Asli Kampung Kuala Boh di Ringlet, meskipun, perkampungan mereka terletak nun jauh di dalam hutan, ia masih terkena tempias pembangunan pesat dan hiruk-pikuk kehidupan moden Cameron Highlands.

Keruh air Sungai Mensoon yang mengalir di kampung itu bukti nyata pencemaran yang berpunca daripada banyaknya kegiatan pertanian di kawasan hulu sungai berkenaan.

Bahdin Pulai, 67, terkenang zaman mudanya memancing dan berenang di sungai berhampiran kawasan petempatan Orang Asli itu.

"Kebun sayur belum ada, air sungai jernih dan boleh diminum, ikan pun banyak, tak ada racun. Binatang dalam hutan banyak, ada kijang dan rusa.

"Sekarang banyak kebun sayur, ramai pekerja asing. Air sungai tak lagi bersih, ikan dah pupus. Anak-anak tak berpeluang menangkap ikan atau berburu. Buat sumpit pun tak tahu," keluh Bahdin yang terpaksa menggunakan tongkat untuk berjalan kerana penyakit gout.

Katanya air sungai mula tercemar penghujung 1970-an dengan pembukaan banyak kebun sayur di Ringlet.


Rasa kecewa dan hampa Bahdin turut dikong Tok Batin Kampung Kuala Boh, Nordin Abu Bakar, 45.

"Dah empat tahun tak merasa ikan dipancing sendiri. Dulu dalam Sungai Mensoon ni boleh tangkap ikan kelah, besar-besar peha, ikan tengas. Semua dah tak ada. Sungai dah kotor, tercemar," katanya.

Terdapat 92 keluarga di Kampung Kuala Boh dan semuanya beragama Islam. Orang tua di kampung itu masih bekerja mencari rotan, menanam pisang dan ubi kayu serta mengerjakan padi bukit. Anak-anak muda pula ada yang keluar merantau, bekerja di bandar besar.

Dilahir dan dibesarkan di Kampung Kuala Boh yang meliputi kawasan seluas 100 hektar, Nordin menyandang jawatan Tok Batin pada 1992, mengambil alih jawatan daripada bapanya yang meninggal dunia pada 1991.

Di sebalik lokasi kampung yang dikelilingi hutan tebal, Nordin berkata cuaca sekitar amat berbeza daripada masa dia kecil.

"Masa kecil, kami tak boleh pakai baju tak berlengan macam yang saya pakai sekarang. Kena pakai pakaian tebal, tak kira pagi atau tengah hari. Sekarang pagi boleh minum ais, oren ke. Itu yang beza. Sampai tahun 70-an, masih lagi sejuk.

"Banyak tanah dibuka untuk ladang sayur. Saya harap mereka tak menceroboh sampai ke kampung ini. Kami tak mahu pencemaran," kata Nordin yang pernah berkhidmat sebagai askar komando selama 12 tahun sebelum kembali ke kampung halamannya, Kampung Kuala Boh.

Bagi Zainal Abidin, Kolandapayan, Francis Thangam, Zulkifli, Bahdin dan Nordin, Cameron Highlands adalah terlalu berharga dan istimewa.

Mereka sudah menghirup udara segar dan dingin Cameron Highlands serta menikmati keindahan dan kedamaian hidup di tanah tinggi.

Apa yang mereka dambakan sekarang agar legasi tanah tinggi ini, dengan segala keistimewaannya dapat diwarisi tanpa sebarang honar dan cemar kepada anak cucu mereka serta generasi akan datang.


"TAKEN" - the movie to watch while in Paris

Excuse me, what is the name of this tower???

Views of Paris as "TAKEN" by my camera

A street near the Eiffel Tower

This is the way people in Paris park their car - gangland style isn't it??

Charles De Gaulle international airport, Paris - the main airport - there is another airport exclusively for private jets - The Le Bourget (pronounced La Borje) airport

The famed Paris Opera House

Now done with the various views of Paris as "TAKEN" by my camera

While on a trip to Paris last April 10th, 2010, i remembered a movie, aptly-titled "Taken" filmed on various locations in Paris.

"Taken", starring Liam Neeson tells the story of a 17 year old American girl, kidnapped and forced into prostitution by a Bulgarian Paris-based human trafficking gang.

Enraged, the father of the kidnapped girl, played by Liam Neeson rushed to Paris from the USA and turned Paris upside down. He single handedly took on the entire gang, successfully rescued his daughter, but not before killing almost 50 bad guys!!!

In one particular scene, he killed a bad guy with a 24 hour continuous 350 volt electrical jolt, connected from the main switch of a ganghouse straight to 2 metallic plates, pierced and nailed on that unfortunate guy thighs. Before that he said "I need you to be focussed"!!!!!!

In another scene, Liam Neeson shot an already dead guy, 5 times inside an elevator...!!!!!

And of course the catch phrase "Jean Claude, i will tear down the Eiffel Tower if i had to"!!!!!!!

Cool isn't it...???

Watch the movie.. You will not regret it..!!!

The electrical jolt scene can be seen from 01.23 onwards in this video. Cruel but effective!!! I need you to be focussed!!!! At 01.59, Liam Neeson shot an already dead guy 5 times inside an elevator!!!! at 02.38 - the catch phrase "Jean Claude.. i will tear down the Eiffel Tower if i have to"!!!!!!!!!

Bonjou... Merci (thanks) for dropping by...

How Lady Gaga was created

Even kids and the elderly people in remote districts in Sabah, Malaysia such as Pensiangan and Kinabatangan, listen to Lady Gaga's songs.

Why not?

With chart topping songs including six No. 1 hits on the Billboard, Lady Gaga is no doubt currently the biggest pop star in the world.

By definition, a pop star is manufactured. While rock stars were not.

That may be part of why rock became pop, and in some ways she has benefited from a very traditional star-making model.

But success comes with unwarranted things such as this.

According to a New York magazine, several different people have claimed credit for discovering Lady Gaga, shaping her, naming her, making her who she is:

Rob Fusari, who co-wrote and produced her early songs, sued her for USD$30 million, claiming among other grievances that he had a contract for 15 percent of her merchandising.

And Gaga, of course, takes the credit herself. “I went through a great deal of creative and artistic revelation, learning, and marination to become who I am,” she explains. “Tiny little lie? I wanted to become the artist I am today, and it took years."

Infact, many superstars and mega stars, started their career from very humble beginning. Read the success stories of Madonna, for example, filled with incredible tales of rags to riches. And many people claimed credit for what Madonna has achieved.

To Gaga, continue rocking us... To Rob Fusari - to hell with you...!!!

Priest punches mourner!!!!

Priest punches who??? did what????

This shocking incident happened in Toulouse, France, on Thursday, 1 April 2010.

The priest not only turned up drunk to preside over a funeral, but also punched one of the mourners!!!!

The incident prompted a French Catholic bishop to apologise.

'Father Bonaventure (Ouedraogo) ... arrived at the funeral in a state that was not compatible with his ministry,' said archbishop Robert Le Gall in a statement. 'I again offer my apologies to the family.'

Relatives of the deceased described how they told the priest, who is from the west African state Burkina Faso, that they did not want him to preside over the funeral held on Tuesday near the south-western city of Toulouse.

They then prevented him from getting back into his car because he was too drunk to drive, said Gerard Tillier, the brother of the deceased woman.

The priest fell to the ground and when a man tried to help him to his feet, he punched him in the face, said Mr Tillier.

'A priest who hits his parishioners, that's a new one, and who turns up drunk, let's not even talk about it!' he said.

Source - AFP

Volcanic eruption in Iceland

This amazes me. Volcanic eruption can happen everywhere. Even under water or under sea and even in one of the coldest region in the world. Who can imagine, volcano can rule and erupts in Iceland. Mind you, the name speaks for itself - ICEland - means the land of ice.

Well, the eruption of a volcano beneath Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull not only resulted in dangerous amounts of volcanic ash in the sky, but also huge headaches for air travelers. The eruption was also captured on camera and it the scene of fire mixed with ice were sublime.

The eruption caused a 3.7 mile high plume of ash, creating havoc on flights across the Europe and around the world. The ash has the ability to knock out jet engines. Thousands of travellers have been grounded across the world. Additionally, there is no telling when the ash will disperse. It could take days before the sky clears up.

France has shut down all of its 24 airports including the main airport - Charles de Gaulle and also the other airport in Paris - Le Bourget airport.

London's Heathrow airport was also closed. Many airlines cancelled flights to Europe. Malaysia Airlines for example cancelled direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Paris and also to London and Amsterdam.

Australia's Qantas also cancelled flights to Europe.

Meanwhile, many photographers captured stunning images of the ash's effects on sunsets in Europe. To them, the ashes resulted in "fantastic spectacle."

Monday, April 5, 2010

Funny advertisement for snake oil traditional medicine

This was found at one of the Pasar Tamu (weekly market) in Sabah. The exact location is unknown.

This is an advertisement for a traditional medicine - snake oil that supposedly can cure all kinds of ilnesses such as mati pucuk (male infertility), rheumatism (sakit tulang), sex related illnesses, gout, dog bites, asthma, itchiness as well as magically enabling paralysed people, to walk again.

But judging from the numerous spelling errors - one wonder wether this medicine, cures you or kills you straight away!!!

I bet this guy scored 0.00 % in bahasa Malaysia exam either at primary school or secondary school.

Spelling errors include :

1. Hanjing - supposed to be anjing (dog)
2. mati putcuk - mati pucuk (male infertile)
3. kenna ratsun - kena racun - poisoning
4. gatar gatar - gatal gatal (itchiness)
5. lumpu - lumpuh - paralyse
6. parampuan habis baranak - perempuan baru bersalin - mother who newly gave birth
7. gigitan hanjing - gigitan anjing - dog bites
8. hampus - nasib baik bukan mampus!!! - ampus - lelah - asthma
9. lukak - luka - wound
10. tapatuk ular - dipatuk ular - snake bites
11. muta bira - i have no idea the meaning of this - possibly mata biru kena tumbuk (blue eye as a result of being punched!!!)

What rubbish!!! Try calling the phone number and see what the hell is actually being sold!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Xia Xue (Wendy Cheng) is married.... so sad!!!

Pics sourced from Xia Xue blog.

Bye bye sunshine.. bye bye man.. Xia Xue is already married to her beau - the handsome American - Michael Sayre aka Mike in December 2009. I used to have a crush on her, that is why i am still blogging about Xia Xue marriage, even after almost 4 months passed since she tied the knots with Mike aka Mike Tyson!!!!

The glittering ceremony took place at a posh hotel in Singapore and i was not invited!!! hehehe

Well.... Xia Xue or Wendy Cheng is Singapore's top and most popular blogger.

She has won many accolades including Best Asian Blog and many many more awards.

Xiaxue, started blogging in April 2003 and by October 2008, her blog attracted some300,000 visitors per month. Singapore's National Library Board has added her to its electronic archives. By now, i think based on modest estimation, her blog could have atrracted some 1 million page views per month!!! She is definitely making money and getting a lot of perks, by blogging.

Compare that to the gadget blog Gizmodo which had almost 100 million pageviews in January 2009 alone, and fantastically profitable.

A personal-diary type blog, Dooce earns USD500K to USD1 million a year, which works out to much more than RM100,000 a month.

Tech blog TechCrunch earned USD3 million in 2007 and even more the next.

The Huffington Post raised USD25 million in 2008.

China top blogger, Xu Jinlei attracted some 3 million hits on her blog on a monthly basis.

Malaysia's top blogger like Kenny Sia reportedly earned more than RM10,000 per month via Nuffnang alone.

Well Xiau Xue also briefly became a celebrity blogger for The Straits Times newspaper, a Maxim columnist, and co-starred in a sort of reality TV series, Girls Out Loud.

She also did a fortnightly series, Xiaxue's Guide To Life.

If you want to know about blinging your long nails with crystals, getting a tongue piercing, losing weight, cooking live crabs, shopping for slutty clothes or fitting out your totally pink Princess Room on the cheap, or turning your hair into gold, or throwing someone off the Eiffel tower, or recognising the looks of those "ham sap" guys, Xiaxue is your girl.

"Singaporean (Chinese) guys," she wrote, "like girls who keep quiet and nods in agreement to everything they say, rather than a girl who speaks up for her own opinions. They like girls who are weak, diminutive and vulnerable, not girls who are strong and can protect themselves." They must also dress modestly and be virgins.

Xiaxue is the opposite of this Singaporean ideal girls. She's bitchy, swears, wears "chio" (pretty but provocative) clothes, writes in intimate detail about things like panty liners and panties, and flaunts her American boyfriend turned husband, Mike. It provokes hundreds of comments.

She also generates controversy by attacking other bloggers. One famous post dealt with the Top Seven Most Disgusting Bloggers in Singapore, including Xiaxue. She attacked herself for being a fake, short, fat and ugly. "She is so hao lian [arrogant] of her stupid angmoh [caucasian monkey] boyfriend," she wrote. "SPG!" Sarong Party Girl: the ultimate insult.

As you'd expect, most of Xiaxue's readers – around 70% – live in Singapore or Malaysia. For the rest of us, she's a virtual tourist spot, providing an uncensored, unmediated and somewhat voyeuristic peek into a different society. Well, every nation has their own Xiau Xue in the bloggers world.

All the best Xia Xue... i still love you..

Siti Nurhaliza - bintang paling popular 2009


Selain memenangi Penyanyi Wanita Popular buat kali ke-12nya, Siti turut dinobatkan sebagai Bintang Paling Popular Berita Harian 2009 buat kali ketujuhnya. Siti pernah menjulang anugerah yang sama untuk lima tahun berturut-turut bermula 1996 hingga 2000, dan kemudiannya pada tahun 2004.

Edisi ABPBH kali ini berlangsung dengan meriahnya dengan kehadiran ramai artis-artis popular serta koloborasi persembahan yang menarik.

Antaranya persembahan pembukaan yang mantap daripada Bunkface dan Faizal Tahir untuk lagu "Revolusi", gabungan One Nation Emcees dan Datuk M. Daud Kilau untuk lagu "Raja Gelek", penampilan istimewa daripada Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim.

Ketika duet "Doa Buat Kekasih" Alyah dan Dayang Nurfaizah, medley lagu-lagu popular KRU yang dipersembahkan oleh Dafi, Aril, Akim, Hafiz, Faralyna, Ainul Aishah, Diana Danielle dan Marsha, dan tak lupa persembahan penutup yang meletup dari Wings yang melihat Awie beradu kelantangan vokal dengan Black dan Jaclyn Victor.

Namun, majlis malam tadi tidak lari daripada beberapa momen yang menyayat hati apabila terkenangkan pemergian mengejut Allahyarham Ustaz Asri dan Din Beramboi.

Teman-teman seperjuangan Allahyarham Ustaz Asri daripada bekas penyanyi utama Raihan, Nazrey Johani dan anggota-anggota Rabbani telah menyampaikan versi lagu "Kau Pergi Jua" yang begitu menyentuh hati.

Sementara disebalik kegembiraan Aznil Hj Nawawi, Faizal Ismail dan Nabil memenangi anugerah dalam kategori yang telah dicalonkan, tidak lupa mereka pada Din Beramboi apabila masing-masing mendedikasikan anugerah mereka kepada arwah.

Faizal telah menyimpulkannya dengan baik sekali apabila menyatakan walaupun kemenangan tidak berpihak kepada Din, "Allahyarham telah menang di hati kita semua".

Berikut senarai pemenang Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2009.

Bintang Paling Popular Berita Harian 2009
Dato' Siti Nurhaliza

Pengacara TV Lelaki Popular
Aznil Haji Nawawi
Ini merupakan kali ketujuh Aznil menjulang trofi tersebut. Aznil turut mendedikasikan trofi-nya itu kepada Allahyarham Din Beramboi.

Pengacara TV Wanita Popular
Fara Fauzana

Penyampai Radio Lelaki Popular
Faizal Ismail
Kemenangan kali ketiga Faizal. Faizal telah mendedikasikan anugerahnya khas kepada Allahyarham Din Beramboi, yang telah tercalon buat pertama kalinya di dalam kategori ini. Walaupun kemenangan tidak berpihak kepada Allahyarham, bak kata Faizal, "Allahyarham telah menang di hati kita semua".

Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular
Fara Fauzana

Penyanyi Duo/Berkumpulan Popular

Artis Komedi Lelaki Popular
Kali kedua Nabil meraih kemenangan dalam kategori ini. Tidak lupa didedikasikan anugerah itu kepada Allahyarham Din Beramboi, yang menurut Nabil merupakan "orang paling kelakar saya pernah jumpa".

Artis Komedi Wanita Popular
Terkejut dengan kemenangannya kerana tidak menyangka mempunyai peminat.

Artis Baru Lelaki Popular

Artis Baru Wanita Popular

Pelakon TV Lelaki Popular
Remy Ishak
Terlalu gugup hingga cakap pun tersasul.

Pelakon TV Wanita Popular
Tiz Zaqyah

Penyanyi Nasyid Popular

Penyanyi Lelaki Popular

Penyanyi Wanita Popular
Dato' Siti Nurhaliza
Mengumumkan ini merupakan anugerah ABPBH yang terakhir buat dirinya.

Pelakon Filem Lelaki Popular
Que Haidar

Pelakon Filem Wanita Popular
Liyana Jasmay

Anugerah Pencapaian Sepanjang Hayat
Datuk Khadijah Ibrahim

Friday, April 2, 2010

Curt Degerman - the richest rubbish collector in the world??

Mr Curt Degerman - the Swedish wonder man!!!

This is truly a classic.

To the outside world, Curt Degerman was a poor can collector.

The aged Swede, spent about 30 years roaming the streets of Skelleftea in northern Sweden, cycling around in his blue jacket and ragged pants almost daily, collecting tin cans and bottle for cash.

Thus, earning the nickname Burk-Curt or “Tin Can Curt,” among the locals.

He was, in the eyes of most people, an ordinary street bum.

Instead, when Curt Degerman died at the age of 60, he left more than US$1.4 million or 12 million Swedish Kronor to his cousin.

How did he do it? Thrift and smart investing.

It turns out that in between collecting cans, Mr. Degerman spent a lot of time in the local library reading business newspapers such as Dagen Industry, a Swedish business daily, and studying the stock market.

“He knew stocks inside and out,” said his cousin.

He used his tin-can earnings to buy mutual funds. He also bought 124 gold bars and also grew his cash with a savings account.

Mr Degerman rode a bicycle and didn’t have a mortgage on his house, which also made savings easier.

Mr. Degerman died of a heart attack in 2008. His will left his entire estate to a cousin who visited him regularly late in his life.

Yet soon after the fortune was revealed, an uncle claimed the cash under Sweden’s inheritance law. Lawyers got involved, and the two recently settled for undisclosed shares.

All of which goes to show that no matter how careful someone is in making and saving money in their lifetime, they can’t control what happens afterward.

Do you think Mr. Degerman should have enjoyed his money more while he was alive? Or is he the perfect model of wealth creation?

Well, good old Mr Degerman carried his secret wealth into his grave, but i think he should enjoy his money - like pinching a girl's ass, drinking wine and mud wrestling!!

So folks, morales of the story here :

1. Make friends with rubbish or metal scavengers around your town - who knows they are secret millionaires???
2. invest in mutual fund
3. buy gold bars
4. be thrifty
5. don't mess around with pretty girls who are only after your money
6. visit your local library often, hey it's worth it as proven by Mr Degerman
7. learn business by reading business dailies
8. don't mess with Curt Degerman
9. read or Xia Xue's blog or!!!

Florida Guy became the richest person in the world with US$88.8 billion cash!!!

Artist impression of what USD 87 billion looked like if stacked together in that particular order in 1 dollar denominations. The tiny figure in black at the bottom represent an average height human being and a car!!!

A guy from Florida, USA became the richest man on earth, but only for 5 hours - no thanks to a technical bank glitch. After that ecstatic 5 hours, that guy was back to square one.

When Paul Fischer checked his bank account on Friday night, 26th., March 2010, he had a super happy surprise. His balance had exploded to US$88,888,888,888.88.

A very lucky number indeed, and close to US$89 billion.!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a whopping 315 Billion Ringgit Malaysia!!!!

At that time, Paul Fischer was the richest man on earth, demoting Bill Gates to no.2, for Gates' wealth currently stands at US56 billion, USD32 billion less than Fischer's magical money!!!

Fischer is the chief financial officer of the Windsor Group Incorporated, a jewelry concessionaire to Central Florida theme parks.

Of course, the balance was a technical error by SunTrust Bank, which quickly fixed the problem. It also may have occurred in other accounts.

"Can you imagine being a Billionaire for a day???" Fischer asked himself. “Eighty-eight billion, what can I do with that?’”

“Maybe a handful of us could have brought down SunTrust Bank.”

Well Mr. Fischer had other ideas as well.

Before the problem was fixed, he asked a SunTrust representative if he could move the money to an interest-bearing account until it was reclaimed and donate the interest to charity. Total interest: more than $7.3 million.

The bank said no. Heyy mannn - A flat NO!!!!!

The money was stripped out of his account by Saturday morning, 27 March 2010.

Technically, Fischer was the richest man on earth for a mere 300 minutes!!!

“It’s all gone. I’m poor again,” he said. “I was a billionaire for five hours.”

This kind of bank error happens frequently. But Mr. Fischer raises an interesting question: What if, for five hours, you truly did have $89 billion?

What would you do with the money? The ground rules are that you would have to give the money back — and whatever you bought or invested with it — after five hours...

Good night Mr Fischer....

As for me.. what will i do with US88 Billion or Ringgit Malaysia 315 billion??

First i will marry this girl - Pamela Anderson - and during our first night together as husband and wife, i will do things to her that even Tommy Lee of Motley Crue (Pam's former husband) would not have imagined!! (just kidding folks)

If Pamela turns me down, i will marry Juliet Lin Ke Tong - this supergirl from China. I heard people are kiling each other in China, just to get her!!! aiyaaaaaa..

Secondly, i will go to Bill Gates office, meet him without apppointment and tell him smack on his face - Hey Dude... i am richer than you and i am from Sabah!!! And then Gates said - where the hell is Sabah located?? Then i will say - I am gonna buy Microsoft!!! hahaha

Thirdly, i will spend about USD20 million to travel into space abroad NASA spacecraft and spend maybe 5 months with those guys at the International Space Station, ISS..

Last but not least, i will continue blogging as the richest blogger in the world!!!! Sorry Kenny Sia, but i win this time... Hahahahaa

SunTrust Bank Centre in Orlando, Florida - near Mr Fischer workplace!!!

SunTrust Banks, Incorporated is an American bank holding company with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The largest subsidiary is SunTrust Bank, with US$172.7 billion in assets as of September 30, 2009

SunTrust operates approximately 1,700 bank branches across Southern US states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC.
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