Monday, June 28, 2010

'Psychic' octopus predicts Germany victory over England

The Frank Lampard goal that was ruled not a goal in the Germany versus England match in Bloemfontein, South Africa 27 June 2010. Germany won 4-1.

Millions of people around the globe watched the 4-1 demolition of England by Germany in the World Cup 2010 second round match in Bloemfontein, South Africa, last night 27 June 2010.

Millions of people also predicted which team will win and also the score margin.

Animals also predicted the outcome of the match too.

In Germany, a "psychic" octopus is said by its aquarium owners to have predicted the country's football team will knock England out of the World Cup.

When consulted, "Paul the octopus" chose a mussel from a jar with the German flag on it ahead of one in a similar jar bearing the cross of St George.

The two-year-old cephalopod has a record of predicting past German results in this manner, his owners say.

Paul has so far correctly predicted all of Germany's results in South Africa.

His keepers say he correctly predicted nearly 70% of Germany's results during the 2008 European Championship.

In that contest, Germany finished as runners-up in their qualifying group, having lost only once to Croatia.

They then progressed to the final, where they were beaten by Spain.

If keepers at the Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium are right, he correctly predicted the outcome of four of the six games in that competition.

National celebrity

"Paul's prediction was phenomenal," said aquarium spokesman Tanja Munzig.

"He swam straight over to the German glass, climbed in and even put a lid on top once he was sitting inside."

The octopus, which was born in the UK and was moved to the German aquarium, has become a national celebrity after correctly predicting Germany would beat Australia in their opening match, then lose to Serbia, and then beat Ghana.

His latest prediction was flashed all over the German media.

The container that Paul opens first is said to be his pick for who will win the impending match, keepers say.

Germany finished the initial stage of the World Cup top of Group D, and face England, the runners-up from group C, in Bloemfontein on Sunday.

But Paul, my prediction is that this year 2010 World Cup will be won by a team from South America, based on the unique 48 years cycle.

Sorry Paul, you may predict Germany as world champion again... but the 48 years old said Brazil or Argentina or any South American team will win the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Landon Donovan tributes his goal to ex wife Bianca Kajlich

After scoring the last minute goal against Algeria to clinch USA passage into the 2nd round of the 2010 World Cup at the Loftus Versfeld Stadium, Pretoria, South Africa, Landon Donovan tributed that all important and historic goal to a mysterious woman named Bianca.

Landon Donovan is USA's own Pele and Maradona, having played superbly in the past in all competitions.

His goal scoring ability and passing skills as well as dead ball situations expertise, is an asset to the current USA side.

Well the Bianca in question is in fact Donovan's ex wife.

Bianca Kajlich (pronounced "kay-lick"), is a 33-year-old actress whom he married on New Year's Eve 2006.

Bianca and Landon separated in December 2009, a few days shy of their three-year anniversary.

So why would a sportsman pay tribute to his ex-wife after one of the most important moments of his career? After the game, Donovan said:

"I have carried her with me all through this tournament and she means lot to me. She is a very special person and she means a lot to me."

It appears that the separation was not only amicable, but beneficial to his career, as he recently explained:

"I think every comment I got when I told people I was getting divorced was, 'I'm so sorry,' " said Donovan, speaking on Day 2 of the USA national team training camp. "It is not always the case that it has to be 'sorry.'

"Sometimes you learn more from those moments than anything. For me that was certainly the case. It doesn't have to be something ugly or nasty. It can be helpful and you can grow from it. That is what we both took from it."

It's obvious that the U.S. goalscoring hero is still fond of his former flame, but we wanted to know whether the kiss-blowing tribute is a sign of reconciliation. Shortly after the incident, Yahoo! Sports asked Donovan if love is in the air, and he smiled, winked and playfully said:

"What is this, Access Hollywood!?"

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sultan of Brunei divorced Azrinaz

The Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah with his wives Raja Isteri Pengiran Hajjah Anak Saleha (left) and Pengiran Isteri Azrinaz Mazhar (right).
On Wednesday 16th June 2010, the world media reported that the Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, divorced his Malaysian wife, Her Royal Highness, Pengiran Isteri Azrinaz Mazhar after five years of marriage.

The video below shows the announcement of the divorce by the Grand Chamberlain of Brunei, Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Haji Alauddin.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, the 63-year-old absolute monarch of this tiny,
oil-rich country on Borneo island, married Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim, a former
Malaysian TV news journalist, in August 2005.

Azrinaz, who is fondly known as Naz, started work as a Broadcast Journalist with Malaysian private and no. 1 television channel TV3 Malaysia in 1997. She won TV3’s "Most Promising Journalist" award in 2000 and received the Malaysian Institute of Integrative Media, M-I-I-M, Alumni Award in 2002.

She quit TV3 in May 2005, saying that she wanted to "venture into other undertakings", which actually means she was getting married.

Azrinaz, 30, gave birth to the sultan's 11th child, a baby boy, Prince Abdul Wakeel less than
a year after their wedding, on 1st June 2006 at 12.43 am.

A 21-cannon salute was fired at the vicinity of the Istana Nurul Iman to celebrate the birth.

On 28 January 2008 at 4.21pm, she gave birth to a princess, Princess Ameerah Wardatul Bolkiah.

Brunei's palace announced on state television and radio late Wednesday, 16th June 2010, that the sultan has divorced Azrinaz and revoked all her royal titles.

No other details were made available, but rumors of a royal breakup had been
circulating in Brunei.

This is the second divorce for the Sultan of Brunei, who was once the richest man in the world and whose private fortune has been
estimated to total at least USD$20 billion in recent years.

He broke up with former airline stewardess Mariam Abdul Aziz, who is of Bruneian, Japanese and
Scottish ancestry, in February 2003 after 21 years of marriage.

He remains married to his first wife, Raja Isteri Pengiran Hajjah Anak Saleha, whom he wed in 1967.

Their son, Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah Bolkiah, is heir to the throne.

The Sultan of Brunei ascended to the throne on Oct. 5, 1967, after his father

The Sultan's wealth is legendary. While playing polo with Britain's Prince
Charles, he once had his polo shoes delivered -- by helicopter -- to the palace

The Daily Mirror (UK) reported on 26 October 2007 that the Sultan owned 130 Rolls Royces, 531 Mercedes-Benzes, 367 Ferraris, 362 Bentleys, 185 BMWs, 177 Jaguars, 160 Porsches and 20 Lamborghinis.

However according to Guinness World Records the Sultan's personal private collection has more than 600 Rolls-Royces, more than 450 Ferraris, and 134 Koenigseggs — the largest collection of that marque in the world.

During the 1990s, his family accounted for almost half of all Rolls-Royce purchases, bulk buying slightly modified vehicles for diplomats and adding unique cars to their own collection. He also owns the very last Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, a 1992 state landaulette.

Among his collection of luxurious cars are :

1. the Porsche Carrera GT
2. Lamborghini Diablo Jota
3. Porsche 959
4. Bugatti EB110
5. Bugatti Veyron
6. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640
7. Maybach 62
8. Jaguar XJR-15
9. Dauer 962s
10. Ferrari FX
11. Bentley Continental R
12. the only Porsche Carma made in the world
13. the only Koenigsegg Agera CC GT
14. two fully operational versions of the Ferrari Mythos concept car
15. Ferrari 456 GT Sedans
16. the only right hand drive Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR in the world
17. five McLaren F1s including both black LM models & three Cizeta-Moroder V16T
18. Aston Martin One-77s
19. the only convertible Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato
20. the only Cicero BDB Maestro ever built.

Rolls Royce Phantom VI

Porsche Carrera GT if i am not mistaken

Porsche 959 if i am not mistaken

Mercedes Benz CLK GTR

Maybach 62-S

Maybach 62 Sedan

Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini - another version

Koenigsegg agera supercar

Ferrari FX

Jaguar XJR-15

Dauer 962

Bugatti EB110

Bugatti Veyron.... phewwww

He also possesses a Formula One car as driven by every Formula 1 World Drivers Champion since the 1980 Formula One season, particularly the ones driven in the last race for each season.

A prime example of this is Jacques Villeneuve's Williams FW19 which still bears the collision damage courtesy of Michael Schumacher in the 1997 European Grand Prix.

Views inside the specially built Sultan of Brunei's gold-plated Boeing 747-400

For personal use, the sultan has two Boeing 747-400s furnished with gold plated furniture with an estimated value of USD$233 million including USD$3 million on furniture each. He also owns six smaller planes and two helicopters.

Entrance to the USD3 Billion Jerudong Park - Brunei's own Disneyland

The Sultan of Brunei also operates a USD$3 billion theme park called Jerudong Park, which in the past used to be free of charge.

Michael Jackson once performed at Jerudong Park, Brunei on July 16th, 1996 in conjunction with the Sultan of Brunei's 50th Birthday. The mega show by the mega star was free of charges for Bruneians to watch the King of Pop on that day.

The Istana Nurul Iman in Bandar Seri Begawan

His official residence is the Istana Nurul Iman, with approximately 1,888 rooms, 290 bathrooms, and a floor area of 2,152,782 square feet (200,000 m²), undisputedly the world's second largest palace after Beijing's Forbidden City (720,000 m²).

Whenever the traffic stops at the entrance of the Sultan of Brunei's Istana Nurul Iman in Bandar Seri Begawan, either The Sultan himself, or his princes and princesses came out of the Palace. In this case, a Lamborghini or Ferrari is being driven by one of his princes.

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah has five sons and seven daughters with his three wives.

By HM Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha:

HRH Princess Rashidah (born 26 July 1969)
HRH Princess Muta-Wakkilah (born 12 October 1971)
HRH Crown Prince Al-Muhtadee Billah (born 17 February 1974) (future Sultan of Brunei)
HRH Princess Majeedah Nuurul Bolkiah (born 16 March 1976)
HRH Princess Hafizah (born 12 March 1980)
HRH Prince 'Abdul Malik (born 30 June 1983)

By HRH Pengiran Isteri Mariam: (divorced in 2003)

HRH Prince 'Abdul 'Azim (born 29 July 1982)
HRH Princess 'Azemah (born 26 September 1984)
HRH Princess Fadzillah (born 23 August 1985)
HRH Prince 'Abdul Mateen (born 10 August 1991)

By HRH Pengiran Isteri Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim: divorced in June 2010

HRH Prince 'Abdul Wakeel (born 1 June 2006)
HRH Princess Ameerah (born 28 January 2008)2006
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