Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Muammar Gaddafi and his 200 sexy and beautiful female bodyguards

How many world leaders are being escorted by all female bodyguards???

Maybe the one and only is Libyan Leader, Muammar Gaddafi....

Muammar Gaddafi is often potrayed as the Man of Steel and The Libyan Tiger. Here seen pinned to his chest was a large photograph of a Libyan resistance leader being hanged by Italian colonialists in 1931.

Every where he goes, Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi will almost certainly grab attention. Why?? Because he is being closely guarded by sexy looking but mean and no-nonsense female bodyguards..

Up to 40 female bodyguards armed with automatic weapons including Pistols and Russian made Kalashnikov rifles, are seen with Gaddafi everytime he steps into public places, either in Libya or abroad.

His female body guards known as The Amazonian Guard are killing machines. They are said to be mostly Cuban, as Cuba and Fidel Castro are Libya's and Gaddafi's closest ally.

These female bodyguards are trained to protect him and die for him. They also take a vow of chastity and apparently many young women are dying to take on this role.

As a matter of fact one got killed saving his life when his convoy was attacked by assasins by throwing herself in the line of fire, in 1988.

All of his girls are said to swear an oath that they will give their lives for him and it is claimed they never leave his side, night or day, and he insists they remain virgins. There is no shortage of volunteers for what is seen as a prestigious job.

A special training college puts recruits through a tough physical programme and girls who don't drop out emerge as trained killers, experts in firearms and martial arts.

These girls can fight men at any field!!

Reports said Gaddafi has up to 200 or 300 female bodyguards in his disposal, ready to serve him anytime.

The girls are beautiful and sexy too. They wear lipstick, jewellery, polished nails, even high heels - but their armed combat training has been tested more than once.

In 1998 one of them was killed and seven others wounded when Islamic fundamentalists in Libya ambushed the Colonel's motorcade. The dead girl, Aisha, rumoured to be his favourite, threw herself across Gaddafi's body to stop the bullets.

Due to his own self-styled travelling methods, Muammar Gaddafi was often involved in controversies while visiting countries abroad.

In November 2006, the Libyan leader was in the centre of a diplomatic incident as he arrived in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, for a summit.

Nigerian officials said Colonel Gaddafi was accompanied by more than 200 heavily armed Libyan bodyguards.

When security officers refused to allow them to keep their weapons, an argument ensued and Col Gaddafi stormed off.

Only when Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo intervened did the bodyguards agree to hand in their weapons.

The size of Libya's delegation was not a problem, it seems, just the sheer amount of weapons and ammunition they carried.

So Nigerian security refused to let them proceed to the capital.

As arguments raged, the Libyan leader angrily set off on foot, intending to walk some 40km (25 miles) to the capital, before he was persuaded to return to the airport lounge.

By sheer coincidence, President Obasanjo was passing through the airport at the same time.

He intervened in person and proposed that the weapons could be allowed through if they were registered first.

But the Nigerians say that was rejected and the Libyan delegation threatened to fly home.

Incensed, the Nigerians said that was fine with them and told the delegation that instead of the original compromise, they could now only carry eight pistols if they wanted to enter Nigeria, like any other diplomatic security detail.

They ordered that the rest of the weaponry had to be put back on the Libyan official jet.

After a stand-off lasting several hours, the Libyans backed down and finally made their way to Nigeria's capital.

Gaddafi will also often bring with him giant sized Badwi tents for him to conduct business as well as stay during his numerous visits abroad.

Heck, he even brought a camel during a visit to Paris.

His army rank of Colonel also amuses me.. Why Colonel? The highest rank in the armed forces is General and not Colonel.

Infact Colonel is the 5th highest rank. The ranks above Colonel are Brigadier General followed by Major General and then Lieutenant General and lastly General.

Above General is Field Marshall.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vinod Thakur, a 21 year old guy born without legs, shot to fame after performing on "India's got talent"..!!

‎21-Year old VINOD THAKUR shot to fame after performing on the TV show "India's Got talent".

Thakur, born without legs, hopes to impress the judges with his breath-taking talents for hip hops moves and flips using his bare hands.

He works in a mobile phone shop so that he can study without depending on his parents. He learns hip hop moves and dances in just three months and he mastered the moves already like a Pro.

He has recently been selected in the reality show "India's Got Talent" and has now become household name in India if not in the world!!!

Thakur hopes to open a dance training school for the physically handicapped people like him..., in the future. All The Best Vinod Thakur...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Miranda Kerr - the sexiest lady in Australia...!!!

Miranda Kerr parading her amazing and super fantastic body for the world to see, in this Victoria Secret's commercial. Orlando Bloom, you luck son!!!!!!!!!

Miranda Kerr is so sexy and irresistible that this particular banker at the background of this live interview in the video above, did not care that his act of watching Miranda Kerr nude photos was shown on National TV!!!

Sadly Miranda Kerr is married to Orlando Bloom..!! And in the process - Miranda Kerr who was born 20th April 1983, broke many men's hearts throughout the continents.

Millions of men adores this Australian model but Bloom won her heart.. What to do guys - there are lots more beautiful and sexy girls out there including the past, current and future Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss Malaysia as well as Miss Sabah and the Unduk Ngadsus - past, present and future.

Meanwhile Kerr is not only known as the sexiest lady in Australia but also best known as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels since mid-2007.

She is the first Australian to participate in the Victoria's Secret campaign, and also represents Australian fashion chains Portmans and David Jones Limited.

Kerr began modeling at the very tender age of 13, starting at Chaay's Modelling Agency.

She won a 1997 Australian nationwide model search hosted by Dolly magazine and now sadly she is Mrs Bloom... Oh My Goshhhh... hehehe

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Orang Utan - Man of the forest vulnerable to forest conversion

A Message from Orang Utan Survival Group of Borneo

An Orang Utan being translocated from Sepilok to Tabin Forest Reserve via Helicopter - funded by Orang Utan UK.

There are currently approximately 11,000 Orang Utans population in Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia.

This Great Ape can only be found in Borneo Island which consists of Sabah and Sarawak (Malaysia) and Kalimantan (Indonesia).

In Sabah, the Orang Utan is categorized as fully protected species alongside Pygmy Elephants, Sumatran Rhinoceros, Proboscis Monkeys, Sun Bears/Honey Bears, Clouded Leopards or locally known as Harimau Dahan, Dugong, Buaya Julung Julung or Crocodiles of Tomistoma schlegeli species, Hawksbill Turtles and Green Turtles.

Sabah is the pioneer in the conservations and rehabilitations of the Orang Utan - the first such centre was opened as early as 1964 at the 5,500 hectares Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve in Sepilok, near Sandakan, in the east coast of Sabah.

Here, the Orang Utans are being taken care by professional personells of the Sabah Wildlife Department as well as Researchers and Scholars from all over the world.

The Orang Utans in Sepilok are given food twice daily at 10 am and 3 pm.

Common Name: Orang-utan (English & Bahasa Melayu)
Also known as : Kogiu (Orang Sungai / Dusun language)
Scientific Name: Pongo pygmaeus (Borneon orang-utan)
Habitat: Lowland forests, also found in tropical, swamp and mountain forests
Status: Endangered globally. Vulnerable in Sabah & Sarawak
Population: Estimated to be about 12,300 in Sabah & Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo.

Asia’s only great ape, the orang-utan or ‘man of the forest’ is found only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra.

Globally classified as endangered due to their habitat being destroyed, fragmented and poaching, orang-utans in Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) are probably best classed as ‘vulnerable’.

Much of their prime habitat has been converted to plantations and the rate of habitat loss has hit a very low level in recent years. There is almost no hunting of this species in Malaysia, and most of the remaining populations are found in forests that are protected or under natural forest management.

Borneo is unique in that it has three distinct populations or subspecies of orang-utans:

• Pongo pygmaeus pygmaeus (northwest populations)
• Pongo pygmaeus morio (northeast and east populations)
• Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii (southwest populations)

Orang-utans in the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak occur mainly in the lowlands.

In Sarawak, there are about 1,300 orang-utans, almost all in the Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary and Batang Ai National Park in the south next to West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

In Sabah, there were five main areas of special importance with a total of 20,000 orang-utans in the mid 1980s (by WWF-Malaysia working with the Sabah Forestry Department, 1986).

By 2004, the orang-utan population in Sabah had dropped to about 11,000 individuals (by Kinabatangan Orang-utan Conservation Project working with Sabah Wildlife Department, 2003).

This decline in their numbers in the last twenty years was caused by planned conversion of forests to plantations in the eastern lowlands.

Physical and species description

Orang-utans generally have brown and rust-coloured shaggy fur. Weighing in at an average of 50 kg, female orang-utans grow to about 1.1 m in height and weigh 30 - 50 kg. Males weigh 50-90 kg and stand 1.2 - 1.5 m tall.

Ecology, Habitat & Distribution

Fruit eater sleeps in new nest every night.

Imagine sleeping 2 storeys and above up in the trees every night. The arboreal orang-utan lives up in trees where they bend twigs and small branches together to make a large nest-platform for sleeping.

They are the largest tree dwelling mammal in the world. Adult orang-utans are solitary, except during mating.

Orang-utans are not territorial, maintaining a loose relationship in a given area although adult males are hostile to one another. Crowding may cause them to fight over the limited supply of fruits. An adult female gives birth about once every six years.

Orang Utan Diet

Omnivorous, orang-utans eat both plants and animals but feed mainly on fruits, young leaves, bark and insects. By about the age of ten, an orang-utan can recognise over 200 different food plants. The orang-utan’s favourite food is fruit.

Population decline of 40% in last two decades

Orang-utans in Sabah and Sarawak live mainly in lowland rainforests but are also found in tropical, swamp and mountain forests. Sarawak has about 1,300 orang-utans, almost all in the Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary and Batang Ai National Park to the south bordering West Kalimantan, Indonesia.

In Sabah, there are about 11,000 individuals today, the population having declined by over 40% in the last 20 years due mainly to planned conversion of forests to plantations in the eastern lowlands. Drought and forest fires, especially during the El Nino events of 1982-83 and 1997-98, but also 1987 and 1991, contributed to the decline.


Destruction of natural forests and unreliable food sources.

Wild orang-utan populations need a reliable source of a variety of fruits and young leaves to survive. They can survive only in extensive natural forests. The availability of food all year round means not all forests can support long-term breeding populations.

We now know that this gentle ape can survive only in lowlands - where fertile soils and constant water availability allow steady food production - or where there are several forest types with different fruiting and leaf-producing seasons.

There is little point in putting orang-utans where they have historically not existed, as lack of food supply may eventually cause them to die. There are six areas in Malaysia with quite large populations but this does not mean that any one of these places is unimportant. There is always the risk that one or more populations could be devastated by disease, drought or fires.

Maintaining natural forests with viable wild breeding populations and restoring degraded forests is vital for the continued survival of orang-utans in Malaysia.

Hence, the Sabah government’s initiative to retain the largest orang-utan population in the Ulu Segama-Malua Forest Reserves under sustainable forest management (SFM) deserves full support.

The Deramakot forest management model, which produces controlled amounts of timber for international auction, certified according to international standards since 1997, shows what can be done.

SFM could reduce forest damage and provide enough time for the forest to regenerate. In SFM, reforestation is necessary to ensure the forest rehabilitation or restoration take place in any sustainably managed forest. In the Lower Kinabatangan, various isolated forest patches need to be joined through restoration.

Long Live the Orang Utans...!!!

Thief caught in the act

Looks like a normal family picture right..

Closeup of the family picture showing the thief in action...

Fancy this. A Would-be purse snatcher thwarted by his own photobomb.

Definitely a picture paints a thousand words.

This happened in Wisconsin, USA when a family picture recorded the thief in action.

The thief was caught in the background rummaging through a family's luggages and bags, stealing items including cash, credit cards, iPad and car keys, belonging to the Myers family.

The Myers family recently visited Madison, Wisconsin, to attend a wedding.

There, the Myers clan posed for a picture outside of the Wisconsin State Capitol building at the same moment that one guy decided to walk off with one of the family's bags.

When the Myerses took a closer look at the photo their camera had snapped just moments earlier, they noticed that they had caught the robber in the act — a felonious photobomb.

The Myers wrote in an email :

"When I saw the guy with his hand in my bag, I ran back inside and found the Capitol Police. They were amazing. They immediately sent out a description of the thief using the photo I took. In a few minutes, one officer had found him still in the area. The thief had dumped some things from the bag in a nearby trash can — the flash for my camera, a small backpack of kids toys, a bag of cables, extra SD cards, my mini tripod — but still in my bag were my wallet with cash, credit cards, hotel keys, rental car keys, and my iPad."

The Police recovered everything and hauled the guy off to jail.

A picture really paints a thousand words...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tiger Woods and wife, Ellen officialy divorced..

Tiger Woods marriage can't be saved.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren are officially divorced, according to a statement posted by their lawyers on the golfer’s website on Monday.

The statement said the judgement posted in a Bay County, Florida court provided for shared parenting of their two children.

“We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future,” the former couple said in the statement, which said that the children’s well being had been the “primary focus of our amicable discussions.”

“The weeks and months ahead will not be easy for them as we adjust to a new family situation, which is why our privacy must be a principal concern,” Woods and Nordegren said. Financial terms of the divorce were not released but reports indicated that it can reach a sum of USD100 million.

The couple’s marriage hit the rocks very publicly late last year when Woods, who previously had enjoyed a squeaky-clean image, crashed his car outside their house, setting off a cascade of revelations about his repeated infidelities.

Woods was forced to take a five-month break from golf as he reportedly received treatment for sex addiction. The scandal cost Woods millions of dollars in sponsorship deals and he has yet to regain the form that made him the world’s best golfer for much of his career.

7 Hong Kong Tourists killed by Lone Bus Hijacker in Manila, Phillipinnes

Here Mendoza was seen freeing a number of hostages including an eldery man, children and eldery women. The sharpshooters of the Phillippines SWAT team had golden opportunity to end the siege without loss of lives among the hostages had they took advantage of the situation where Mendoza was standing on the doorstep of the ill-fated bus - with his M16 hanging down..

The Shootout.... Pity the innocent passengers/tourists

The tragic aftermath....

It was a sad day for those Hong Kong tourists. They were looking for a good time in Manila, Phillipinnes but instead experienced the most harrowing moments in their life.

This shows that kidnapping in the Phillipinnes not only happened in the jungles of Basilan and Jolo by the Abu Sayyaf or other pure lawless elements - but also in the middle of Manila's concrete jungles.

The Phillippines SWAT is also not good and not professional in rescuing the hostages - they fires indiscriminately, it is possible that some hostages died not because of the kidnapper's bullets but due to the SWAT team own bullets.

This firing indiscriminately while on a hostage rescuing mission also happened during the Abu Sayyaf hostages crisis in 2000 and 2001. According to the hostages, the Phillipinnes army, fired at random - endangering the life of the hostages!! They should follow USA's SWAT Special Weapons and Tacticals Teams - who will never fire blindly, but will deploy the highly trained sniper teams - capable of firing accurately on small moving targets from a distance of 1 kilometre!!!

Ten things the Philippines bus siege police got wrong

BBC the British Broadcasting Corporation reported that a security analyst, Charles Shoebridge who has worked in counter-terrorism with the British Army and Scotland gave his opinions on that tragic crisis.

Shoebridge said the officers involved in Manila's bus siege showed great courage - but they were not properly trained or equipped for the task.

Here are 10 areas where, in his view, they could have done better.

1. Determination

The first officers who tried to storm the bus were driven out by gunshots from the hostage taker, former policeman Rolando Mendoza. "They showed great courage to go on board. It's very crowded, just one aisle down the middle of the bus. But once you get on board it's not unexpected you are going to be fired at. Squads like this have to be made up of very special people, specially trained and selected for their characteristics of courage, determination and aggression. In this case they acted as 99% of the population would have, which was to turn round and get out. They didn't seem to have the necessary determination and aggression to follow the attack through."

2. Lack of equipment

The police spent a long time smashing the windows of the bus, whereas explosive charges (known as frame charges) would have knocked in windows and doors instantly. "They had no ladders to get through the windows. They smashed the windows but didn't know what to do next," Mr Shoebridge says. "They almost looked like a group of vandals." Their firearms were also inappropriate - some had pistols, some had assault rifles. Ideally they would have carried a short submachine gun, suitable for use in confined spaces.

3. Lost opportunity to disarm the gunman

Mendoza's gun was not always raised. There were numerous opportunities to restrain the gunman, Mr Shoebridge believes. "The negotiators were so close to him, and he had his weapon hanging down by his side. He could have been disabled without having to kill him."

4. Lost opportunity to shoot the gunman

The video of the drama also shows there were occasions when the gunman was standing alone, during the course of the day, and could have been shot by a sharpshooter. "You are dealing with an unpredictable and irrational individual. The rule should be that if in the course of negotiations an opportunity arises to end the situation decisively, it should be taken," Mr Shoebridge says. Either this possibility did not occur to the officers in charge, he adds, or they considered it and decided to carry on talking.

5. Satisfying the gunman's demands

"I wondered why the authorities just didn't give in to all of his demands," says Charles Shoebridge. "A promise extracted under force is not a promise that you are required to honour. Nobody wants to give in to the demands of terrorists, but in a situation like this, which did not involve a terrorist group, or release of prisoners, they could have just accepted his demands.

He could be reinstated in the police - and then be immediately put in prison for life for hostage taking." The Philippines authorities did in fact give in to the gunman's demands, but too little, too late. One message promised to review his case, while he wanted it formally dismissed. A second message reinstating him as a police officer only arrived after the shooting had started.

6. Televised proceedings

The gunman was able to follow events on television, revealing to him everything that was going on around him. This was a "crucial defect in the police handling", Mr Shoebridge says. He adds that police should always consider putting a barrier or screen around the area, to shield the scene from the cameras and keep the hostage taker in the dark.

7. No element of surprise

It was clear to the gunman what the police were doing at all times, not only because the whole incident was televised, but also because they moved "laboriously slowly", Mr Shoebridge says. The police did not distract him, so were unable to exploit the "crucial element of surprise".

8. Safeguarding the public

This boy, a bystander, was hit by a stray bullet At least one bystander was shot, possibly because the public was allowed too close. The bullet from an M16 rifle, as carried by the gunman, can travel for about a mile, so preventing any risk of injury would have been difficult, Mr Shoebridge says, but a lot more could have been done. "When you saw the camera view from above, it was clear there was little command and control of the public on the ground," he says.

9. Using the gunman's brother to negotiate

Relatives and close friends can be a double-edged sword, Mr Shoebridge says. While they may have leverage over the hostage taker, what they are saying cannot be easily controlled. In this case, the gunman's brother was included in the negotiations - however, at a certain stage he became agitated and police started to remove him from the scene. The gunman saw this on television, and became agitated himself. According to one report he fired a warning shot.

10. Insufficient training

In some parts of the Philippines, such as Mindanao, hostage taking is not an uncommon occurrence, so the country has some forces that are well trained in the necessary tactics. The detachment involved in Monday's incident clearly was not, says Mr Shoebridge. After smashing the windows, one of the officers eventually put some CS gas inside, though "to what effect was not clear" he says. A unit involved in this work, needs to be "trained again and again, repeatedly practising precisely this kind of scenario," he says.

On Tuesday 23rd August 2010, Phillipinnes security forces stormed a bus packed with Hong Kong tourists to end a dramatic hostage crisis that unfolded live on global television, leaving eight people and the gunman dead.

The day-long ordeal on Monday 22 August 2010, began when a disgruntled ex-policeman armed with an M-16 assault rifle and dressed in combat pants hijacked the bus in Manila's tourist district in a desperate bid to get his job back.

Negotiations broke down after nightfall when the gunman, former senior police inspector Rolando Mendoza, began shooting and commandos were forced to storm the bus, firing dozens of bullets of their own into the vehicle. 'I shot two Chinese. I will finish them all if they do not stop,' Mendoza told a local radio station as the police assault was about to get under way.

Police said a sniper shot Mendoza dead after he used his captives as 'human shields' in the final moments of the 12-hour standoff.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino said eight tourists were confirmed killed, while the Red Cross reported another seven were in hospital with unspecified injuries. Nine hostages, including children, were freed at various times throughout the day from the bus that was parked at Rizal Park, a popular tourist destination just a few blocks from police headquarters.

The Filipino bus driver jumped out of a window and escaped moments before police stormed the vehicle, with his escape and the rest of the crisis broadcast live on television.

China condemns Manila hijack

As expected, CHINA on Tuesday strongly condemned a Philippine bus hijacking that left eight Hong Kong tourists dead as an 'atrocity', and urged Manila to ensure Chinese citizens are safe.

The Chinese embassy said: 'The Chinese government strongly condemns the atrocity by the hostage-taker, expresses grave condolences to the victimised Hong Kong compatriots and conveys profound sympathy to the bereaved families.'

'The Chinese side has urged the Philippine side to take concrete measures to ensure the safety and security of the Chinese citizens in the Philippines,' it said in a statement.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino said early on Tuesday that he has sent an apology to Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang for what had happened, adding that he has ordered the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs to extend all possible assistance to the victims.

The president made the remarks at a press conference after meeting with police officials and Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim, reported Xinhua news agency.

Philippine hostage crisis ended here on Monday night with eight hostages were killed, seven injured, one of whom is in critical conditions, Philippine government officials said.

Miss Mexico - Jimena Navarrete is Miss Universe 2010..

Miss Navarette is indeed very beautiful and sexy... I wonder who is the lucky guy to ever win her heart??? Perhaps it's me ? - a lone guy from Malaysia??

Being crowned as Miss Universe is every beautiful woman dreams in this universe.

And 22 year-old Mexican beauty, Jimena Navarrete, dreams was fulfilled. She has been crowned Miss Universe 2010.

Miss Navarrete, from Guadalajara, won over the judges in Las Vegas after telling them it was vital to teach children family values.

"I want to give my parents a big hug," she said. "There was a lot of effort and a lot of sacrifice."

She wore a long red dress for the evening gown competition after previously modelling a violet bikini.

When asked how she felt about unsupervised Internet use, Miss Navarrete said the internet is important but parents need to be careful.

"I do believe that internet is an indispensable, necessary tool for the present time," she said through an interpreter. "We must be sure to teach them the values that we learned as a family."

First runner-up was Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps, while second runner-up was Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell.

Miss Navarrete, who has been modeling since she was 15, is Mexico's second Miss Universe.

Lupita Jones of Mexico won the title in 1991. Miss Navarrete replaces Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela.

Her win thwarted Miss Venezuela Marelisa Gibson from giving the South American country a third consecutive victory.

She was immediately congratulated on Twitter by Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife, Margarita Zavala.

"Congratulations to Jimena Navarrete for her deserved victory as Miss Universe," Calderon said. "This will serve Mexico, [and] our image as a country."

In a reply to a question posed by the Spanish reporters on the contagious issue of Arizona immigration laws, the newly crowned Miss Universe supported the Latin Americans and the Mexicans when she said that people from those countries work hard to fulfill their dreams.

She also spoke of significance of parents’ role in inculcating values in children.

Miss Navarrete won prizes which include an undisclosed salary, a luxury New York apartment with living expenses, a one-year scholarship to the New York Film Academy with housing after her reign, as well as jewelry, clothes and shoes.

Miss USA has not been named Miss Universe since Brook Lee won the title in 1997.

The pageant started as a local bathing suit competition in Long Beach, California in 1952.

Miss Universe is owned by Donald Trump and broadcast on NBC.

Heck even the Mexican Drug Lords are proud of her...!!!
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