Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Someone has to answer this 2 cases!!

Case One - a newly completed state of the art stadium costing some RM300 million collapsed in Terengganu. Who is at fault? The contractor? the architect? the engineer? the consultant? Was it Structural defects?

The newsreport by the Star :

KUALA TERENGGANU, Malaysia : Billed as the pride of the state, the RM300mil Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium in Gong Badak suffered a major blow when its roof collapsed yesterday – just a year after it was opened.

No one was injured in the 9am incident, but the stadium, which was the venue for Sukma (Malaysian Games) last year, has been declared unsafe.

The damage at the east wing has been estimated at RM25mil.

The impact of the collapse was so loud that an employee at the stadium thought that a plane had crashed-landed on it.

General worker Hajjah Shafar, 32, said she was terrified when she saw the roof structure tumbling down.

“I was sweeping the floor at the west wing of the stadium when the roof collapsed,” she said. “I just ran for my life.”

Nineteen workers, mostly cleaners, were at the stadium but they managed to flee to safety.

The stadium is part of the modern Gong Badak sports complex, which was built at an initial cost of RM250mil but the amount surged by an additional RM50mil due to soaring prices of building materials.

The indoor stadium, which is also part of the complex, was built at a cost of RM160mil.

The roof on the stadium’s left wing was ravaged after the iron frame structure supporting the 300m-long roof destabilised, causing it to fold. The affected zones were the main entrance, royal podium and the public seating area.

Case 2 - Tears of Joy turned into Tears of Sadness after some 4,000 students found out that their dreams to enroll into a University were shattered due to technical errors??

As reported by the Star :

GEORGE TOWN, Penang, Malaysia : A technical blunder on Universiti Sains Malaysia’s (USM) official website has created confusion among 4,574 students about their eligibility to enter the university.

And USM deputy vice-chancellor (Academic and International Affairs) Prof Ahmad Shukri Mustapa Kamal apologised unreservedly for it. The students, who had received offer letters via soft copies on the website, were left disappointed when they were told of a technical mistake by USM.

The university had wrongfully uploaded all the names, together with 3,599 successful applicants, on the website.

Prof Ahmad Shukri said that about 8,000 students had pre-qualified for the university from a total of 22,000 students who had applied to enter USM.

“They met the minimum criteria to enter the university in accordance to the programme of USM.

“However, after the final three-day selection from May 26-28, we have decided to take in only 3,599 of them.

“The remaining names will be submitted to the University Admission Unit (UPU) main pool for selection into other public universities,” he said during a press conference Sunday.

Ahmad Shukri said USM only realised their mistake at about 3pm on Saturday, some 24 hours after the names of the 8,000 odd students were put up at the website on Friday.

“We took two hours to rectify the problem. By 5pm on Saturday, only the actual successful applicants were notified with the issuance of offer letters and letter of acceptance.

“We regret the mistake that caused inconvenience to the anxious parents and students.

“I apologise for the mistake and USM will do whatever we can to solve the matter,” he said.

He said USM had since notified all the successful applicants via SMSes and phone calls, adding that an official letter would also be sent out.

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