Sunday, October 25, 2009

Funny Goal, Funny Comentator and Funny Man in one amazing sequence!!!

This was a high level soccer match. It was England vs Croatia in the Euro 2008 qualifier. The match was held in Zagreb. But then suddenly 3 funny moments occured in one sequence.

First it was England's goalkeeper, Paul Robinson dreadful mistake in the 69th minute of the match. He completely missed a slow back pass from England defender Gary Neville and the ball crossed the goal line to give Croatia a free gift goal. It was Croatia's 2nd goal. Croatia won that match 2-0. Every Croatian fans laughed at Robinson.

Secondly at 0.13 in this video - the Chinese commentator said "Aiyaaaaaaaaaa"... How many times can we hear a football comentator said "Aiyaaaaaaaaaaaa".... while commenting on a high stake match like this???

I thought this "Aiyaaaaaaaaaa" word is only being spoken in the kampung while drinking Beer or at the wet market where an old lady said to the vegetable seller "Aiyaaaaaaaaa, why so expensive oooooo.... no discount meeehhhhhhhh"

And the 3rd funny moment can be seen at 1.25 in this video... suddenly the funny man - Borat appeared with the words "I LIKE YOU" which implied "I LIKE THAT.. ROBINSON"!!!! Borat is the ultra funny character played by British actor and comedian - Sacha Baron Cohen.


The video here : Aiyaaaaaaaaaaaa


Ken Wooi said...

the ball jumped! O.o

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

kenwooi - that is the risk if you are playing on an uneven pitch.... Paul Robinson should have stop the ball first before kicking it... Heck... even me can do the save!!! hahaha

Chironex said...

indeed - what a coincidence with Borat's unexpected appearance. But the CHinese commentators are of course expected to say AIYAAAA, what else?

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

if it was Martin Tyler - the best British football commentator - he would say - OOOOOHHHH Paul.... or Woppsssss.... but the 'Aiyaaaaaa' word is very2 funny bosssss

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