Friday, April 16, 2010

How Lady Gaga was created

Even kids and the elderly people in remote districts in Sabah, Malaysia such as Pensiangan and Kinabatangan, listen to Lady Gaga's songs.

Why not?

With chart topping songs including six No. 1 hits on the Billboard, Lady Gaga is no doubt currently the biggest pop star in the world.

By definition, a pop star is manufactured. While rock stars were not.

That may be part of why rock became pop, and in some ways she has benefited from a very traditional star-making model.

But success comes with unwarranted things such as this.

According to a New York magazine, several different people have claimed credit for discovering Lady Gaga, shaping her, naming her, making her who she is:

Rob Fusari, who co-wrote and produced her early songs, sued her for USD$30 million, claiming among other grievances that he had a contract for 15 percent of her merchandising.

And Gaga, of course, takes the credit herself. “I went through a great deal of creative and artistic revelation, learning, and marination to become who I am,” she explains. “Tiny little lie? I wanted to become the artist I am today, and it took years."

Infact, many superstars and mega stars, started their career from very humble beginning. Read the success stories of Madonna, for example, filled with incredible tales of rags to riches. And many people claimed credit for what Madonna has achieved.

To Gaga, continue rocking us... To Rob Fusari - to hell with you...!!!

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