Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Watt family in England could be the worst ever family in the universe!!!

Poor Michael Gilbert, he suffered for 10 years before being murdered and his body decapitated. Where was the police, the neighbour, the caring society??

This story chilled me. If i ever encounter this Watt family in England, i will not hesistate to spray them with 500 M16 submachine gun bullets!!!!!!! Or use a 600 kilotan TNT and Dynamite to blast their useless brains!!!

James Watt, Robert Watt and Richard Watt inhumane and insanely crimes are :

1. Torturing one poor and unfortunate guy - Michael Gilbert for 10 years straight..!! They used all kinds of tortures like shooting him with air pistol, punching, kicking, head butting and treating him worse than a pig, for 10 straight years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Finally they killed Gilbert, 26, by jumping up and down his belly.

3. After Gilbert was killed, his body was decapitated into various parts and thrown like rag tag dolls.

Read the story below by the daily mail UK.

A gang of sadists who tortured a 'naive and vulnerable' man for ten years before dumping his decapitated body into a lake were convicted of his murder yesterday.

Michael Gilbert, 26, was used as a 'dogsbody and slave', shackled to a bed and attacked by the group's pet pit bulls.

In one bizarre incident, he was even made to goad a large exotic lizard until it attacked him.

The appalling beatings - often recorded on mobile phones - included being stabbed, hit with a baseball bat, forced to stand in boiling water and shot at with an air pistol.

His main tormentor's girlfriend even invented a 'game show' where individuals were paid to assault him.

Although Mr Gilbert did escape occasionally, the gang would contact the Department for Work and Pensions and quote his national insurance number to discover where he was signing on before snatching him back.

Astonishingly, police were aware he was in trouble but he didn't want to pursue a complaint because the victim had said 'it would make it worse for me in the long run'. (fuck the UK Police!!!)

Mr Gilbert finally died after a new form of torture was devised, involving members of the family jumping on his stomach.

They then hacked his corpse into pieces at their home in Luton, Bedfordshire, before throwing it into a lake known as the Blue Lagoon in nearby Arlesey.

Some parts of his body, including the torso, hands and feet, were found by two dog walkers last year 2009, while others, including his head, were only recovered in February 2010.

Yesterday 23 April 2010, ringleader James Watt, 27, his girlfriend Natasha Oldfield, 29, and his brother Richard's girlfriend Nichola Roberts, 21, were convicted of murder.

The house of horror where Michael Gilbert finally died after 10 years of continous torture.

Two anglers found Mr Gilbert's decapitated body in the Blue Lagoon in Arlesey, Bedfordshire

This couple looked very Guilty indeed: Richard Watt and Jennifer Smith-Dennis - They should be put inside a 2 metre hole and pissed at by every passing human beings until the hole overflowed by urine and they drowned!!!

Couple from the pit bottom of Hell : James Watt and his girlfriend Natasha Oldfield - James Watt should be electrocuted by 10,000 Megawatt of electricity for 10 straight years and burned alive before being cut into pieces and fed upon by Pit Bulls. This arsehole devil deserves that after what he did to Michael Gilbert.

Robert Watt should be barbecued alive and eaten by alligators for what he did.

Another of James Watt's brothers, Robert, 20, and his mother Jennifer Smith-Dennis, were found guilty of familial homicide. Richard admitted the same charge.
All were also convicted of perverting the course of justice. They will be sentenced on Monday 26 April 2010.

The men's father, former builder Antonio Watt, 70, was acquitted of familial homicide and perverting the course of justice.

Judge John Bevan told the jurors that they had sat through 'ghastly' evidence and excused any from being called for jury service again.

After the hearing, Mr Gilbert's mother, Rosalie, 49, focused her anger on Smith-Dennis.

'What sort of woman would allow the things we heard about to go on in her home and for all those years?' she said.
'You raise your kids to be the best they can be, not cold-blooded murderers. That mother could have done something to help Michael and never did.'

Grim discovery: Officers pull a bag containing Michael Gilbert's body from the lagoon.

Michael Gilbert's body parts were found in a prison bag which had been thrown into this lake.

Mr Gilbert's torso was found by two anglers. His head, knee joints and elbow were discovered in a separate bag

Mr Gilbert's brother Chrissy, 31, said that although his brother had had a happy childhood, his 'naive' personality made him easy prey for the Watt family.

His habit of 'taking off to do his own thing' for long periods of time meant he eventually became estranged from his own family and ended up in a children's home aged 15 where he met James Watt.

The court heard evidence from witnesses including Philip Budd, a regular visitor to the Watts' home, who said Mr Gilbert had locking pliers attached to his genitals which were used to lead him around 'like a dog on a lead'.

Zoe Smith, 23, described how Mr Gilbert was shackled with silver handcuffs to the bottom of a bunk bed she slept in with her boyfriend Colin Watt, who was not charged with any offence.

During the three-year relationship, she admitted to visiting the home on around 150 occasions and seeing Mr Gilbert assaulted 'nearly every time'.

The abuse continued as the Watts moved into a succession of different houses in the town.

Mr Budd said that by 2008 Mr Gilbert was only allowed to wear boxer shorts to prevent him escaping.

Another visitor described watching him being shot in the lower back with an air rifle. A postmortem examination would later reveal pellets still embedded in his body.

Oldfield was found to have written an entry in her diary entitled 'Game Show Ideas'. Underneath, she suggested 'various sums of money linked to different assaults on Michael'.

One line said: '£5 slap, £10 punch, £15 kick, £25 head butt.' Another read: 'Gilbert ends up dead.'

As well as 'entertainment', the family also saw Mr Gilbert as a 'cash cow' and would often take his benefits.

By the end of 2008, they were doing sit ups while leaning on a piece of wood across his mouth and jumping on his stomach. One of those was Robert Watt, who weighed 21 stone at the time.

Mr Gilbert is believed to have died from his injuries on January 21 last year.

Detective Chief Inspector Jon Humphries yesterday insisted nothing more could have been done to save Mr Gilbert. 'Hindsight is a wonderful thing,' he added.

The Luton Safeguarding Of Vulnerable Adults Board is to set up a serious case review into his death.

Family that revelled in crimeLong before the Watt family were arrested for the murder of Michael Gilbert they had developed a reputation as Luton's most notorious antisocial neighbours.

Residents revealed how they would typically arrive in an area late at night, shattering its peace within a matter of days. Calm only returned when the family moved on or were forced out.

The Watts also kept a large number of animals including pit bull-type dogs to enhance their stature in their neighbourhood, and exotic giant lizards, one of which was used to attack Mr Gilbert.

At one property, RSPCA vans and police in riot gear were drafted in when the family was evicted.

None of Watts worked except the father, Antonio, now 70, who was employed at a local building firm.

In court, it emerged that the brothers' 'ringleader', James Watt, 27, had 14 previous convictions for 22 different offences, including affray and shooting someone with an airgun. His brother Robert, 20, had two convictions, including battery and theft.

Even the women in their lives had criminal records. James's girlfriend, mother-oftwo Natasha Oldfield, 29, had been cautioned for affray.

Richard Watt's girlfriend Nichola Roberts, 21, had four convictions and a caution, all for leaving a petrol station without paying for fuel.

Only the matriarch of the family, diminutive Jennifer Smith-Dennis, 58, had an unblemished record - in the eyes of the law, at least - until her conviction for familial homicide.

Social services were involved with the family at one stage after Robert was put on the At Risk Register and education services had been called in when the brothers were of school age because they regularly skipped lessons.

Former neighbours said the brothers carried baseball bats and knives claiming it was 'for their own protection'. One, who asked not to be named, said: 'They were rude, noisy and a nightmare.

'They would ride these noisy motorbikes up and down the street and I remember hearing that bars of soap had been pushed through their letter box because they were such a dirty bunch.'

Another former neighbour, again too terrified to be identified, added: 'I had to have CCTV installed because the boys were coming on to my property, and tormenting my wife and daughter by peering through the window at them when I wasn't there.
'The neighbourhood was a nightmare and people were running scared of them.'

Another man, describing how his family had been intimidated by the Watts brothers, said: 'It was a life of hell, not just for my family but the surrounding neighbours.
'It was a constant nightmare, constant phoning up the police. Officers doing nothing, the family living in fear. They would pick on the vulnerable more than anything else.'

Fuck the Watt family!!!!!!!!!! To Hell with them!!!!!!!!


Allope said...

I moved from Luton 12 years ago. My little girl attended school with robert and whilst James, the eldest ofthe Watt boys was violent to his mother there was never any sign of this I was hporrified when i heard this and sick to the stomuch. I hope they rot in jail and my sympathies go to Michael's poor family.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

thanks for the comment Allope..

Anonymous said...

Can't believe the whole family can be so cruel, i can understand the watt family because that was their environment and how they were bought up, but the girl friends... Whet compelled them to take part in such crime.. It's strange because there was nothing on the news regarding where the girlfriend background. Horrifying, hope they burn in hell.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

anonymous- probably due to bad influences???

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