Monday, May 24, 2010

Madelyn "Mandy" Nandu, arguably the most beautiful Kadazan woman who ever walked the earth

Apart from Mexican and Latin American girls, Sabahan girls are the most beautiful in this planet and probably in the universe (because we don't know and not so sure wether there are extra-terrestials or aliens galaxies out there!!)

And among all Sabahan women, one lady stood out among the rest. Madelyn "Mandy" Nandu, is arguably the most beautiful Kadazan woman who ever walked the earth...

Why? You judge.

For the record, Madelyn is the 2005 Unduk Ngadau winner (State level Harvest Festival winner)
She also won Miss Sabah/Malaysia/World 2007 and Miss Malaysia Model of the World 2009

Madelyn was born on 21st April 1986
Height: 5’ 7”’
Weight: 52 kg (average because weight keeps changing hah)
Vital Statistics: 32-24-35
Education: Science in Education, Major in Physics, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Hobbies:Surfing the Internet and watching movies
Ambition: Lecturer
Personality: Down to earth and happy-go-lucky

Her pictures here are sourced from websites including, her friends photoshoots, professional photographers photoshoots and via facebook.

No offence Mandy, but you are one of the most beautiful Kadazan-Dusun girl ever...


Anonymous said...

are you even sabahan?i doubt if you are..well, it's undeniable that she's super hot..but there are a lot more kadazan dusun sumandak prettier than her in sabah...if you're not from sabah then u'll be out of count if you see the sumandaks on ur own..thats the beauty of sabahan lady..

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Hi Anonymous..thanks for droppingh by.. yes i am a Sabahan.. a Kadazan Dusun from Tamparuli, Sabah.. yes i Mandy Nandu is not only the prettiest KDM who ever walked the earth.. I blog about other Sabahans beauties such as Crystel Eve Huminodun, Appey Rowena, Daphne Iking, Slyvia Sandralisa Orow and lots more.. all the best.. cheers.. Aramaitieee

Unknown said...

Prettiest Kadazan ever walked the earth? She's pretty no doubt, but that is a bold statement one would dare to state.

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