Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Young Malaysian graduates turn to sex industry for work and livings

Maybe the office cubicle isn't appealing to them.

Newspaper reports in Malaysia said some young, attractive female graduates in Malaysia are picking sex and massage work over the typical white collar routine.

Citing a Harian Metro (a Malaysian newspaper) report, The Star (another Malaysian daily) said the easy money - five-digit incomes - was appealing to these individuals.

Harian Metro reportedly interviewed a few of them, who produced proof of their higher education qualifications to the paper.

Lala from Kedah, a 24-year-old tourism diploma holder, said her work was easy and could reap large financial gain in a short span of time.

Liyana, 25, explained how she duped men into banking money into her account. She would offer massage services on her Facebook and Tagged profiles. Interested men would bank in RM100 to RM150 into her account even before seeing her in person. After getting the money, she would disappear or make excuses for cancelling or not turning up.

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