Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crystel Eve Huminodun Majinbon - the most beautiful Kadazan-Dusun woman in the world!!

All Unduk Ngadau pics by Normimie Diun - The Star Kota Kinabalu

The Sabah State Unduk Ngadau or Harvest Queen 2010 Crystel Eve Huminodun Majinbon from Tanjung Aru flanked by first runner-up Rocselle -Fayrenie (left) from Penampang and second runner-up Lydia John Alai from Kota Kinabalu (left). Venue - KDCA Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia, 31st May 2010 (Monday)

Another view of the 2010 Unduk Ngadau Queen

Miss Tambunan, Kuala Penyu and Membakut are not to be outdone, they are beautiful too, Sabah is known as the land of the most beautiful maidens on Earth!!

The beautiful Miss Papar in action on 31st May 2010, KDCA

The Unduk Ngadau contest is heavily covered by the local media every year

Back on 24th May 2010, i wrote in this posting about Crystel Eve Huminodun Majinbon, who is widely tipped to win the Unduk Ngadau this year, 2010.

The posting is here :

And i was right. Crystel Eve did won the UNDUK NGADAU 2010 held at the KDCA, Penampang on 31st May 2010 (Monday).

She is the pride of her family. Earlier in 1984 or exactly 26 years ago, Crystel mother - Esther Sikayun also won the Unduk Ngadau!! Deja Vu..!!

After the win, Crystel Eve became an instant celebrity in Sabah and also Malaysia.

But due to her very long and exotic name, some local and national media, spelled her name wrongly. Some wrote Crystal instead of Crystel and some newspapers printed Majinbun or Majimbon or Majimbun instead of Majinbon!!

But who care, the most important things is that Crystel won!!

One question however kept being murmured by people especially men - is she available? Does she has a sweetheart already?? Well only Crystel and Esther Sikayun know the answers!!

Congrats Crystel Eve Huminodun Majinbon!!!

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