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World Cup 2010 - shameful Felipe Melo contributes greatly to Brazilian fall

Brazil gone, now it's up to Diego Armando Maradona and Lionel Messi to carry South American hope to win and bring the World Cup to South America continent. A win for Argentina is a win for the whole of South American and Brazilian fans around the globe.

Felipe Melo dashed 2 billion people hopes of watching Brazil repeating the 2002 world Cup triumph.

Felipe Melo played like a sick chicken - better slaughter him!!!

This is a view of the seaside city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where Brazil fell 1-2 to Holland in the 2010 World Cup quarter-final match, 2nd July 2010. No thanks to Felipe Melo the rotten Melon

2 July 2010 indeed is a very sad day for Brazilian football and to almost 2 billion Brazilian football fans around the globe, including me in far away Sabah, Malaysia, South East Asia.

One person caused the misery of 2 bllion people around the globe. One person broke the hearts and crush the hopes of 2 billion people..!!!

That person commited 3 grave mistakes in the Brazil versus Holland, at the 2010 World Cup 2010 quarterfinal match held at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The person in question is the foolish, stupid and super imbecile Felipe Melo.

Melo commited 3 fatal mistakes that fatally and suddenly halted Brazil progress in the ongoing World Cup held at the very 1st time at the African continent.

Brazil’s hope and ambition to win the coveted trophy for a record 6th times were torn into pieces because of Felipe Melo’s stupidity and born loser, genetically inherited mental and physical handicapp.

Felipe Melo should have never ever been born into this world.

Why Dunga picked him instead of the inform, former world player of the year, Ronaldinho??

Why Dunga Why??

Ronaldinho is at least 100 times better than Melo in all aspects, be it dribbling, heading, dealing with dead ball situations, taking free kicks, delivering defence splitting passes as well as scoring spectacular goals.

But Melo crushed the hearts of billions of Brazilian fans including at the I-S-S, International Space Stations and other galaxies as well.

First, he scored a stupid own goal past his own goalkeeper Julio Cesar, to give the Dutch an equalizer after Robinho’s 10th minute strike gave Brazil an early lead.

Then Melo just watched haplessly as Wesley Sneijder headed Holland second and winning goal, that night. Melo did not even attempt to challenge Sneijder who was standing a mere 2 feet away from him. He was a true moron!!!

The last and 3rd fatal mistakes Melo did on that fateful 2nd July 2010 afternoon at Port Elizabeth was his sheer madness and utter stupidity act of stomping on Arjen Robbens legs, thus earning him a straight Red Card.

That left Brazil with only 10 men and made it even harder for Dunga’s boys to overcome the 1-2 deficit.

Melo knew that stomping into any of your opponents bodyparts in football, will result in a straight red card. It is like children who knew that 2 + 2 equals 4. But to Felipe Melo’s rotten mind, 2 + 2 equals minus 77..!!!

Melo, maybe overdosed of Milo, actually played for Holland last night, for he did a tremendous job in defeating his own team – Brazil. It was like Holland was playing with an extra player with Melo on their side. 12 against 10 to be exact.

Melo – you are a rotten Melon.

What will be the ideal punishment to a single person who caused misery to 2 billion people?

Well to me, there are many.

We can choose any assortments of weaponry including Gatling Gun, Napalm Bomb, Carl Gustav 80mm anti tank shell, Claymoore mines and .50 Calibre Heavy Machine Gun..!!

That person shot should be Felipe Melo right?

This is the effect of a Napalm bomb in Vietnam

Screw and xx#$%#@((& you Felipe Melo...!!!!!

As for the Dutch players, Arjen Robben who easily dropped to the ground every time he got the ball during that match to earn unnecessary free kicks, should be jailed in South Africa’s infamous Robben island prison, off the coast of Cape Town for at least 88 years until he drops dead.

As for Dirk Kuyt who contributed the 2nd goal, he should be rammed by a mad bull from Spain, for he is not a striker, instead he played like a mad bull.

Some Brazilian players like Michael Bastos, Juan and Nilmar should have never been picked for the South African trip, for they played like sissy pussycat dolls. Heck, even The Pussycat Dolls play better football than this trio of shame.

Juan in particular was silly enough, missing 2 golden opportunities to score from the 6 yard box, on both occasions, he ballooned his shot and headed wide instead.

He must have thought that chances like that will come 100 times in a match against Holland at the quarter final of the world Cup?? Stupid right??

Juan is more suitable to play in rugby because his skywards shots will count as goals.

That match only proves that only Brazil can defeat Brazil.

On a more positive note, Brazil remains as the only 5 star team in any World Cup tournament.

The 5 stars are smartly embalmed on their jerseys, signifying the unmatchable achievements of winning 5 world cups in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002.

Viva Brazil.

One more thing, Brazil should be refferd as BRZ in short form instead of BRA for BRA means you know what.

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