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Dancing sexy flight attendants on board Cebu Pacific airlines become internet sensations!!

The girls training / rehearsing the dance steps

Cebu Pacific Airlines (CEB), is a popular low-cost carrier that promises to give "low fare, great value" to every passenger who wants to fly.

The airlines is looking for new flight attendants, and among the requirements are - you have to dance on board the aircrafts but dancing skills are not required..!!

CEB recently shot to YouTube fame after a passenger posted a video of their flight attendants dancing to a mashup of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" and Katy Perry's "California Girls."

The dance, which was professionally choreographed, was actually a supplement to the usual safety demonstration conducted before takeoff.

"Cebu Pacific has always been known as a fun airline. We were looking for something new and different, to show that flight safety doesn't have to be boring," Cebu Pacific vice president for marketing and distribution Candice Iyog told GMANews.TV in an earlier report.

CEB is hiring flight attendants to augment their workforce, as they are expecting four brand new airbus deliveries monthly starting October.

“We are scheduled to add more flights to Kota Kinabalu, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Seoul in time with our Airbus A320 aircraft deliveries, and we need more cabin crew to handle our additional capacity," said Iyog.

However, non-dancers need not worry because the safety demo hit was just "something they thought of doing."

"We had no idea it would become this big," said Iyog, who clarified that the new hires would not necessarily be dancing.

"First of all, not everybody can dance. I don't think we can require those who have two left feet to perform," she said.

Meanwhile, the Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines (FASAP) has scored the dancing flight attendants as sexist.

“While it may look like a harmless publicity stunt to attract passengers at first glance, in the long run the stereotyping of flight attendants as entertainers will surely have a negative and sexist impact in the minds of the public, at the expense of the unwitting female-dancer-flight attendants," said FASAP.

While selected flights will still feature the safety demo dance, what CEB looks for in its applicants is the right attitude.

"They have to embody our culture of fun as an airline," Iyog told GMANews.TV.

Yesterday, CEB hired 300 flight attendants in a one-day walk-in recruitment at the Crowne Plaza.

More than a thousand applicants went through the initial interview but only 300 were given their pre-employment documents at the end of the application process.

Yesterday's walk-in recruitment was the fifth in the last two months.

Successful applicants will go through a 58-day training period, so those who were hired yesterday will be flying in December or January. "We hire for attitude and we train for skill," said Iyog.

The walk-in recruitment is a lot more convenient than the regular screening process, which requires applicants to go back and forth.

At the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila Hotel in Quezon City yesterday, all the concerned departments were present, from the People Department (HR) to the In-Flight Services Team.

"It's easier because they know where it is, the location is better and the venue is much bigger than our office," Iyog told GMANews.TV, explaining that they still receive applicants through the normal weekly recruitment because their hiring for cabin crew is continuous.

The qualifications for being a CEB flight attendant include:

a dynamic personality that embodies CEB’s culture of fun;

height of at least 5’3" for females and at least 5’7" for males;

weight that is proportional to height;

clear complexion, good eyesight, and good set of teeth;

college education;

proficiency in Filipino and English, and

willingness to be assigned outside Metro Manila.

Applicants are advised to bring along their updated resumé and recent 2x2 photo. The screening is on first-come first-serve basis.

Iyog added, “We have already successfully trained 120 flight attendants this year, and our 70th batch will soon graduate by the end of September. After rigorous training on safety and service, and competency checks, Batch 70 with 19 females and 9 males will be welcomed into the CEB family."

CEB currently has a fleet of 10 A319, 11 A320 jets and eight turbo-prop ATR 72 aircraft. It expects to take delivery of a total of 24 brand-new Airbus A320 until 2014.

Source - GMA news

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