Monday, November 2, 2009


Streakers are naked or half naked people who run into an ongoing sports matches or championships.

We have seen female as well as male streakers in live matches such as soccer, tennis, rugby and even golf and snooker championships.

I guess only brave or mentally unstable people who dares to go in front of thousands of people and millions more watching on TV, to show their private assets.

The 1996 Wimbledon's Men's singles final between MaliVai Washington and Richard Krajicek was interrupted by a female streaker just before the toss. Melissa Johnson, a 23 year old student thereby became Wimbledon's first streaker. She ran onto the ground with an apron on, which she lifted afterward to reveal her pussy.

Streakers more often invades soccer matches!!!

However, the king of all streakers i should say will go to this guy below.

Dubbed, Mr Barcelona, nobody knows his real name..

He always roams the streets of Barcelona in Spain, completely naked, covered only in various tatoo.

He has the tatoo of Barcelona football club on his chest...

Happy Hunting Mr Barcelona...

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