Monday, February 10, 2014

22 year old German tourist, Victoria Paulsen, died after falling from peak of Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia, Monday 10th February 2014.

A 22-year-old German tourist died Monday after falling from the peak of Mount Kinabalu on Malaysia’s Borneo island, police said.

Ranau District police officer Rahman Kassim said Victoria Paulsen fell some 30 metres (100 feet) down a rocky surface from the peak of Kinabalu, one of Southeast Asia’s highest mountains and a major tourist attraction in the eastern state of Sabah.

Paulsen had climbed the peak to see the sunrise with other tourists including a guide and at least one male friend, Rahman said.

Her body has been sent to a mortuary at the Ranau Hospital.

The guide said Paulsen had climbed over a rope into a cordoned-off area when she slipped, Rahman told AFP but added that the police were still investigating the incident.

Her guide is believed to be one by the name of Jaafar. A guide is supposed to ensure the safety of climbers under his supervision.

Kinabalu Park officers could not immediately be reached for further comment.

Every year tens of thousands of locals and foreigners climb the mountain, which rises 4,095 metres high above Sabah’s thick rainforests. Fatal accidents are rare.

In August 2001, a British teen, Ellie James of Cornwall, England, died at the peak of Mount Kinabalu after she lost her way while descending the summit. Her body was found 6 days later by rescuers.


Fabian Harder said...

Dear Sir or Madam, my name is Fabian Harder, I am a friend of Ms. Paulsen.
I plead with you to remove the photos of her body from your website. This serves no purpose other than possibly hurting the feelings of those being close to her.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am her cousin, I am appalled that you have posted these pictures. To what reason do you feel the world needs to see this? Please remove it.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

dear Mr Fabian Harder...i have just check my blog...and i just saw your comments together with Anonymous.. I AM VERY VERY SORRY...I Got the picture from the local Malaysian newspapers in Sabah.. I already removed all those pictures and replaced them with pictures of general view of Mount Kinabalu only...I AM VERY VERY SORRY for this. I dont mean to hurt the feelings...I ALREADY REMOVE THE PICTURES. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS MS PAULSEN. MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE...

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