Friday, July 22, 2011

The super rich Malaysian businessman who owns a £3 billion Yacht

This is the most expensive yacht in the world, known as History Supreme and recently purchased by a super rich and anonymous Malaysian businessman at a staggering and unbelievable price tag of £3 Billion.

The Yacht has such a very high price tag because it was made from solid gold and platinum.

The History Supreme was assembled using a staggering 100,000kg of Solid Gold and Platinum.

Not only that, this super yacht is also made of Meteor and T-Rex Bone (Dinosaur that roamed the earth, millions of years ago).

The soild Gold and Platinum were used extensively throughout the boat, from the base of the vessel – which is wrapped in solid gold – to the deck, dining area, rails and even the anchor.

This yacht boasts an amazingly luxurious master bedroom, adorned with platinum and has a wall feature made from meteoric stone and a genuine T-Rex dinosaur bone.

The History Supreme is the handiwork of Liverpool-based jeweller Stuart Hughes, who took three years to complete this beauty.

It represents one of the 39-year-old’s more extravagant projects, and this is a man who specialises in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, something like a Midas Touch.

Move over Roman Abramovich, you are no longer the owner of the most expensive yacht in the world.

Previosuly Mr Abramovoch, the Russian oil billionaire and owner of Chelsea football club is the owner of the most expensive yacht in the world, known as Eclipse, costing a cool £ 300 million or Ringgit Malaysia 1.4 Billion, that comes complete with two swimming pools, a gym and a submarine.

However Mr Abramovich yacht is missing the all-important platinum and gold adornments on the new king of Yacht, the History Supreme which was sold to the Malaysian for a gigantic £ 3billion.

As a Malaysian, i yearn to know the identity of this super rich Malaysian businessman who has the guts and glory to buy the most expensive yacht in the entire universe.

Even the richest person on Earth, Mr Carlos Slim Helu, chairman of Mexican telecommunication magnate, Telmex with a net worth of USD 74 Billion has no intention to buy the RM 14 Billion Yacht.

Well the richest Malaysian as of today according to Forbes is none other than Robert Kuok, 87, with a fortune estimated around USD 12.5 Billion or 37.29 Billion Ringgit.

Kuok, married with 8 children made his money in sugar, palm oil, shipping and property.

His Kuok Group boasts a huge network of companies under 3 main holding companies, in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia and controls the South China Morning Post, once the world's most profitable daily newspaper. His biggest source of wealth is stake in Wilmar, the world's largest listed palm oil company.

The 2nd richest Malaysian is Ananda Krishnan, 72 whose fortune is estimated at USD 9.5 Billion or RM 28.34 Billion Ringgit.

Ananda controls Maxis Communications, Malaysia's biggest cellphone service provider.

Ananda recently took 3 of his companies private: satellite broadcaster Astro All Asia Networks, power and gambling company Tanjong and satellite operator Measat Global.

Ananda also owns telecom and media interests in India.

So who is the owner of this RM14.6 Billion yacht? Is it Robert Kuok or Ananda Krishnan?? Or other billionaire because Malaysia has plenty of Billionaires.

As for me, i can't afford to buy the RM14 Billon yacht, but maybe i can afford to buy this girl a drink!!

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