Monday, June 27, 2011

Air Asia becomes Airbus largest ever airline customer in the world!!

Source Air Asia Communications.

AirAsia, Malaysian based low cost carrier, achieved another historic milestone.

Recently it became Airbus biggest ever customer after placing a firm order for 200 brand new Airbus A320 aircrafts. Therefore AirAsia beat other world famous airline companies in the world including Air France, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, KLM, American Airlines and Qantas and Malaysia's national carrier, Malaysian Airlines.

Read here the fill report of the biggest ever order in Airbus history.

PARIS, 23 JUNE 2011 – AirAsia, named the World’s Best Low Cost Airline by Skytrax for three consecutive years, placed a firm order for 200 Airbus A320neo new aircrafts, becoming the world’s largest airline customer of Airbus in history.

AirAsia placed the order, worth US$18.5 billion, at the Paris Air Show on 23rd June 2011. The order is the largest ever Airbus deal by number of aircraft as well as the largest ever order for aircraft in the A320 family.

AirAsia is now the world’s biggest airline customer for the A320 family with an order for 375 aircraft to date. So far, 89 A320s have been delivered.

AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes and Mr Tom Enders, President & CEO of Airbus were present to sign the purchase agreement during the ceremony, witnessed by YB. Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Chairman of AirAsia X, Dato’ Kamarudin Meranun, Deputy Group CEO of AirAsia Berhad and Mr John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer-Customers, Airbus.

The delivery of the 200 A320neo aircraft is expected to start from year 2016 through 2026.

The Airbus A320neo with new engines and large wing tip devices called sharklets, will deliver fuel savings of up to 15percent and additional range capability of 500 nautical miles (approximately 950km), or the ability to carry two tonnes more payload at a given range.

The A320neo is more environmentally friendly as the fuel savings translate into some 3,600 tonnes less CO2 per aircraft per year, as well as reductions in engine noise.

The new A320neo will lower operating costs for AirAsia as well.

Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia Berhad commented, “AirAsia is now the largest airline customer of Airbus. We were surprised to learn this, but we are proud of how far we’ve come in less than ten years of operations. This is an important milestone in our growth, and this solidifies our position as the world’s best low-cost airline. The new order is to cater to expansion plans in the Philippines, Vietnam and other parts of Asia. We have the capacity to take up to 500 aircraft. AirAsia has been hugely successful, increasing its annual passenger volume from 200,000 when we launched it as a low-cost airline in 2001 to an estimated 31 million this year.”

“With the introduction of the Airbus A320neo, AirAsia guests can look forward to more exciting routes from AirAsia as we can now explore more destinations with the enhanced range presented by the new-gen aircraft. We always believe in embracing technological advancements, and this new generation of Airbus A320neo aircraft will put us ahead of the competition and continue to be frontrunners in the volatile aviation industry,” added Tan Sri Dr. Tony Fernandes.

Good Luck and All the best Air Asia.

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