Thursday, February 16, 2012

Malaysians are good in the art of love-making

Malaysians are more satisfied in bed compared to their neighbours across the Causeway, which is Singapore, according to a report in The Star.

A Durex Sexual Well-Being Global Survey found that Malaysians were also doing well in making their partners happy, with 89% of men and 81% of women saying their partners were good at giving them sexual pleasure.

All was not well in Singapore, according to the survey, with only 54% of men and 62% of women saying their partners were giving them pleasurable sex.

“Singapore is amongst the countries in Asia having the second lowest scores in this area,” Durex said in a statement yesterday.

Nine out of 10 Malaysian women (89%) agreed that sex brought them emotionally closer to their partners.

“The pleasant surprise is that Malaysian men seem to be succeeding in getting in touch with their softer sides, as 88% of Malaysian women say they feel loved during sex,” said Durex.

Reckitt Benckiser Malaysia and Singapore marketing director Nikhilesh Kalra said sexual well-being was a balance of physical, emotional and sociological factors.

The survey, commissioned by Durex, was conducted to gain global consumer insights into sexual attitudes and behaviours.

It was conducted in 36 countries with a total of 29,003 people aged 18 and above between Sept 6 and Oct 3 last year.

The Malaysian results have a base of 506 participants: 241 men and 265 women.

So, go visit Malaysia and not Singapore!! hehehe just joking...


writerz said...

Good for them. People should be happy or be able to be happy with their sex lives. Nice to see the women are enjoying themselves.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

writerz thanks for the comment.. it is natural form men to love women but unnatural for men to make love to men!!! hahahaha.. have a nice day

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