Monday, March 30, 2009

how many "josef fritzl" out there?

The real Josef Fritzl

At first, we were shocked to hear about an Austrian man who raped his daughter in an underground cellar for 24 years non stop, fathering 7 children.

Fritzl was eventually sentenced to life in prison in a mental institution by an Austrian court.

The British Fritzl / Mr X / The Gaffer

After that, we were shocked once more time when newsreports emerged about another "Fritzl" in the United Kingdom, dubbed Mr X.

Mr X allegedly raped his 2 daughters for 25 years, resulting in a total of 19 pregnancies.

The Italian Fritzl - Michelle Mongelli

After that, there is a similar case in Italy where a 64 year old man, Michelle Mongelli, was accused of locking up his daughter for 25 years and repeatedly raping her.

Now, in Colombia, it looks like there is a brand new "Fritzl".

A farmer, Arcebio Alvare, 58, was arrested on suspicion of raping his own daughter, for over 20years, fathering 8 children.

The Colombian Fritzl Arcebio Alvarez

It is alleged the abuse in the Colombian case started when the now 35-year-old victim's mother died she was five.

Her first pregnancy is said to have occurred when she was nine. She had 14 pregnancies in all, with six ending in miscarriages.

So, are there more "Josef Fritzls" outhere? somewhere? and at this moment still locking and raping their daughters???????

Whatever it is, there are now 4 known "Fritzl" like cases, 3 in Europe and 1 in Latin America.... 4 satanic fathers who raped their own daughters over a combined period of 105 years, resulting in the birth of more than 30 children....


hyperX said...

Those are not human. Can't even call them as beast. Even beasts will not rape their children.

Chironex said...

The 5th Fritzl is just waiting to be discovered...

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

what happened if we put Josef Fritzl, the colombian fritzl, the italian fritzl and mr x in a boxing match - the rule - last man standing declared the winner???????????

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