Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Cigar Guy is the new internet sensation!!

On Sunday 3rd October 2010, UK Daily Mail photographer Mark Pain became part of the Ryder Cup after a failed chip shot by Woods struck his lens. But before that happened, Pain actually took a picture of the ball heading right for him, which included Woods and the crowd.

Yet one member of that crowd has become an Internet sensation.

The photo phenomenon has to do with a face to the right of the crowd. The man is chomping a cigar, wearing a brown turban that covers long hair, and appears to have a bemused smile on his face. The sight of this man has become even more popular than seeing a flying golf ball up close.

As such, photoshoppers have gotten to work in making Cigar Guy a new Internet meme.

One picture has his face digitally inserted on the entire crowd, including Woods.

Others have his face placed on album covers and other sports figures.

MSNBC has called the Cigar Guy meme the biggest - and most positive - mashup around lately. Other famous memes have been for sad images, involving Keanu Reeves and Mad Men's Don Draper. But this officially unidentified golf fan has inspired many photoshoppers with his smiling expressions.

Even though Woods is still struggling to remain the world's best golfer, his star power is still not in doubt.

It is so big, that it has helped make someone nearby him into an Internet sensation. Of course, the Cigar Guy photo phenomenon has reduced Woods to a supporting player in this trend, even though he started it in the first place with his poor shot.

Despite the photo searches, it seems no one has actually found out the real name of the popular fan. But that seems certain to change at some point, although no real name seems likely to overtake his Internet one.

Well to me Woods himself is still among the top 10 internet phenomenon in the world, especially when his sexcapades holes in one stories were splashed on global newspapers and internet. This forced Woods to be divorced by his Swedish wife - Elin Nordergen.

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