Monday, May 27, 2013

Rehana Kausar and Sobia Kumar, Pakistani lesbians who are the first Muslim gay couple to wed in United Kingdom

Call this love or bizzare love?

Two Pakistani lesbians made history when they became the first Muslim gay couple to wed in a civil ceremony in United Kingdom.

But Rehana Kausar, 34 and her partner Sobia Kamar, 29 who loved each other deeply, claim political asylum saying their lives are endangered if they return home to their native country.

Watched by their solicitors and two friends, the pair wore traditional white bridal dresses when they were married in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

The pair, from the Lahore and Mirpur regions of Pakistan, said they had received death threats from opponents in Pakistan - where homosexual acts are illegal and considered against Islam.

And since news of their wedding earlier this month spread, the pair claimed they had even received death threats from the UK.

Before the service, even the registrar advised the couple to give serious thought to their decision to marry because of some Muslims’ views on homosexuality.

Hmmm... what say u?

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