Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nelson Mandela peminat LIverpool..Mandela a Liverpool fan?

kita peminat Liverpool harus berbangga kerana pemimpin agung dunia seperti Nelson Mandela juga adalah peminat Liverpool... pada tahun 2001 Mandela melawat bandar Leeds dan pada timecode 6:10 pada video ini Mandela berkata dalam ucapannya :

"I have already thanked the people of Liverpool for the honour of being a citizen of this famous city.

"I have been taken to the garden which is named after me. Few people realise what that means to me.

"I was born in an area with a huge forest and wild animals. It is an exciting moment for me when I see a blade of grass or see a leaf of a tree, and when I listen to birds chatting and to running water in a stream.

"For me to see this garden reminds me of my childhood and the happy days associated with childhood."

Kenapa Mandela berkata Liverpool walaupun dia berada di Leeds? Sebab Mandela adalah peminat setia Liverpool, bukannya peminat Leeds United, Manchester United, Chelsea atau Arsenal. So proud of ourselves.. You will never walk alone!!

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