Monday, February 23, 2009

To those who glorify criminals, this is a good read

Criminals are the villains, not cops

(source – the star online)

THERE has to be some sense of trust in the police force when it involves the arrest of criminals.

Crime has increased almost two-folds within the last four years.

About 20% of serious crimes are committed by illegal immigrants and another 80% by locals. A lax police force would thus contribute to a further increase in the crime rate and more serious crimes being committed. This would bring more fear to the society.

Crime is also draining the government resources. The engagement of extra forces to combat crime, maintaining the prisons and having long trials cost the government millions that can otherwise be used to help the needy in society.

Criminals are getting more daring as there are groups in our society who would always question the police when it involves shooting and killing while engaging the criminals. This is demoralising the police force.

No police officer in his right mind would shoot a criminal if the latter does not pose a threat to his life.

Many policemen were killed while on duty and how many people have cared to sympathise with them and their bereaved families?

The society has to be wary that many of these hard-core criminals are armed. Hardly would a criminal these days enter a house without a weapon. A slight commotion would be enough for these criminals to slash their victims to death.

These have happened all too often and the aggrieved party subsequently would have to live in pain.

In most cases, the victims are not armed to fight back and most criminals would resort to violence to rob or harm the victims.

We have read about innocent people being snatched off their handbags and dying on the road, cars being hijacked and the victims harmed, victims being slashed to death in their homes and some tortured and raped.

The criminals are just brutal and merciless and they cannot be left free to carry on with their crimes. They have to be engaged in a hard-hitting manner.

The theory that poverty and unemployment are the causes of an an increase in serious crimes may not always be true.

These hard-core criminals are a totally different breed. They choose not to earn a decent income through hard work but prefer to seek a luxurious lifestyle through robbery and killing and satisfy their sexual desire by raping. These are criminals who should be purged from society for the sake of peace loving citizens.

On the other hand, the role of the police is not a painless one. Not many would want to be in the police force as it is not a safe job as their life is always at risk.
We should be grateful to these people who are willing to serve the force to help maintain law and order in the country.

If there are some miscreants in the force, this does not mean that the whole force is bad.

Let us not put down their spirit by taking them to task when criminals are shot. This matter should not be politicised to gain support from people who do not appreciate the sacrifice made by the police.

No upright policeman would want to kill an armed criminal for no reason.

Bandar Muadzam Shah.

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