Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thai Ghosts...!!!!!



Harmony said...

I dun dare to watch.

Joy said...

OMG !!

so funny !
"Dad a blue ghost" xD

disney said...

Krasue is similar to our balan-balan and the tall ghost is tompululangoi (My brother claimed to have seen one)- he said very tall more than half of the SESB pole. The rest I'm not sure we got or not..hehehe

Lisalicious said...

hahaha it's an advertisement??

using all kind of ghost...

bebek said...

harmony - dont be afraid - not real ghosts.... hehehe

joy - the tall ghost and the kra-sue do exist in real life and had been senn ..... so bewareeeeeee

disney - you are right - itu tompulalangoi dan balan balan @ tumotongos ada pernah orang nampak

lisalicious - funny ads right!!

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