Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Smokie - one of the greatest band from England, apart from the Beatles

Mention United Kingdom and name the most popular music band groups that originated from Queen Elizabeth's kingdom - and people always say - ohhh it's The Beatles, or Ireland's U2 and Westlife..

But wait.... don't forget "Smokie", the sensational rock band from Bradford, Yorkshire, England.

Smokie really made headlines with their super hits songs in the 1970s.

Their 1976 song "Living Next Door to Alice' became one of the greatest songs in the 1970s.

As well as their 1978 classico - Mexican Girl.

The band has been active since 45 years ago or 1965!!!!!!!

The original members of Smokie in the 1970s are :
Chris Norman (lead singer)
Alan Silson
Pete Spencer
Alan Barton (deceased)
Ron Kelly

And till now in March 2010, back by popular demand, they are still touring the world, adored by millions of fans worldwide.. including me in Malaysia!!!

The current members of Smokie in 2010 are :
Mike Craft
Mick McConnell
Terry Uttley
Steve Pinnell
Martin Bullard

The first single from their 2nd album, "If You Think You Know How to Love Me", released on September 1975 quickly became a big hit in many European countries, peaking at No. 3 in Britain, and won Smokey a wider audience.

Chris Norman distinctive vocal, captivated the world!!! The success came when the world was at the peak of Disco-mania!!!

It was followed by "Don't Play Your Rock'n'Roll to Me".

When their single "Living Next Door to Alice" was released in November 1976, it quickly became the group's biggest hit. Smokie now found themselves European superstars with sold-out tours and million-selling albums.

The worldwide success of Living Next Door to Alice was followed by the equally successful "Lay Back in the Arms of Someone".

Another Smokie classic - Mexican Girl - released in 1978

Smokie version of CCR's Have You Ever Seen the Rain

Until now, back by popular demand, Smokie is still touring around the world, including to Mongolia - adored by millions of fans, including me.

All Hail to Smokie...........!!!!!!!!

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