Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Woman almost died trying to lose weight on Biggest Loser Asia

(Above) First female winner of BIGGEST LOSER, Ali Vincent, talks to Hollywood 411 about her big loss (big money win) and her mother's support that brought her to first place. Ali Vincent who lose a total of 112 pounds became Biggest Loser Biggest Winner, pocketing USD250,000 for her feat!! Nice ha?? She won three things here - Losing weight, Winning USD250,000 and became famous worldwide!!

Strange haa? You become the Biggest Loser, yet you are the Biggest Winner!!!

Well, Some women who participated in that reality TV show are not that fortunate.

Some women, willing to go into the extreme just to lose weight in that TV show, ended up nearly losing their own lives, while doing it. So, what is the point of losing weight if you lose your life? If that happens, you are the biggest loser!!

A Malaysian Chinese newspaper, Sin Chew Daily reported the case of a 31-year-old sales adviser from Singapore, who almost lost her life when she participated in a television slimming competition to win US$100,000 (RM327,000).

The Singaporean, known only as Teh, said she took part in Biggest Loser Asia because she had difficulty getting pregnant with her 158kg weight.

“During a recording of a run we had to participate in, the medical team found out that my heartbeat reached 235 times per minute after 30 minutes of running, which meant that I could have collapsed and died,” she said.

She was eliminated in the 12th week of the competition when she only managed to lose 42kg.

Biggest loser Asia was inspired by the reality TV shows of the same name in the USA and United Kingdom, which debuted in 2005. The shows captivated millions of people worldwide. Each show centers on overweight contestants, male or female, attempting to lose weight, with the help of professional trainers, to win lucrative cash prize.

There are different variations of the Biggest Loser around the world. Each country has made its own adaptation to the show. However, the contestants have the same goal: to lose the highest percentage of weight to become the Biggest Loser and eventually become the Biggest Winner of the show.

Morale of the story - what is the use of USD$100,000 if you can't bring the money with you in your grave. Look at the late Michael Jackson, billion of dollars of money can't bring him back to life. The same goes to many many cases of Multi-Billionaires around the world who died. They cannot be brought back to life or resurrected to life, no matter ho much money they have in the bank!!


Ken Wooi said...

i also wanna lose weight =/

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

you dont have to kenwooi.. your figure is charming enough to lure and attract thousands of girls!!!!

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