Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Music Video mocking Muammar Gaddafi became new internet senastion

As embattled Libyan leader, the man of steel, Muammar Gaddafi is fiercely defending his position as the ultimate leader of Libya, admist strong pressure by his own people for him to step down, a new music video mocking the Libyan leader, has become an internet sensation.

The musical video clip titled "Zenga Zenga", was created by Tel Aviv music journalist and blogger Noy Alooshe.

It shows Gaddafi in repetitious sequences banging his fist on a podium and raising it defiantly during a speech he made last week.

The modified music of "Hey Baby", a song by U.S. rappers Pitbull and T-Pain, blasts from the video, but words from Gaddafi's address have replaced the lyrics.

The Arabic word "zenga", which Libyans use for small neighbourhood, stood out for Alooshe, who does not speak the language, and he made it the recurring theme of the clip.

"When I saw Gaddafi speaking it struck me that his cadence and his movements were perfect for a clip. It was so musical," Alooshe told Reuters in a telephone interview.

His original two-minute video shows a gyrating female dancer in skimpy olive-green underwear -- a homage, he said, to Gaddafi's famed female bodyguards -- either side of the Libyan leader as he delivers his speech.


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