Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mr Joking, I am not joking...!!!

Mr Joking, i am not joking, but you are transferred to another district.

Mr Joking, is a real name, no joke.

His full name is Joking Majalim and he is a firemen serving in the rural town of Keningau, Sabah, Malaysia.

He was transferred to Tenom, about 30 km from Keningau and it was reported by today's edition of the Daily Express.

In Sabah, we have at least 40 ethnics group and we have all sorts of names. For example in Semporna, an elderly man is known as Haji California (spelled Kalipunya), and some even are being named Malaysia..!! Heyy... I am not joking here.

Below is the Daily Express report..

Keningau: Six firemen here were transferred to serve at the Tenom Fire and Rescue Department.

They were Joking Majalim, Ruziana Dapar, George Saikun, Mudin Andai, Zanuty Gintik, Mohd Jefri Kamar and Sharudy Delamin.

Although they were sad to leave Keningau, they nevertheless accepted the new posting with an open heart.

Keningau Fire and Rescue chief, Lacius Salagon, when recording his appreciation to the firemen's services, said despite serving in different areas their friendship would remain.

He expressed hope that they will serve with higher commitment at their new postings.


ben said...

I wonder if anybody has the name "Kidding", hey I was kidding, I was kidding hahaaa

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

ada..... few years ago in merotai, tawau i interviewed a successful breeder of inhouse punya mushrooms... and his name is Jeffrey Kiddeng...!!! no hard feelings mr Kiddeng... i was kidding... i was kidding

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

if u read the last part of this news report, the Keningau Fire Department chief is none other than Lucius Salagon... rumah dakat fire house!!!!

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