Saturday, August 1, 2009

The fastest Gay in the world?? not quite... it is still Usain Bolt

He is not gay, Mike Tyson is not gay either, but he is Tyson Gay.

STOCKHOLM (AP)—Tyson Gay overcame a poor start to edge fellow American Darvis Patton in the 100 meters at the DN Gala meet on Friday, clocking a wind-aided 9.79 seconds.

Patton was timed in 9.95 and former world record-holder Asafa Powell of Jamaica finished third in 9.98.

On a windy and cool evening with a temperature of 61 degrees, Gay passed Powell before the midway point and snapped the Jamaican’s streak of three straight wins at Olympic Stadium.

Gay’s time was well below Powell’s stadium record of 9.86 from 2006, but the American did not get a 1-carat diamond for breaking the meet mark because of the strong wind.

The current men's 100 metres world record belongs to Usain Bolt of Jamaica who timed 9.69 secs en route to winning the gold medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games.

Had Bolt continued his run and not slowed down in the last 30 metres, the record could have been lowered to 9.55 secs!!!!

I used to run the 100 metres during school days on grass and my best hand timing was 12 seconds flat!!!

With the perfect training, perfect coach, perfect race course, perfect vitamin, perfect supplement, perfect food, perfect encouragement and a little bit of luck, i think i can run 10.03 seconds, breaking the national Malaysian record and winning the Asian Games Gold Medal easily!!!!

Here, Usain Bolt clocked 19.30 secs in the 200 metres men final in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games. The previous record was set by Michael Johnson, 19.32 secs - Michael Johnson is still the world record holder in the 400 metres, clocking 43.18 seconds!!!

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