Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Girl, 15 shot dead by boyfriend, using home made shot gun - Bakakuk

Have you ever heard of the word - Bakakuk???

Well "Bakakuk" is a type of home made shot gun, found in Sabah, Malaysia, generally used for hunting wild animals, as well as to protect traditional farms by the local natives people.

Some village people are experts in manufacturing Bakakuks because some Bakakuks models turn out to be like real US-made Shot guns.!!

These Bakakuks use real bullets or pellets, readily available in the market.

Bakakuks are however illegal as one needs to posses valid gun licence or licences to become legal gun-user/s.

There had been many bad incidents, involving Bakakuks.

There were instances where hunter or hunters were wounded or critically and even fatally shot by their own fellow hunters, while hunting deep in the tropical jungles of Sabah.

The hunter/s often mistakes their hunting buddy/buddies as wild animal/s.

These cases of mistaken identities, happened many times, either at night or during broad daylights.

Sometimes, certain village people become "outlaws" or become "Jesse James", during "uncontrolled" drinking sessions.

Reports of drunken people, shooting at fellow drinking buddies, while armed with Bakakuk/s have been published in the local media in Sabah.

One such story was published by the Daily Express on September 8, 2010.

A 15-year-old girl (still a student during that material time) was shot dead with a single gunshot in a house at a village known as Kampung Nabutan, about 30 kilometres from the township of Ranau, Monday night, 6 September 2010.

Ranau itself is 100 kilometres from Kota Kinabalu, the state capital of Sabah.

The local girl identified only as Avita, from Kg Marakau Dambalangan, was shot point blank with a home-made shotgun, locally known as Bakakuk.

The gun's pellets hit her arm first before fatally penetrating her chest.

Prior to the incident, the victim and her 19-year-old cousin had followed their boyfriends to the house for a drinking session with several others.

District Police Chief, Deputy Superitendent of Police, Suhaimy Hashim said the house was used as accommodation for oil palm plantation workers and that both the girls' boyfriends, in their 20s, worked in plantations.

"After the drinking session, the two men brought the girls to separate rooms on the upper floor. All of them were drunk."

"We don't know yet what had happened in the room where the victim was but her cousin who was with her boyfriend in another room heard a gunshot at about 8.30pm."

"Both of them ran out of the house," he said, adding that the two men are locals.

Suhaimy said the house owner discovered Avita's lifeless body on the upper floor with a bullet wound on her chest at 10.20am, Tuesday, about 14 hours after the incident.

"We believe the victim's boyfriend had shot her with a bakakuk.

She was shot on her right arm and the bullet penetrated her chest."

Police have since managed to arrest the two men for investigations. Avita's cousin was also picked up to facilitate the probe.

Avita's body was taken to the Ranau district hospital for post-mortem and the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

Below is a video of a home made shot gun - quite similar to the Bakakuks..

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