Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If you want to earn more money than the Prime Minister, then work in the British public sector

British Prime Minister David Cameron currently earns £142,500

Most public sector employees in the world, earn less than what the head of Governments earn in their monthly or annual paycheck.

This depends on the economy and Gross Domestic Product of the nations.

For example, Singapore Prime Minister as well as the cabinet minister, earn millions in their monthly salaries and the civil servants in Singapore may not earn more than the cabinet ministers.

However in Britain, more than 9,000 public sector employees are reportedly earning a higher wage than the British Prime Minister himself, who has previously questioned pay levels in top jobs.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC reported today 20th September 2010 that new research conducted for BBC Panorama found that there were more than 38,000 public employees earning above £100,000 and 1,000 people on more than £200,000 in Britain.

David Cameron took a 5% pay cut when he took office and earns £142,500.

Details from 2,400 public bodies puts the number of high earners far above previous estimates.

The salary details come as the government warns that public spending needs to be drastically curbed.

The government has already revealed that pay for the top 5% of earners in the public sector has risen by 51% in the past 10 years.

The British Prime Minister and his cabinet took the 5% pay cut when they formed the government at a time of record deficits and a sluggish economy.

In collaboration with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Panorama requested pay details from most of the UK's publicly funded organisations, including local authorities, schools, universities, the BBC, the NHS and the government agencies known as quangos.

Across the UK, the NHS has the highest number of high earners, with more than 26,000 people on more than £100,000.

Of those, nearly 6,500 earn more than Mr Cameron. The top NHS earner is a GP on at least £475,000 and seven out of the top 10 in the NHS are GPs.

The facts are :

38,045 earn over £100,000

1,000 earn over £200,000

9,187 earn more than PM

10 GPs earn over £300,000

1 GP in Hillingdon PCT earns £475,000

17 teachers earn more than PM

331 BBC managers earn more than £100,000

362 local council employees earn more than PM

The database, compiled from both public records and freedom of information requests, excludes some major publicly owned corporations, including Royal Mail, Network Rail and Channel 4 because they operate largely as commercial concerns.

The BBC's salaries were included because the BBC is funded by the £145.50 licence fee paid by UK households. There are 331 managers at the BBC earning more than £100,000.

Lucy Adams, the head of BBC People, said the corporation needs to compete with the private sector for top talent in the media and entertainment industries. She said the BBC is dealing with the issue of executive pay.

She added that Director General Mark Thompson - who for the year 2009/10 received a total remuneration of £838,000 including base pay of £668,000 and £7,000 in benefits in addition to a £163,000 pension payment - and other senior managers at the BBC had taken pay cuts: "We have given up, all the executives have given up two months' pay. We have had a pay freeze for the next four years."

Well - this is another reason why footballers around the globe, are dying to play in the English Premier Leauge. Certain footballers like Manchester United's Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand and also Frank Lampard and John Terry earn at least £80,000 a week.

That is a hell of a money.. The are getting paid handsomely doing what they like most - playing football..!!

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