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Ted Bundy - The most handsome serial killer ever??

Ted Bundy

This article is not meant to glorify criminals and bring disrespect to their victims and their families.

But rather to point out the fact that some hardcore and vicious criminals out there do not look like criminals. Some like Ted Bundy infact, had good looks, intelligent and charming as well. However they used their physical attractiveness to deceive their victims and execute their deadly instinct - that is to kill.

Here is the story of Theodore Robert Bundy, or more commonly known as "Ted Bundy".

Items taken from Bundy's Volkswagen, August 16, 1975

He was one of the most prolific serial killers in America. He was caught by Police but escaped from jail twice. As a trained lawyer, he even conducted his own defence in court.

Ted Bundy confessed to 36 murders, but nobody really knows how many had been committed or when he began his legacy of horror; he had gone to his grave without confessing the true total.

Ted was born to Eleanor Louise Cowell and a father that had taken off when Eleanor found out she was pregnant. Faced with limited options in 1946, she gave birth to him in an "unwed mother" facility and began a hopeless charade: as he grew up, she told him that her parents were his parents and that she was his sister. It wasn't until 1974 when he realized that his mother had lied to him for so many years.

Bundy mug shot, 1980, the day after he was sentenced to death for the murder of Kimberly Leach

He grew to be a handsome, educated and intelligent man who was not suspected of some of the heinous acts he committed. Bundy even volunteered for a crisis telephone hotline (where he met famed author Ann Rule who was also a volunteer) and had a steady relationship with a girlfriend, a girlfriend that would fuel his maniacal rage after she left him.

He was studying psychology in Seattle on January 31, 1974 when an attractive psychology student at the University of Washington disappeared out of her bedroom.

Many more identical disappearances followed, many attractive young women would suddenly fall off the face of the earth with no explanation. His victims were generally young attractive girls with dark hair parted in the middle.

His Modus Operandi or M.O. was to approach his potential victim wearing an arm-sling or a cast. He would introduce himself as 'Ted' and ask the girl to help him carry his books or packages he was having trouble managing because of his "broken arm".

Most would oblige seeing his handicap. When they were alone he would knock them on the head with a crowbar, stuff their bodies into his car, strangle them while they were unconscious and then commit necrophilic rape.

He would then leave the naked body in a wooded area, mostly Taylor Mountain in Washington State, where many of his victims were found.

Along with countless other suspects he too was questioned by the police but he came out clean because he just didn't seem to 'fit the mold' of a maniac.

Bundy then went to law school at Salt Lake City, Utah where he murdered a police chief's daughter on October 21, 1974. Another identical murder followed, and another young woman went missing in Bountiful, Utah.

In January 12, 1975, killings eerily similar to the Utah murders began popping up in Colorado.

On August 16, 1975 he was arrested for being in possession of burglary tools by Salt Lake City police.

When his bronze Volkwagen beetle was searched they found handcuffs, stockings and a home-made mask. Bundy was identified from a police line up by a woman who had narrowly escaped his clutches in November 1974.

In January 1977 he was extradited to Colorado to be tried for murder. In June 1977 he fled the Pitkin County Jail by jumping out an open window. He was captured 8 days later.

He managed to escape again from the Garfield County Jail by sawing a hole in the ceiling of his cell on December 30, 1977.

This time he traveled all the way to Tallahassee, Florida where he lived under 2 assumed names - Christopher Hagen and Kenneth Misner.

On January 15, 1978 he invaded the Chi Omega sorority on the Florida State University campus where he bludgened 4 girls and killed two.

After he fled the Chi Omega sorority, he broke into the house of another woman and beat her severely before her worried roommates next door phoned the police.

The young woman survived the attack. She would be his last living victim.

On February 9, 1978 he kidnapped 12 year old Kimberly Leach, raped her and sliced her throat. Her body was found eight weeks later in a state park.

On February 15, 1978 Ted Bundy was arrested by Pensacola police when they did a check on his license plates and realized his car was stolen. Teeth impressions were made to compare to bite wounds found on one of the Chi Omega victims and the impressions matched the teeth marks on the victim.

Bundy conducted his own defense with the help of several attorneys but it was all for naught.

He was found guilty and sentenced to death by electrocution in 1979.

He managed to delay his execution for 10 years. When death was finally looking down on him, he began confessing to a staggering amount of murders, 36 in all, but many investigators believe that the real total is much higher.

He was finally executed January 24, 1989 at Florida State Prison in Starke, Florida. Many spectators cheered and toasted his death with champagne.


Anonymous said...

This is a great article, and I agree with you, Ted Bundy was so gorgeous, he looked like a movie star omg!!!!

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

yeah, Ted was a handsome man... but beware... looks can kill!!!!

Anonymous said...

What about Jeffrey Dahmer?

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Jeffrey Dahmer was not that handsome...

Anonymous said...

Charles Sobhraj is top on my list

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

hi there Anonymous..thanks for visiting my blog..yes Charles Sobhraj is also a notorious killer...famous for the wrong reasons..hopefully we dont emulate his feats..Cheers

Unknown said...

Actually I have to say that I agree Ted Bundy was and probably always will be the best looking serial killer ever.. BUT I do agree with another poster that I thought Jeffery Dahmer was a rather nice looking man too. In some pictures he looked better than in others. Looks can be so deceiving! I had the misfortune of meeting a guy about 14 or so years ago. He was extremely good looking and was a new family friend that was over the youth at my mother's church. Now, my mother didn't raise me and I didn't live with my mother at the time but was there visiting. I mentioned that the man, who was helping them move was good looking. My mother then decides to set me up with the guy. Now at that time I was only about 19 years old and the man, who I'll refer to as Will for the sake of telling this without revealing anything personal, anyway Will was in his early thirties at that time. My mother gave him my home phone number and he called like the next day after he got it. The first time I spoke with Will something about him seemed odd. He seemed extremely interested in me but made it a point to tell me that he felt his calling in life was to be a youth minister to basically under privelaged boys. He asked did I like children. I said yes, I thought who doesn't like children. However, I found it a lil odd that he didn't mention helping under privelaged girls. Basically, something about that one phone conversation made me leery of him and I didn't really even know why. It was just a feeling. After that Will would call my house about ten to thirty times or more a day and I wouldn't answer. Oneday while my mother was visiting my house the guy somehow found out and showed up at my house. At the time I lived with my grandmother ( my dads mom) and as soon as Will walked in the door she said she. Got an awful feeling about him. After they all left she told me "tell your mom not to be letting that man take your brother anywhere alone". Luckily I told my mom but she was pretty protective anyway so thank god my baby bro was never alone with Will. A few months later Will was caught with a 14 year old boy in his bed. Turned out Will had pretty much made a career out of going around to churches and picking out boys ( I think there may of been some girls too but mainly it was young boys he targeted) and earning the trust of the kids parents so they would trust him to be alone with there children. Some of these parents would even let Will take their kids on camping trips and spend the night with him. He was doing this in 3 different, but connecting states. There were A LOT of victims and that was only the ones that came forward. Will had been doing this since he himself was around 18, so close to 14 years this had been going on. He could of even killed some of his victims who knows? I can't help but wonder what could if happened to me had I of went off alone with him and I'm so very glad that I did not. As far as I know Will is still in jail and I hope he rots there. Anyway, it just goes to show good looking doesnt mean someone isn't evil.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Mr Brooke Mckinney Thank u very much for your comments and for taking time to read my humble blog.. i reallly appreciate it..Yes Bundy was handsome but cruel..Dahmer?? i thought he looked strange and unkempt??? hmmmm

Anonymous said...

To be Honest..Serial Killers are actually Ugly. You women really suck, Ted Bundy flunked Psychology and Law degrees, IQ of 124 is no ground shaker, Handsome my foot, if You fancy George w Bush who looks like him, fuck Bush because at least he was a president.
Richard Ramirez with is very photogenic looks with a rock star image, okay I kind of see what hybristophiles see (I am not), but Ted Bundy? Wow, you need Glasses, he is no looker nor smart alec

Anonymous said...

Ted Bundy =George w Bush
Jeffrey Dahmer =Star Wars nerd, Charles Manson (not a Serial Killer) =sloven Charlie chaplin
Richard Ramirez = Twilight vampire! But can resemble James Franco, Erza Miller and Ashton Kutcher in pictures

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