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Among Malaysia's most dangerous men!!!

Botak Chin

In the history of criminals in Malaysia, few cases are still being remembered because of the nature of the criminals and crimes that had shocked the nation.

In the 70's, the no 1 criminal in Malaysia was Botak Chin or his real name Wong Swee Chin.

Botak Chin profile :

Full Name : Wong Swee Chin
Alias : Botak Chin
Born : 1951, Kuala Lumpur
Died : 11 June 1981, age 30 (hanged to death at Pudu Prison)
Primary School : SRJK (C) Sentul Pasar, Kuala Lumpur
Secondary School : (Unknown) left school at 15
Year active in crime : 1965 (age 15 years old) by joining the feared criminal gang 360, based in Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
First crime act : Armed robbery using 2 pistols on 19 April 1969
First weapon : a .22 revolver in 1969
First 'stint' in prison : 1969-1974
After being released from Prison, Botak Chin formed his own gang with other hardcore criminals namely Ng Cheng Wong (Ah Wong), Beh Kok Chin (Pangkor Chai)and Teh Bok Lay (Seh Chai).
High Profile Crimes :
2 June 1975 - robbed $5,800 from an illegal gambling den
20 July 1975 - robbed $95,000 from a bank in Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur
1975 - robbed $10,000 from mahjong players at a Chinese temple in Jalan Kolam Ayer
26 October 1975 - Botak Chin biggest robbery - $218,000 cash stolen after he shot a security guard carrying that amount of money into a Horse Racing Club.

Known armament : 19 pistols, 5 grenades and 1,000 live ammunitions..

Favourite place for "Shooting practise" : a disused mining pool near Kepong, stray dogs being used as targets..

First Car - A Datsun - surprisingly - he paid $3,600 deposit instead of stealing it!! However it was not known wether he ever paid the monthly instalments!!!

Crime life ended on the night of 16 February 1976, when Botak Chin was caught by a special police team headed by Kuala Lumpur Deputy Head of Criminal Investigation Department, Deputy Superitenden S. Kulasingam.

Botak Chin was the first ever person charged under the Internal Security Act, I-S-A and was found guilty on 16 May 1981. He was hanged to death at the Pudu Prison on 11 June 1981.

Well that was the history of Botak Chin.

Other known high profile criminals in Malaysia included Mat Komando (who fought to the death with 2 pistols in a shoot out with Police), Mohd Amin Mohd Razali (Leader of Al Maunah who stole a large cache of arms and ammunition from an army depot and bariccaded himself in Bukit Jenalek, Sauk, Perak on 5 July 2000. He and his 29 followers subsequently surrendered, not before killing 2 of his prisoners - an army commando and a policeman. Mohd Amin was sentenced to death by hanging for waging war against the Yang di Pertuan Agong or King - the first ever person convicted under that Act), Ahmad Najib Aris (an aircarft cleaner who kidnapped, raped, killed and burned a young computer analysts based in San Diego, California - Canny Ong), Hanafi Mat Hassan (a bus driver who raped and killed one of his passenger - Noor Suzaily Mukhtar in 2000), Bentong Kali (a notorious Indian gang leader who was eventually killed in a shoot out with Police) and many more, not to mention the notorious M16 Gang, Mamak Gang and Styer Gang.

In the 21st century, some hardcore criminals are still making headlines.

Case I - naked criminal charged on police (source - the Star Online 20 April 2009)

KUALA LUMPUR: A man high on the police wanted list jumped half-naked from the second floor of a budget hotel here to evade arrest.

He was, however, hunted down 21 hours later and shot when he tried to attack policemen.

The City Police Serious Crimes Division (D9) was conducting a raid at the budget hotel in Jalan Kepong at 2am on Saturday when the incident occurred.

The raiding party detained a 28-year-old man in possession of a stolen car fitted with fake number plates.

As the raiding party was about to inspect a room on the second floor, an accomplice wearing only a T-shirt jumped off the hotel’s window.

The man, still naked, was spotted by detectives, creating havoc and disturbances in a restaurant near the hotel at 11pm the next day.

He tried to make a run towards the back of the building where more detectives were waiting.

Realising he was trapped, the man, also 28, challenged policemen with a 20cm-long knife.

He was shot in the left thigh when he refused to give up.

The man was later sent to the Selayang hospital.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Datuk Ku Chin Wah said the two suspects were believed to be linked to at least seven cases involving rape, robbery and theft between March 26 and March 30 in Selayang, Kepong and Jinjang areas.

In December 2007, the naked suspect had been shot in the stomach while robbing a restaurant in the Kepong area.

The suspect had also confined an Indonesian woman for 6 months and used as sex slave in his house.

The suspects have been remanded for a week.

Case 2 - child rapist and killer (source Daily Expess April 2004)

Kota Kinabalu: A convicted child rapist claimed trial in the High Court Thursday to murdering a nine-year-old schoolgirl in Menggatal early this year.

Jamaludin Saripudin pleaded not guilty to killing Haserawati Sarioi @ Saridi, 9, in a roadside bush, on a hillslope of Kg Ratau Tebobon, in Menggatal, between 7am and 8am, on Jan 8, 2004.

At first Jamaludin, who was not represented, pleaded guilty to the charge under Section 302 of the Penal Code, even after being told the consequences of the offence.

He maintained his guilty plea and asked for a lenient sentence.

But Jamaludin changed his plea to not guilty after Judge Datuk Sulong Matjeraie explained to him that the offence is punishable by the mandatory death sentence and could not be reduced.

The court fixed May 28 for mention of the case to assign counsel for the accused.

Jamaludin was ordered to be further remanded since the charge has no provision for bail.

He is currently serving a 20-year sentence plus 24 strokes of the cane for raping the same girl at the same place and time.

The late Haserawati was on the way to school when he waylaid and raped her.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Wan Abdul Razak appeared for the prosecution while counsel Dg Rozahanie Ag Mokti held a watching brief for the girl’s family.


Mat Cendana said...

I had stumbled here through the "Blog> Malaysia" section of Google after being attracted by "Botak Chin". I was a teenager when he was Public Enemy Number One. Notorious he was, that's true. But he's also a character whose name is firmly etched in our minds... synonymous with "gangster", "criminal"...

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

thanks Mat Cendana.... hope there will be no more Botak Chin ou there!!

pinolobu said...

you have listed some of the worst Malaysians who ever lived there - how about that young Mamak Gang member who took over leadership when Mat Komando died? He was rumoured to be even more ruthless than Mat Komando!!!

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

yeahhh but the fact is even the toughest guys in Tambalugu, Berungis and Mengkabong will not dare to face Botak Chin!!!!!!!!

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