Friday, April 24, 2009

Jose Reina should be kicked out of Liverpool

Reina - will it be Liverpool 4 - 4 Hull City this April 25??

Will Liverpool goalkeeper Jose Reina let in another 4 goals at the next match against Hull City come 25 April??

Well, he did that 2 consecutive times already, the 4-4 draw with Chelsea at the quarter final stage of the Champions League and the 4-4 draw at home to Arsenal at the recent English Premier League match.

Well i am a diehard Liverpool fan.

I even supported Liverpool long before i was even born in this world.

But the current form of this guy called Jose Reina is pathetic.

His 'Bozo the clown' performance during that 2 games had annihilated and broke millions of Liverpool fans hearts in the entire universe who really hope that this time Liverpool can once again be crowned King of Europe, the last time in 2005 and also King of England, the last time was 19 years ago..

Damn you Reina. You let in 8 goals in 2 matches.

Some of the goals can be saved even by me.

Look, if the ball comes straight at you, you will have 90 % chances of keeping it out from crossing the goal line.

Even at 300 km per hour, you can still do something with the ball, either parry it or punch it out of danger, except of course when it comes at you at supersonic bullet speed.

But Reina cannot even save a straight forward ball.

He of course can be excused it the ball was aimed at the far post, far right or far left, but not straight at him..

Look at Andrei Arshavin 3rd goal for Arsenal during the 4-4 draw at Anfield, the ball went straight to Reina and yet he completely missed it. He chose to dive low instead of using his legs or other parts of his body to clear the ball safely.

It's Liverpool vs Andrei Arshavin not Liverpool vs Arsenal.

Reina, don't you know that apart from your 2 hands, you can use any parts of your body to block the ball from entering the net. You can use your head, body, legs and even your own balls to stop the ball.

But you are useless and gutless and brainless.

Had you used your legs to block that Arshavin 3rd goal, Liverpool can be assured of victory and the 2008/2009 English Premier League title. Remember the last time Liverpool crowned as King of England was wayback in the 1989-1990 season, while Manchester United has won it countless times..

Look at Arshavin 3rd goal here - most goalkeepers in the world can save it.

If Liverpool can't win the title this season, i blame it on you Reina..

What is the use of your fellow countryman, Liverpool super striker Fernando Torres scoring 100 goals if you let in 150 goals?? it's useless isn' it?

So to the Liverpool bosses, i think Reina should go and go back to Spain to where he belongs. Yes, thank you for all his deeds like helping Liverpool win the 2005 Champions League, but you have to go this time Reina.

Liverpool should look at traditions.

Traditionally Spain only produces good and talented strikers and attackers and midfielders like Torres, Raul, Zarra, David Villa, Cesc Fabregas but never world class defensive players and goal keepers.

Instead, Italy, Russia and Holland are countries that traditionally produce very good and super world class goalkeepers.

Just name them - Lev Yashin, Gianlugi Buffon, Gianluca Pagliuca, Dino Zoff, Rinat Dasayey, Van Der Sar etc

Apart from Reina, other useless Liverpool players should also be replaced.

The pathetic Dirk Kuyt (what a name!!)

A player like Dirk Kuyt should be kicked out and replaced with truly world class strikers like Lionel Messi, Andrei Arshavin, Kaka, Luca Toni and Robinho and Frank Ribery.

Dirk Kuyt can't even dribble past one person. He only uses his speed but he has no dribbling skills. Many times, he chose to run straight like a mad bull at the opposing defenders instead of rounding them or shoot straight into a sea of legs instead of finding an opening.

Players like Lukas and Arbeloa should also be kicked out. Liverpool is only wasting taxpayers and fans money to pay these 3rd class players like Lukas & Arbeola, Reina and Dirk Kuyt.

The only truly world class players in the current Liverpool squad are Torres, Steven Gerrard and Javier Mascherano. No not even Yossi Benayoun.

The Defence department needs overhaul too.

2006 FIFA World Player of the year, Italian defender and World Cup Winner and captain - Fabio Cannavaro is a good bet to strenghten the leaky defence.

I am not saying that Liverpool must buy all the best players in the world or to have a frightening lineup with the likes of Pele, Maradonna, Puskas, George Best, Zico, Mario Kempes, Gerd Muller, Alfredo D'Stefano, Didi, Vava or Garrincha, but the current squad needs to be freshen up, enhanced and reinforced in all aspects.

For the record, Liverpool won the English Premier League titles and European Cup many many times in the past because of the presence of gifted world class players during that era.

Most notably, Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness, Terry McDermott, Ian Rush, Alan Kennedy, John Barnes and many more.

Don't believe me, then let's just have a look at John Barnes goal for England against Brazil..


jam said...

I dun quite agree with you. Of all 4 Arshavin's goals, Reina can only be blamed for the last one which he came out of his goal but virtually did nothing to stop the Russian. All the other 3 goals were mistakes from Liverpool's defenders, giving away the ball in their own penalty area, and this is the most dreadful mistake a defender can ever make. When you see your defender gives away ball cheaply, you will certainly freak up. If Van der Sar comes to play for Liverpool with such a fragile defence, he will also underperformed. You should change everyone in your defence instead.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

agree. fabio cannavaro should be new signing for Liverpool next season

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

one more thing, a good goalkeeper should be the one that is capable of stopping the ball in a one to one situation.... after all the defenders are beaten, the goalkeeper as the last man in defence should be able to deal with this critical situation... a perfect example would be England's goalkeeper - the great Gordon Banks who managed to stop Pele's point blank header in the 1970 World Cup!!! Until now even Pele still remembered the save by Banks, dubbed the greatest save of all time...

Also in the 2005 champions leauge final between Liverpool and AC Milan.

During the final minutes of the 2nd half extra time when the score was still deadlocked at 3-3, Liverpool goalkeeper, Jerzey Dudek stopped 2 consecutive point blanks shots by Andrei Shevchenko!!! That double saves in split seconds proved crucial as Dudek heroic acts helped Liverpool to win the champions leauge trophy in the ensuing penalty shoot out..!!! Hail to the Reds, You will never walk alone!!!

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