Thursday, May 7, 2009

Devil Dragon, Australia

A Devil Dragon??

A Komodo Dragon

This is the real story of survivalist Tim Akron.

Till today, his body was never found. But rescuers found his camera containing chilling footage of him being attacked and dragged by a giant Komodo like creature, dubbed the Devil Dragon.

That was the last visual footage of him alive.

Akron was filming a survival show in a remote island near Australia.

The premise is to be dropped into a remote environment with no food, no crew, and no contact with the outside world for seven days, similar to Survivorman.

During a demonstration on how to capture burrowing animals for food, he was bitten on the forearm by an unseen creature. Within a day the bite becomes badly infected, beginning to harm the man as he constantly flees the creature, who was slowly giving chase after biting him, similar to the nature of komodo dragons.

By the 3rd night, Tim was running to a village about 5 miles away to get medical help and then the creature makes its move and attacks.

Tim was dragged away into the bushes after dropping his camera. His body was never found. The following day, natives find his camera equipment covered in saliva; tests show that despite swarming with bacteria, it belonged to a "yet to be identified" reptilian species.

In the chilling video footage, the roars of the creature are constantly heard as the man runs from it.


Anonymous said...

I hope you realise this is fake; a quick Google search will quickly show you there is no such person as 'Tim Akron' and this show, well this episode in particular, is set up.

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Anonymous... Thanks for the tips

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