Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Harvest Festival - Aramai Tiee

Every 1st May, Sabahans celebrate a month long festival called Pesta Kaamatan or the Harvest Festival or Tadau Kaamatan..

So... ARamaitieee (meaning SUngguh Meriah or Very Jovial)!!! and it is time to get some booze either traditional rice wine or conventional drinks like Beer!!!!

Happy Singgarung (Cheers - one kick - Tius - scene like this is not uncommon during Kaamatan Festival)

Bottoms up or Tius

But do not over indulge in alcholic consumption or else you will celebrate Kaamatan Festival in the other world!!

Well What is Kaamatan??

The Harvest festival is celebrated every 1st May to 31st May in Malaysia by the Kadazan Dusun Murut ethnics of Sabah, with thanksgiving dedicated to the rice gods. Beauty queen competitions in the district and state level or Unduk Ngadau, dance shows, musical shows, singgarung tasting, agricultural shows, exhibitions, cultural programs, buffalo races, and other traditional games are held.

It is public holiday in Sabah during the culmination of the Kaamatan celebration on 30 and 31st May.

There is much merrymaking and feasting with rice wine known as singgarung, tapai, bahar, lihing, montoku and talak, flowing freely throughout the festivities.

However over consumption of those drinks often resulted in vomitting, free sleeper creatures ( very drunk people who sleep anywhere from paddy field to middle of the road to airport runaways!!!)

The Kadazandusun and Murut people have been celebrating Pesta Keamatan or Harvest Festival in their own unique way, paying homage to the rice spirits called Bambarayon to show their gratitude for their bountiful harvest.

Highlights of the festival include the Magavau, a traditional thanksgiving ceremony by the Bobohizan or High Priestess, the Unduk Ngadau or traditional Harvest Festival Queen, cultural dances and much merrymaking.

Unduk Ngadau or Miss HArvest Festival Beauty Queen 2007

Multi Ethnics dance show in Sabah

But the moginum or drinking session will not always end up like this!!!


Joy Mosiun said...

hahaha.. still early 4 kaamatan.. tadau tagazo do kaamatan :D i miss celebrating kaamatan n gawai.. hw i wish im bck at my own hometown

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

thanks for dropping by Lurve's Joy, home sweet home it is during kaamatan... aramaitieee

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