Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to breathe normally if something is wrong with the aircraft??

Safety briefing is compulsory before take off in any commericial flight.

The safety briefing will always start like - this is your seatbelt, to fasten it..... bla bla bla

Then there is a part where the cabin crews will demonstrate to you on how to properly wear the oxygen mask in case the mask came out suddenly and automatically from the compartment above you.

What puzzle me most is that the safety briefing will always use the phrase - Put on the mask and Breathe NORMALLY...

My question is HOW TO BREATHE NORMALLY if the oxygen masks suddenly pop out during flight, because it means something is wrong with the flight.

And how can you breathe NORMALLY if something is wrong with the flight, 37,000 feet above ground????

You will be breathless isn't it???

And some airports in the world need total overhaul too!!!! like this Jumbo Jet landing too close to the beach goers at St Marten Airport!!!

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