Tuesday, June 30, 2009

After the Airbus crash off Brazil, now it happend again

Barely a month after the crash of Air France Airbus A310 from Rio De Janeiro to Paris, claiming more than 200 lives, a crash involving the same type of aircraft was reported today in Comoros.

It was reported that a 5 year old child, miracously survived the crash.

Miracles do happen.

It was God who saved that child.


I noted that there are some similarites here.

Both the Brazil and Comoros incidents involved the same aircraft - an Airbus.

Both incidents were linked to bad weather, in this case strong winds.

Both aircrafts plunged into the sea.

The Air France Airbus A330 flight that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, on 1st June 2009, claiming 228 lives, was flying from Rio De Janeiro to Paris.

The Yemeni Air Airbus A310 flight that crashed today, 30 June 2009 was on its way from Paris to the island nation of Comoros, via Marseille and Yemen.

The Airbus A310 aircrafts are older than the A330 version.

Both are made by Airbus of course.

Airbus is based in Toulouse, France.

God bless the passengers of both flight, the Air France Airbus A330 flight 447 from Rio De Janeiro to Paris and the Yemeni Air Airbus A310 flight to Comoros from Paris via Marseille and Yemen, today.

Meanwhile, air crash happened before in Comoros in 1996, and it was high profile, for the aircraft was hijacked and the crash was filmed on video by tourists.

On November 23, 1996, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961, was hijacked, fifteen minutes out from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, by three Ethiopians seeking political asylum.

The plane crashed in the Indian Ocean near Comoros after running out of fuel, killing 125 of the 175 passengers and crew on board. 50 people, including the pilot, Captain Leul Abate, survived the crash.

All the hijackers were presumed dead too.

The video of the hijacked, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 piloted by Leul Abate, crashed landed in the Indian Ocean near Comoros. 125 passengers and crews died, but Abate survived.

Infact, Captain Leul Abate survived 3 aircraft hijackings in his career.

Each time, he survived, including the crash in Comoros.

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