Sunday, June 21, 2009

When the other woman turns out to be a man!!!

In Singapore, A 30-year-old woman who suspected her businessman husband of having an affair was shocked to discover that her rival was actually a man.

Sin Chew Daily reported yesterday that the woman had hired a private investigator to tail her husband after noticing a change in his attitude towards her.

According to the daily, the husband and his lover who has long flowing hair had gone to a secluded spot by the dockyard in Singapore to make out.

Upon being notified by the investigator, identified as Leong, the wife rushed to the scene hoping to catch the two of them in the act.

At the dockyard, Leong said he and the wife saw the car seat being lowered and the couple started to hug and kiss each other.

The wife ran to the car searching for the woman but could not find her.

She then asked Leong about the “woman” he saw in her husband’s car.

Puzzled, the investigator went over to check and was shocked to discover that the only two persons in the vehicle were men.

It turned out that the man’s lover was actually a cross-dresser, who was wearing a wig.

According to Leong, the husband would pick up a woman with long hair after work every day.

My say - the husband is a gay or bisexual !!! normal guy will make it out with a lady, not a man... that is why God created Eve, because Adam was so lonely as the sole human being on earth, millions of years ago...


Chironex said...

That is why Gary Ratnam said to women listening to his radio show years ago, they were discussing something like infidelity: you should not be worried if your husband looks at another woman; you SHOULD be worried if he looks at another man.

And the woman was speechless!

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

that is why God created Eve... instead of creating another Adam!!!!!!!!!!

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