Thursday, June 25, 2009

it cost you 15 cents to laugh

A friend of mine sent me this joke via text message.

"A man and a duck walked into a bar and ordered 2 jugs of Beer. The bartender said, hey buddy, why are you bringing a pig in here?? The man replied to the bartender - Hey pal, this is a duck, not a pig, you moron. The bartender said, i was not talking to you, i was talking to the Duck!!!"

Naturally, i replied the text message with this words - "HaHaHa"...

After i pushed the 'send" button, that text message cost me 15 cents...

So what i am saying is that, we have to pay to laugh. Nothing is free in this world today..

This "HaHaHa" which means i laughed and enjoyed the joke, cost me money...

I don't mind paying for talking over the phones, for sattelite tv, for internet, for parking fees, for water and electricity, for using the washrooms, and for a mug of beer.. But to pay 15 cents just to laugh is too much!!!

Everyone of us surely had this "pay to laugh" moment right!!

How about paying to Cry??

So morale of the story, laugh aloud... HaHaHaHaHaHaHa...!!!!


Chironex said...

apparently last time it was free to send SMS, just like sending emails. But the telcos realised that it's an opportunity to make money, so the rest is history.

Can you imagine being charged every time you send an email?

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

yes dato.... if email pun kana charge.... even Bill Gates will jump off the Eiffel Tower, yelling "Hail Hitler" a moment before impact!!!!

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