Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Football, anything can happen... it's true

In Football, anything can happen...

ANd crazy things happen too..

In the ongoing Confederations Cup in SOuth Africa, we had seen many upsets..

First, was Egypt stunning 1-0 victory over reigning World Cup Champion, Italy or better known as The Azzuris.

Then came USA's moment of magic.

USA first 2 games ended in defeat, a 0-3 drubbing by Brazil and 1-3 loss against Italy... infact USA was virtually eliminated from the tournament, but now USA is shockingly in the final!!!!!

How come that be???

Well, USA in their last game, beat the mighty African champion - Egypt by 3 - 0.

And Italy got beaten by the same score to Brazil.

so USA qualified into the semifinal by virtue of scoring more goals even tough they share the same points and goal difference with Italy.

Egypt had 3 points too but was rooted at the bottom because of a minus 3 goal difference as compared to USA and Italy's minus 2 goal difference.

Last night, USA ended Spain 35 matches unbeaten streak with a 2-0 win against the reigning European champion.

That result was indeed very very shocking.

Who can imagine that a team like the USA can beat the might Spaniard??

Currently, Spain is the number one team in the world, according to FIFA ranking.

Spanish super strikers Fernando Torres, David Villa, Xavi, Xavi Alonso and Sergio Ramos all fired blank against USA sturdy and solid rock defence.

Well, can we expect Brazil to suffer the same fate tonight against the host, South Africa in the second Semifinal????????

I hope not.

Brazil is the 5 time World Cup Champion.

On paper, Brazil should have no problem dismantling SOuth Africa.

But football is crazy and we had seen crazy results before.

Memorable football crazy included North Korea exploit of qualifying into the 1966 WOrld Cup Quarterfinal, shocking everybody...

In the QUarter final against Portugal, North Korea led 3-0, only to be beaten 5-3 by the legendary Eusebio inspired Portugal team.

In the 2002 World Cup, South Korea, powered all the way into the semifinal, beating Italy, Portugal and Spain in the process, before being stopped 1-0 by Germany led by Michael Ballack.

The 2002 world cup opening match was shocking too, reigning world cup champion France beaten 1-0 by Senegal.

Also in the opening match in the 1990 World Cup, the then World Cup holder, Argentina was beaten 1-0 by Cameroon, the memorable goal scored by Francois Omam Biyik. But after that defeat, Diego Maradonna still managed to bring Argentina all the way to the final but Germany won 1-0, no thanks to a penalty taken by ANdreas Brehme.

It is not easy to be included in the starting lineup in the Brazilian national team.

Look at Juninho Pernambuco, the Lyon playermaker who helped the club win the French domestic league for 7 consecutive times since 2002!!!! it is a French record as well as world record!! But Juninho is not even guaranteed first team place!!! Because Brazil has so many talented footballers!!!!!

SO my prediction tonight, Brazil 3 - 0 South AFrica.

Viva Brazil... Viva Liverpool...

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