Thursday, April 22, 2010

Courageous Singaporean woman related her terrible past on TV

As reported by the Star. She had painful memories in the past, but she continues to live on. Be Brave Lin Ai Ling.

As reported by the star below :

A RAPE victim has come out on national television in Singapore to talk about her ordeal, reported Sin Chew Daily.

The young Singaporean woman, who was raped several times by, among others, her own brother's friends, even aborted her own foetus using an iron rod after she got pregnant at 13.

Lin Ai Ling, 35, told a live show that she was first gang-raped at the age of seven by her brother's two friends, but was too afraid to tell her parents or other adults.

She claimed that she was raped again by a stranger while seeking shelter at a park after being chased out of the house by her father when she was 13.

When she got pregnant, Lin said she hit herself on her abdomen with an iron rod until the foetus discharged because she did not know what else to do or who to approach about her condition.

She alleged that she had to undergo another abortion when she got pregnant after being raped by her father’s friend at 18.

Although she later married the friend, Lin said they eventually divorced because she could no longer tolerate his physical abuse.

Lin said when she met her pre­sent husband, Liu Guo Cheng, 38, she struggled mentally before finally revealing her background to him.

However, she said she was glad to hear that despite her troubled past, Liu told her that he still wanted to marry her.

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