Sunday, April 4, 2010

Xia Xue (Wendy Cheng) is married.... so sad!!!

Pics sourced from Xia Xue blog.

Bye bye sunshine.. bye bye man.. Xia Xue is already married to her beau - the handsome American - Michael Sayre aka Mike in December 2009. I used to have a crush on her, that is why i am still blogging about Xia Xue marriage, even after almost 4 months passed since she tied the knots with Mike aka Mike Tyson!!!!

The glittering ceremony took place at a posh hotel in Singapore and i was not invited!!! hehehe

Well.... Xia Xue or Wendy Cheng is Singapore's top and most popular blogger.

She has won many accolades including Best Asian Blog and many many more awards.

Xiaxue, started blogging in April 2003 and by October 2008, her blog attracted some300,000 visitors per month. Singapore's National Library Board has added her to its electronic archives. By now, i think based on modest estimation, her blog could have atrracted some 1 million page views per month!!! She is definitely making money and getting a lot of perks, by blogging.

Compare that to the gadget blog Gizmodo which had almost 100 million pageviews in January 2009 alone, and fantastically profitable.

A personal-diary type blog, Dooce earns USD500K to USD1 million a year, which works out to much more than RM100,000 a month.

Tech blog TechCrunch earned USD3 million in 2007 and even more the next.

The Huffington Post raised USD25 million in 2008.

China top blogger, Xu Jinlei attracted some 3 million hits on her blog on a monthly basis.

Malaysia's top blogger like Kenny Sia reportedly earned more than RM10,000 per month via Nuffnang alone.

Well Xiau Xue also briefly became a celebrity blogger for The Straits Times newspaper, a Maxim columnist, and co-starred in a sort of reality TV series, Girls Out Loud.

She also did a fortnightly series, Xiaxue's Guide To Life.

If you want to know about blinging your long nails with crystals, getting a tongue piercing, losing weight, cooking live crabs, shopping for slutty clothes or fitting out your totally pink Princess Room on the cheap, or turning your hair into gold, or throwing someone off the Eiffel tower, or recognising the looks of those "ham sap" guys, Xiaxue is your girl.

"Singaporean (Chinese) guys," she wrote, "like girls who keep quiet and nods in agreement to everything they say, rather than a girl who speaks up for her own opinions. They like girls who are weak, diminutive and vulnerable, not girls who are strong and can protect themselves." They must also dress modestly and be virgins.

Xiaxue is the opposite of this Singaporean ideal girls. She's bitchy, swears, wears "chio" (pretty but provocative) clothes, writes in intimate detail about things like panty liners and panties, and flaunts her American boyfriend turned husband, Mike. It provokes hundreds of comments.

She also generates controversy by attacking other bloggers. One famous post dealt with the Top Seven Most Disgusting Bloggers in Singapore, including Xiaxue. She attacked herself for being a fake, short, fat and ugly. "She is so hao lian [arrogant] of her stupid angmoh [caucasian monkey] boyfriend," she wrote. "SPG!" Sarong Party Girl: the ultimate insult.

As you'd expect, most of Xiaxue's readers – around 70% – live in Singapore or Malaysia. For the rest of us, she's a virtual tourist spot, providing an uncensored, unmediated and somewhat voyeuristic peek into a different society. Well, every nation has their own Xiau Xue in the bloggers world.

All the best Xia Xue... i still love you..


Anonymous said...

This girl is quite famous I have to say. Who do you think is Malaysian equivalent of Xiaxue?

Malaysian Hollywood 2.0 said...

Anonymous > very sorry for the late reply.. I think no Malaysian female bloggers are equal to her... She is the woman and the girl to beat.. Cheers

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